her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


9. hang out day with Harry

Rachel's POV-

So today me and Darcy are going to hang out with Harry.I am a bit worried because you know the whole dad thing maybe Harry will forget and not tell her I sure hope that. Darcy are you ready yet ?

yes mommy i'm coming 

okay sweetie we need to get ready to go 

okay you ready i said turning around to look at her

yep i'm ready to go 

okay lets go then i said grabbing a hold of her hand.I got her in her car seat and then drove off to the park. I got there and saw Harry standing waiting for me Darcy got out of the car and ran to him.I got out and went to where she was. 

Hey Rachel and Darcy 

Hey Harry i said Darcy then did the same. This is good maybe Harry forgot that he was going to tell her *phew* 

Hey Rachel can i talk to you for a minute?

Sure what do you need i asked 

i'm going to tell Darcy want to help 

i looked at him and gulped. well i guess i said

okay lets go

he said grabbing my hand Darcy can we talk to you sweetie 

yes mommy what is it 

Well um ...I trailed off do i really want to do this she will never have a normal life Harry will  be going on tour and all I am sure No one will like it if they find out what if- . I got cut off by Harry saying something

Rachel are you going to tell or not 

yes i said with a sigh here goes nothing  Darcy sweetie Harry here is your d-dad 

Harry's Daddy ?

she said with a confused look but with a smile too.Yes Harry's Daddy Darcy i said with a sigh wow i am sighing a lot lately .

Daddy !!!

she screamed hugging Harry 

i giggled and then Harry pulled me into a hug i hugged him and Darcy joined in we then had a group hug.

Rachel will you be my girlfriend ? 

wow did harry just ask me that i was shocked but i said yes 

yes? YES 

that's all he could say he then kissed me it was full of passion and love i kisses back 

ewwww mommy and daddy kissy yuck 

me and harry broke apart and giggled  

lets play!

Darcy said pulling us to the play ground we played for a little and went back home harry stayed for a bit.when we were watching t.v Darcy came and asked if Harry could stay the night he said okay if it's alright with me i said sure

Yay sleep over on ground 

okay darcy we got all of our stuff and slept on the ground it sucked but it was for Darcy she was in between me and Harry sleeping i then feel asleep too same with Harry. man what a day !


Hey guys thank you for all the likes and favors you guys are awesome! hope you liked the chapter please keep liking and favoring you would mean the WORLD to me thanks peace out ~jojo <3




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