her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


22. 1 more day

Rachel's POV-

So we have 1 more day till the wedding! I am so excited i try my best not to scream when i heard about it i smile like an idiot for ages though. But anyways Today i am going to the bachelorette party with my friends Eleanor,Danielle,Perrie and Abby those are some of my old friends i use to hang out with before i met Harry...I knew them since i was 5 and we stopped hanging out when i turned 15 we kinda turned are back on each-other then when i was 16 i met Harry and Darcy came along and i haven't talked to them since. We always had good times together so i think this whole Bachelorette Party thing will be alot of fun !! My mom is going to watch Darcy for me so i have to drop her off at 6 cause we are leaving at 7. But anyway i walked out of me and Harry's room and saw Darcy coloring and watching t.v i smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek i walked in the kitchen and no one was there i walked around and Harry was no where to be found. I walked back into the Kitchen and saw a note it was from Harry...

Simon Called said we need go to the Studio...sorry i didn't get to say bye be back soon love you ~harry 

i sighed and walked over to where Darcy was Hi Honey i said smiling 

Hi Mommy can we do something together ??? 

i smiled at her that would be awesome what do you want to do ??

hmm let me think ...Oh lets go to the movies 

i smiled at her and said okay lets go get ready !!!!  she hopped up and went to her bedroom i picked her out and outfit and she got dressed in them. I put her in her car seat and then i went and drove off to the movie theaters...

What movie do you want to watch darcy??

Smurfs 2 !!!! 

i laughed and went to buy the movie tickets .... When i got them i gave one to Darcy and i kept mine and i went and bought some popcorn. The we went and found 2 seats and we sat down waiting for it to start ...


Was it good Darcy?

Yeah mommy thank you !!!! 

i giggled and checked the time it was 6 already s i called my mom and told her i was coming she said okay so what i did was drop her off on the way home i told her bye and stuff like that i told my mom thanks. When i got home i saw Harry on his phone I walked into the bathroom and washed my face when i walked out i saw Harry smiling at me i just laughed and asked how it went at the studio. 


Harry's POV-

It went fine but i have some news for yo- my phone rang 

Hello ?

Harry  where are you ?

it sounded like Louis I'm at my house Lou why?

It's time to go out remember 

oh yeah ...crap umm i'll be there soon  i said before hanging up. I looked at Rachel she had a confused look on her face i said i'm late she  looked at the clock and said crap i am too she went to her room and was changing she was also on the phone and told the girls to met her here. I didn't know who she was going with she we both can finally go out drinking because we are both 21 now.

( i know harry isn't really 21 but it makes more since to me if he's 21 ) 

i was getting ready when i heard the doorbell ring I was going to get it when I saw Rachel running to it i got it she said before she open the door. I just looked at her okay ? Man i don't get girls sometimes but anyways when she open the door 4 girls came in Rachel told me there names one of them looked familiar and here named i knew that name.

her name was Abby she has Dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes she looked around Rachel's Age.

The girl who's name was Eleanor had Brown hair and brown eyes she would be perfect for Louis ...but anyways 

The one girl Had blonde hair and blue eyes her name was Perrie she's in the band little Mix Zayn is like in love with her and he doesn't even know her thats whats funny about it. 

Danielle is her name she has dark brown hair but a little blonde in it it is really curly also she has brown eyes. 

I got snapped out of my thoughts by Rachel snapping her fingers at me yeah ? i asked 

Urm are you okay i was snapping my fingers for like 5 minutes?

Yeah i'm fi- I got cut off by Abby saying Harry !?! uh oh this is going to be weird ...Abby ? 

Yeah it's me o.m.g long time no see...Your marrying R???

Yeah ,Yeah i am i said scratching my neck 

Umm Harry, Abby you guys know each-other ? Rachel said sounding confused yeah urm we um i really didn't know how to tell her this 

Harry i can do it if you want ? abby said 

No i'm good i will just get out with it R look that one time when we started dating when we were 14 well when we broke up i started going out with Abby and then i broke up with her to go out with you again and when you became pregnant a few months after i left i auditioned for the X-Factor and i started going out with Abby again but we broke up later after that and yeah ..... I stopped and looked at her face it was mixed with Confusion,Anger,Sadness, Stress and a-lot more Abby then went up to her and said R we are done me and Harry had nothing special we were nothing like you and him now i promise she said. Rachel just looked at the ground okay i trust you guys she looked up and i went and gave her a long passionate kiss. Wow guys save it for the wedding Eleanor said  we both laughed and we went our both ways until tomorrow was all i could think.... 


Hey Guys !!! 

Sorry i haven't updated real quick school has been keeping me but i promise on weekends i will try my best to update All my storys i'm sorry if i can't i don't like to give you guys crappy chapters ...Speaking of chapters what did you think of this one ??? if you liked it Like and Favor this story you would mean the WORLD to me !!!! Thanks peace out ~jojo <3

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