her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


8. Dance recital

Rachel's POV-

So today is Darcy's dance recital and we are getting ready to go to the dance studio to practice and get ready for it.Are you ready Darcy i asked? 

Yes mommy 

okay lets go then i said picking her up i then brought her to the car and put her in her seat when she was all ready i got in the drivers seat and started to drive  to the studio. ***SKIPS CAR RIDE *** 

Lets go Darcy i said getting her out of the car we walked into the studio and Darcy ran to her Dance teacher. Let's go get ready Darcy i said grabbing her hand 

Okay let's go mom 

we walked into the dressing room thingy and i started to put Darcy's outfit/costume  on  when it was on i did her hair she wanted it curly so i started to curl it with the curling iron. Finally she was done she had her outfit/shoes on also her hair and makeup was done.

I look pretty mommy 

yes you do i replied they then practiced a little then it was show time! When i walked out to sit i saw Harry...what? Why was he here he was with a girl she looked around 17 maybe it's his girlfriend.   She had green eyes and dark brown hair  she looked around 5'5.I just sat down and watched the performance it was really good actually Darcy did each of her moves perfectly! When the show was over i was walking to go get Darcy when harry grabbed my arm i looked at him and said oh hey Harry i acted like i didn't know he was here.

Hey who are you here for?

umm ...Darcy actually i said

 He looked at me and said Darcy does Ballet ?

Yep i said with a sigh so who are you here for i asked?

 my cousin Kelly ...oh and meet my other cousin Kat

oh so that's who she is! It's nice to meet you Kat i'm Rachel i said shaking her hand.Hi she said with a warm smile well i got to go get Darcy i will be back in a minute.

No let me go with you i need to get Kelly anyway Harry said 

oh okay i said we walked in the dressing room and saw Darcy playing with some other little girl she looked about the same age as Darcy.

Kelly! Harry said then the girl who was sitting next to darcy got up and said Hawwy she couldn't say her R's right it was so cute ! I went  over to Darcy and said Great job give me a high five she did as i said and hugged me i hugged her back and picked her up.Getting her bag ready Harry then said my name i turned around and said yeah ? 

Well um do you want to hang out tomorrow?

 looked at harry who had hope in his eyes i then sighed. Sure but what about Darcy? I asked

He then smiled and Said well she can come with us maybe know who her REAL father is

i sighed again and said fiiine i give up 

YAY he said hugging me

I felt so good in his arms we broke apart and then i went and got Darcy changed in normal clothes and then i wiped her makeup off. You ready to go sweetie i asked Darcy 


Okay lets go i said grabbing Darcy and Her dance bag when i walked out Harry walked over to me and said  meet me at the park at 11 tomorrow okay. Okay i said i then walked out of the Dance studio and i decide to take Darcy out for ice cream so i went to the nearest ice cream place and we ate there.Did you like your ice cream i asked Darcy

Yes so much thank you mommy!

i smiled and said any time we hugged and then went back home.


Harry's POV-

Yes  !!! We are meeting up at the park tomorrow finally i get to spend some time with Rachel and Darcy. Maybe i can get my true love back and i will get to be with m-my daughter i still feel like punching myself for all i did to her.I love her i always did


i hear Kat scream 


i screamed back

what's the problem Kat i asked 

well umm..Kelly's gone 

WHAT !?! where did she go Kat 

um well she said she wanted to go to  a friends house and i said go ahead  being sarcastic and she must have took it serious

KAT!!! i will go knock on each door and see if she's there okay 

okay Harry please find her 

no promises was the last thing i said before knocking on each door ***FEW DOORS LATER ***

*knock* knock*

Hello someone said opening the door with the phone in her hand. 

Hey Rachel you live here 

yeah um i was just about to call you your cousin Kelly came here...alone 

Yeah Kat let her out can i come in?

sure Kelly is in the play room with darcy if you want to speak with her 

oh okay thanks i said before walking in the play room.I said Kelly  can i speak with you she said yes i took her out of the room and talked to her about you know the old bla, bla, bla she then said she wanted to go back home. I said okay and picked her up waving goodbye to Darcy  she did the same i then went to the living room were Rachel was she was looking at bills with her old glasses.I cleared my throat and she looked up and smiled i smiled back then said i was going to go.Okay i will walk you out she said we walked to the door and i turned around and said bye till tomorrow then i kissed her head.Bye she said closing the door we got home and Kat was relived i just went up to bed till tomorrow ii thought then i went in a deep sleep.


Hey guys looong chapter for you guys i was just so excited to write this for you guys !!! and i hope katvan wart/Kat liked this chapter don't worry if the rest of you weren't in  it you will be i promise!! also like and favor you would mean the WORLD to me!!!! thanks peace out ~jojo




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