her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


24. 1 Year later ...

***1 YEAR LATER *** 

Rachel's POV-

DARCY TIME TO EAT ! I called out she came running down Hi uncle Marcel and Edward she said giving them a big hug i giggled now darcy i have called for you about 5 times i said sitting down next to Harry ...I know mommy but i was coloring she said with those puppy dog eyes ugh the get me every time okay your off the hook this time i said smiling at her okay mommy thank you very much she said i just laughed and started talking to the other guys. Oh and Louis and Eleanor got together same with Zayn and Perrie and Liam and Danielle are Going strong and then there's poor Nialler And then there's me and Harry who are doing Great i even have some good news to tell everyone here! I told everyone that i had some news for them and they all turned there attention on me. 

Tell us already !!! Niall said 

I took a deep breath and said ... I'm Pregnant  Every one of the boys eyes widened Harry spit out his water and looked at me with Widened eyes all the girls were smiling and cheering and my mom was even Happy and smiling Darcy was bouncing up and down yelling i am going to have a younger brother or sister!! and the guys were still shocked but Niall not him he was Taking to my stomach and all i could do was laugh at some of the things he said like ....One day when your older we will eat fried chicken all day i looked at him and said she/he better learn how to talk before all of that i then started to laugh and he looked at me and said I Learned how to eat chicken when i was 1 she She/ He should know before than i looked at him and said Okay just so the conversation could end and thank god it did! After a while every one left and Harry was on the couch with Darcy who was asleep i went and sat by him are you mad i asked looking at him No why would i be mad you don't know how happy i am he said smiling at me. Thats good new i said i was scared you were going to be mad i said frowning a bit don't you ever worry about stuff like that your too pretty to worry he said looking in my eyes okay then i said i then put darcy to bed and climbed in bed with Harry.



I woke up and got dressed it was like 6:00  in the morning i woke up early cause i felt like dancing because you know i haven't done it in a while and i wasn't able to be a Ballet coach for Darcy this year cause it was all taken so i only get to watch sometimes which really sucks but you know i support her with Dancing .... I wrote a note to harry to tell him where i was going to be and after that i grabbed my dance bag and stuff and hopped in the car and drove to the studio i danced when i was pregnant with Darcy that might be why she love to dance it much be in my blood i just can't hold it and i am hoping when i have he/she they will love to dance like Darcy and stuff like that... I got to the studio and knocked on the door and one of the coach's i am really good friends with came up to me and hugged me and asked me how in have been and stuff like that then she left i through my bag down and started some music and i started dancing after a little bit i was drenched in sweat and my phone rang it was harry i answered it Hey Babe whats up ? I said trying not to sound out of breath 

Nothing really just i was wondering if you were coming home soon i need to tell you something 

oh okay i will be home in 10 i said 

Okay i love you 

Love you too bye i said hanging up i packed up my stuff and drove home where i saw harry looking nervous as ever  Darcy was coloring watching t.v i walked in and looked at Harry what is it i asked he looked at me and said lets sit down okay now i am worried i thought....


Hey  guys,

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