her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


29. 8 Months Later

8 Month's Later 

Rachel's POV-

It's been 8 months and my stomach has grown  and i have been sick but that's the price of being Pregnant i guess i didn't really get sick with Darcy. The boys were practicing for the concert tonight When they all got off the stage Darcy ran out and started Twirling around And she was singing also I was smiling looking about how much of a show off she was. Niall came out and started dancing with her which made me laugh When the boys started practicing Again Darcy came down too me all the girls were sitting down next to me So am i going to have a brother or sister darcy asked me ?  I don't know yet we won't know until i have he/She i said they just couldn't figure it out i said The girls Nodded  what about names  Perrie asked me i  was think if it's a girl Shayla May  Styles i said Thats a pretty name Perrie said I nodded The girls liked it even Darcy i figured she wouldn't want a sibling but she's so excited to be getting one! And if it is a boy El Said Edward James Styles i said smiling those are great names Danielle said I want you to have a girl She said El Looked at her She's Probably going to have a boy She said They were fighting and i just walked away Giggling to myself.

Concert time !!!! 


Harry's POV-

It was time to go on stage and perform I can hear The fans screaming And so can the other lads we walked out on stage

Whats up Everyone Liam shouted 

The screams got louder We started to sing 'I would' when we were done we got off stage we were rushed over to go meet some v.i.p fans We Met them and talk to them and then we took a few pics and stuff like that. I finally got to go to Rachel and Darcy i talked to them for a while and when i went to go pack up my things in the dressing room Some grabbed my arm and yanked me somewhere When I heard The person's Voice i was shocked No Not you again i spat

Oh it is Harry and hows your little Wife doing ?

I looked At her why do you care anyway ? 

Oh just wondering you don't have to be mean 

I rolled my eyes what do you want i asked her trying to make it quick just in case Rachel comes 


Before i could say anything Her lips were against mine I tried to pull away but i couldn't Then all of a sudden i heard my name. 


Rachel's POV-

I was walking with Eleanor Perrie and Dani Darcy went on a tour with Niall he was showing her around the stage since everyone was gone except us As i was walking with the girls I saw Harry with some girl they were Kissing ? Harry I said He pushed the girl away And his eyes were wide Rachel it wasn't what you think he said. I looked at him well it looked like you were kissing that girl i said trying to hold back tears Rachel i was jus- Perrie stopped him 

Save it Harry I can't believe you would do this and Lie about it too she said Crossing her arms I had tears in my eyes

Rachel you got to believe me i love you 

I looked at him I'm sorry Harry i don't think i can I said He then looked at  me then asked the other girls if we could talk alone They walked away leaving me alone with harry. 

I love you Rachel She she was nothing No-thing he stated 

Harry i ...i paused

What is it Rachel

I looked at him I-I think the Babys Coming I said Harrys eyes Went wide


The babys coming i said To Harry 

Umm okay okay Lets go i'll take you too the hospital and it will be alright he said He then Yell LIAM !!! I was there in Pain come on i said I saw Liam he was running Is it time he asked Harry Nodded just take me to the hospital some one i said they got me to the hospital and A doctor was telling me to Push so i did as told And Finally the doctor was holding a baby boy  They gave it to me and I Held him he had My bright Blue Eyes I smiled He has your eyes Harry whispered to me  nodded still looking at my baby boy it reminded me of when darcy was born I was smiling for ages Welcome to the World Edward James i said Darcy came in and her eyes went wide and she gasped i have a brother she asked i nodded Say hi to your Brother Edward i said She was smiling and that was so touching i knew she would be a great big sister.


Hey guys Hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story that would mean the WORLD to me  !!!!!

And read some of my other storys that would be AWESOME !!! Thanks ~JOJO <3 

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