her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


5. amusement park

Rachel's POV-

so today i am taking Darcy to the Amusement park! And she is really excited i got her dressed and did here hair then we were ready to go i picked Darcy up and put her in her car seat then i got in the drivers seat and headed off. *** skips car ride ***  Were here Darcy she smiled and screamed YAY !!!! i giggled and then got her out of the car we bought our passes and then walked in the park.What ride sweetie i asked Darcy? Teacups is all she said okay lets go then we walked up to the teacup ride and stood in line...Finally we got on it and it started spinning wee Darcy said i laughed when the ride was done we went on a few other rides then we went and got some cotton candy when we were eating the cotton candy i saw out of the corner of my eye ...Harry and 4 other guys there was girls screaming their names.I just rolled my eyes and kept talking to Darcy i asked her  if she was having fun she said yes i just smiled and then i looked around and saw just a few people and Harry and the other guys. I then looked at where the trash was right by them great Darcy you stay right here okay mommy will be back in a minute i said okay  mommy  she said i picked up all the trash and went over and through it away i was about to leave when i felt a hand on my wrist i turned around to see who it was it was Harry great Let go i said trying to go back to my daughter Why ? he asked with a smirk i grabbed the hand that was hold my wrist  with my free hand and twisted it making him let go ow ! he said what was that for he asked just then Darcy came up to me oh no this is going to be fun.


Harry's POV-

me and the lads decided we wanted to got to the amusement park today.And when we went to go get some cotton candy  i saw Rachel again so what i did was she was coming to through her trash away i grabbed her wrist she looked at me with a death glare and got her free hand and twisted my hand till i let go on her wrist i let go fast cause it really hurt.Ow what was that for i asked she was about to answer but then a little girl came up to her i looked at her confused and said who's this? She gulped and sighed then said Her name is Darcy and and she then covered the girls ears and said she's your daughter.Before i could say anything they were gone wait i said she looked back and said there's nothing to say Harry with teary eyes and then they were off.Why why did i leave her she could have such a great life but no i left her i went back where the guys were they looked confused i just ran off looking for them.


Rachel's POV-

i was teary eyes he leaves us and now this Darcy will never ever have a normal life now in calmed down and got darcy a balloon and i won her some prizes she was so happy i smiled then i asked her if she wanted to have a sleep over at my moms? She said yes i was glad because i really needed my mom right now okay sweetie you ready to go i asked yes mommy she said i smiled and when i was walking to the car when i saw harry again. I tried walking faster but he caught up to me i was at my car putting Darcy in her seat when he caught up i shut darcys door and looked at him What do you want ! i half way screamed he looked at me i want to say i was stupid for leaving you i want to be a part of you and Darcy's life he said. i looked at him Harry are you simple you weren't there for her you won't be there for her. 2 years without us and then you just want to be with us again ha look i am sorry i was stupid i should have never left he then kissed me the kiss was full of passion and love when we broke. I looked at him and he then said i love you Rachel i wiped a tear away and whispered  i do too after that i got in my car and left i drove to my moms. I told her everything and we just sat there in quite why me why does it have to be me thats all i thought about.


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