her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


23. forever and always


Rachel's POV-

I woke up at Perrie's House. I then screamed and Perrie and all the other girls came running up to the room i was in "Whats the matter ?" Eleanor said I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY !!!! I said All the other girls laughed Then Danielle Said well lets go get you ready !!! Okay i said we all got in the car and drove to me and Harry house ....When we got there Nobody was home hmm Harry must be at one of the guys house But anyway i got my makeup and Hair supplies and put it on the table for the girls Perrie Did my hair Danielle did my makeup and Eleanor got Fake nails and started to put them on me and Abby got the dress ready ****1 HOUR LATER **** i looked in the mirror and all i could do was smile all the girls kept telling me how pretty i look 

i told them all thanks and then my phone rang it was ...Harry i answered it and said Hey 

hey Rachel i will be at the house in like 5 minutes are you there 

yeah and on your way can you pick up Darcy ?

 sure see you soon bye 

okay bye i said then i hung up the phone the girls were looking at me what  asked ? Harry can't see you till the wedding Eleanor said Why i asked confused Cause it is bad luck like yesterday you HAD to spend the night at Perrie's House  Because you guys can't see each other till the wedding. Oh was all i could say the doorbell rang and it was Harry Danielle and Abby told me to go into my room so i did what i was told and walked into the room someone must have opened the door cause i could hear Harry's voice and i heard Darcy's voice too but anyways Harry said he was going to get ready at Lou's Place so he said bye he asked where i was too and the girls told him and he said oh then he walked out the door. Danielle then Opened the door  i walked out and i looked at Darcy her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped Mommy you look so pretty !!!! Aw Thanks Darcy i said i then went and gave her a hug mommy let's get me ready she said excitedly i looked at the girls and they nodded there heads.Darcy had this cute little dress it is light pink with a Hot pink bow on it i put her in it and then Eleanor did Darcy's hair she french braided it While Danielle did her nails with Abby And Perrie put a little lip gloss and Eye blush and stuff like that then i bought her a little tiara for her hair i put it in and then we all looked at her she looked so cute ! All the other girls got in their brides maid dresses on and there hair done and stuff like that after that we were done and everyone was setting up for the wedding i know because My mom called me and said how beautiful it looked i said i would be there soon. Abby drove and me and the girls  jumped in the back and Darcy was in her car seat but anyways we got there and it was beautiful, everything i  every dreamed of  it was 30 minutes till the wedding and i was in this one room with all the girls just talking cause we thought ahead and got dressed at home... But anyways i really wanted to see Harry and just kiss him right now but i will soon Darcy was dancing around  and twirling around and She fell on the ground and the ground under the carpet was hard so of course she cried so i had to settle her down....

It was almost time for the wedding i was so nervous ohh and just so you know my dad came so he is walking me down the aisle which makes me more nervous cause umm he left before i came pregnant with Darcy i mean he knows about her cause i called and told him when i found out he was one of the first that knew and yeah.. He dosn't really like him cause he left me before but i told him i loved harry and he understood so yeah drama free here !!

The doors opened and Darcy  walked down the aisle Then Eleanor and Perrie and Dani oh also Abby walked down then after i knew it was time for me to walk down i took a deep breath and started walking down with my father see the love of my life waiting for me....


Harry's POV-

I was waiting Louis was right next to me he was my best man And the rest of the boys behind him i gulped when i saw Rachel walking down the aisle my heart stopped she was so beautiful she smiled when she saw me i smiled at her It seemed she was so far but before i knew it she was right in front of me i took her hands and she took mine i squeezed her hand and she did the same and then we heard the guy  say something he said do you Harry Styles take Rachel Smith to be your wife to love and support her through sickness and health ? I took a breath and said I do i then smiled at Rachel and she looked like she was about to cry but she was smiling widely. Now do you Rachel Smith take Harry Styles to be your husband and love and support him in sickness and health? She took a deep breath smiled and said I do i smiled then and then finally the moment i have been dying for the guy said i now pronounce you man and wife Harry you may kiss the bride i gave her a loong and passionate kiss then we broke apart and  every one cheered and clapped people tearing up including my mum i went over to her and gave her a huge hug and The same thing happened to Rachel's Mum she was hugging her's  she looked over at me and whispered

I love you ...

i smiled and whispered to her 

I love you forever and always..

she smiled and kept on hugging her mom after all that we got in the limo waiting outside the church for us when we were in every one was shouting congrats or good luck we smiled and then i gave rachel another long kiss we just stared into eachothers eyes for like 5 minutes then we waited until we got to the after party. I put my pinky out and said Forever and Always... She smiled and got her pinky out and said Forever and always we then squeezed them together ...Forever and Always i said to my self.

( ohh and if your wondering darcy went with the girls :) 

 *****AFTER PARTY !!!*****

Rachel's POV-

I was talking to some relatives when Harry tapped my shoulder I turned around and say hey whatcha need ? He said " i want you too me someone " Okay i said smiling at him he put his hands over my eyes  so i couldn't see anything. We stopped and he lifted his hands up over my eyes so i could see in front of me there was a boy who looked alot like Harry but He has Brown eyes and ALOT of tattoos and he had some  piercings he looked like this:

and right beside him there was another boy who looked like both harry and that one other dude he was a bit nerdy though he had Green eyes like harry but his hair was up he looked like this:

i smiled at them and said to harry who are they ? He looked at them then me and he said These are my twin brothers There is Edward (the 1st one ) and Marcel (the 2nd one ) Hi i said waving at them "hi " they both replied at the same time i looked over at Harry it's a triplet thing we  sometimes say the same thing at the same e said smiling. Wow that's cool when one of you get hurt do the other 2 feel it i asked they all were standing in front of me and right after i asked that they all said

"Yeah sometimes " at the SAME time! i giggled and then a i saw a girl walking over to Marcel she had Long dark brown hair and brown eyes she looked 18. Um Marcel someones walking towards you i said he looked behind him and he said oh that is just my Girlfriend Samantha oh alright i said hi i'm Samantha Marcel's Girlfriend she said ...Hi i'm Rachel Harry's Wife man it felt good to say that! i thought to my self we both shook hands and before we could say anything else A slow song came on and Harry took my hand and we danced to the slow song right when the song was over me and Darcy's favorite song came on we use to listen to it all the time when we were heading to dance it was ...Come and Get it we did this who dance thing that Darcy made up so Darcy rang over to me and we started dancing to it we were laughing while doing it and you should have saw the look on Harry's Face he was creaking up but smiling i walked over to harry and made him join in then after a while everyone just start dancing on the dance floor i then remembered the pinky promise me and Harry made it was Forever and Always those words ran through my head all day. I don't know why though but all i know is i want to stay with harry forever and Always ...

But You never know what the future holds .....


Hey guys hope you liked this loong chapter... And i really hope Samanthaluvsharry Likes it sorry i took so long to update i know how you feel i get kinda mad when i wait forever so im sorry :( school has been keeping me oh and if you liked this chapter why not like and favor this story you would mean the WORLD to me !!!!! Thanks peace out ~jojo <3 

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