her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


28. going out

Rachel's POV-

I was dwelling on my dream i had Questions were running around in my head i couldn't get them out. I felt a hand touch my shoulder Are you okay ? Yeah i'm Fine Harry i just had a weird dream and it freaked me out i explained He nodded Don't worry about it alright Today Were going out to dinner before Niall staves  and after were all just going to go out and have a good time okay with You ? Yeah sounds fun i said smiling Let me go get dressed i said I went to the bathroom with my outfit this was it :

I came out and Darcy was dressed in a pale blue tu-tu and the bottom  it has cheetah Print And her top is light green and on it there is a big cheetah print Bow. I walked over to her And said Hey Darcy you Look pretty i say Thank you mom Daddy picked my clothes out !! I smiled at her and walked over to Harry i like the outfit you picked out for Darcy Thanks he said I then Heard a Knock on the door i went to answer it and when i did there was Niall are you ready to go yet you take ages to get ready I laughed Harry are you ready yet ? Yeah He yelled Darcy came running out the door Hi uncle Niall Can we go !!! I giggled Niall picked Darcy up and said I wish We could I giggled again and Harry came Are we ready ? Niall put Darcy down and went over to Harry and said of course were ready we just have to get the others he said. We went to everyone rooms and got them the we got in a car drove off ...


Eleanor's POV-

I was talking to Rachel And she told me about Perrie it was so sad but i wasn't going to talk about it just in case she gets mad at me me and Perrie are good friends i don't want to ruin that and i can't believe Rachel is having another kid she dose not even look like she's pregnant ! I was taking to her about it she said She wanted a boy so she would have a Girl and Boy i want her to have a boy to i hope one day i have A boy ! She said she wasn't feeling good when she found out she was pregnant but she said her stomach has grown a bit After a while She asked how me and Louis were doing told her we were fine and she smiled thats good news I nodded So what do you think Perrie and Zayns news is ? She thought for a moment you know i don't really know i think it was about her being pregnant but it's probably not anymore she said I nodded before i could say anything else We were there it wasn't fancy but it wasn't like Mcdonalds you know. We walked in and ordered when we were eating Darcy was having a fit So Rachel sighed and Got up i stopped her though Here let me i picked up darcy and Took her somewhere people weren't I let her down and looked at her and said Darcy You know you should be nice to your mommy and listen to her i said looking at her Darcy then said But Elly ( her nickname for Eleanor ) No buts i said looking at her now whats the matter ? Nothing elly i just board Nothing is fun around her she said looking at me I looked at her how about if you behave i will take you out for icecream ? Her eyes glowed if you knew how much this girl loves ice cream you would under stand we walked back to the table and Darcy behaved Rachel looked at me and asked What did you do I looked at her and said icecream. She rolled her eyes and smiled Zayn and Perrie Looked at every one and said we have some news every one was looking at them for an answer they then said Were getting Married !! Every one was so happy for them. After dinner  i took Darcy to get ice cream i was lucky cause there was an ice cream shop across the street so i walked her over and got her an ice cream i got me a small on too as we were eating we were taking Darcy is really sweet and shes sorta funny i mean for a 6 year old when we were done we walked back to the car and we started driving to the next place we were going.


Rachel's POV-

We went to the mall And as we were there me Eleanor perrie and Darcy went to some girl shops Cause the boys went to shops we didn't like. I can't believe your getting married i said to perrie Darcy then went over to Perrie and Asked are you going to be my Ant Perrie !!! He eyes got wide Perrie laughed and said yes and i want you To be my flower girl she said Darcy then said Yay i laughed. Come on Darcy lets go find dad i said The girls stopped me Aren't we coming ? They asked with Puppy dog eyes i rolled my eyes and said come along kids they all said Yay and i laughed We went and found them darcy ran up to Harry and said I'm going to be a flower girl daddy!!! Harry picked her up and said thats great sweetie he kissed her cheek and then put her down I walked over to him and was talking to him when i heard a camera flash . I looked around and saw nobody i wondered what it was We went back to the hotel and i put Darcy to bed and went to bed cuddling with Harry ...


Hey hope you liked the chapter if you did like and faovr the story you would mean the WORLD to me!!!!!!!!! and if you could read my other storys that would be AWESOME!!! Thanks peace out ~jojo <3 

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