August is deadly.
August is strong.
August will kill.
August believes in god.
August believes in classic rock.
August doesn't believe in love.
Until he meets Maris.


1. Denny's Diner

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I'm not going to try and bluff it. 

I hunt demons. 

It's not really hard to tell that I’m weird, almost everyone can tell off the bat. 

I have knife collection, i can tell you lure and history for ages, because that's what i learned in school. Not math. 19 and driving a 1960 chevy camaro with classic rock blaring, it's not that bad off a life i have to say. It's defiantly no cake walk, but i gotta say, it's nice. No parents to reprimand me for staying out to late, i can wear my beaten up jeans and look like shit, and noone cares, the only people, or things i actually fraternize with are demons. Unless you count the waitresses and barkeeps at the bars and diners i eat at. 

August Levy, 19, on the road, and killing demons by the day. I've had partners, yes, i don't keep them, no. They tie me down, i get attached, i get weak. I could have gone on to a blue collar life, nice kids, nice house, nice wife. I could have had a nice pick up truck, and worked in a cubicle, and had a beer when i got home every night. But i wasn't cut out for a cubicle. I could have sat there and worked there for god knows how long before i flipped and got in my car and left. It's what i have to do. I was made to protect. 

I was raised by hunters. Both were killed when they just charged right into a coven. I was 16. Old enough that i got my dad's car, old enough that i knew how to hack, and old enough that i could hassle anyone. I know it's not an honest living by government standings, but hey what the hell. I'm off saving your asses from the things that make grown men piss in their sleep. I'm the guy that takes on the bad guys. The bad guys who couldn't care less about our human affairs. I keep the bad dreams away. 


"More coffee?" Debby the waitress asked. I nodded, scanning my eyes over Denny's. There. I sipped the burnt, watery liquid and made no attempt to hide my grimace at the taste. Mental note, stop going to Denny's. An Amaymom sat in a booth, sunglasses on and reading a paper. A plan started to formulate as i walked over, fingering the iron blade in my pocket. 

"Hi, you done with the sports?" I asked, running a hand through my blond hair and sliding into the seat opposite it. He nodded and passed me the paper. Celtics lost again. "Bro, can i offer you a mint?" It's control on his veil lapsed for a moment, showing the tongueless mouth. "I think we oughta have a little chat out back, don't ya think?" I said, sliding out my blade and placing it against It's leg, just letting it sizzle for a moment. It heaved itself out of the booth and started to stiffly walk towards the door. "Thought so." I tossed a 5 down on it's table, and tossed a 5 down on my table when we passed. Denny's deserves nothing more than that for their poor coffee. 

I spit the blood out of my mouth. This Amaymom is one hell of a kicker. "Daddy misses you." I said as i grabbed it's head in a death lock, and punched it's throat, taking out it's one weapon, it's breath. The amaymom crumpled to the ground, and i slid my knife across it's throat and watched its body go up in flame. 

"Please, Lord, direct my steps and provide me peace in this travel. Let those I encounter on my trip be blessed by my words that come from you. Let my hands be filled with your work, and my I be filled with your grace and mission. Amen." I don't have a lot of faith in most things, but God, now there is one thing you don't mess with. I walked to my car, wiping the ash off my blade and making sure it was clean before sliding it back into my pocket. There are three things i believe in, my god, my knife, and that classic rock fixes everything. I turned the key in the camaro, and nothing. "That dick." I climbed underneath it, and looked up. No battery, that was the only thing wrong. Of course he had to go with the thing that i really don't want to deal with. 

"Hey, Mike, i need a new battery pronto, you know any shops near Arcadia, New York?" I asked, leaning against my car and running my hand through my hair. 

"I don't know why you have this idea in your head that we're friends, I’m just kidding you August, but yeah, Mel's Auto seems to have a good response, they're about 3 miles up the road. I'll call them, and they'll get you all hooked up. Ok sugar?" 

"That's gay."

"That's homophobic." 

"Touche. Call away." I hung up and headed back into the dreaded Denny's. 


"And even as i wander, I’m keeping you in sight, your a candle in the window, on a cold winters night...." The waitress sang as closing neared. With a nice voice, and a nice piece of ass, watching her was a small break from looking out the window to see if my battery was coming. "Can i get you anything else?" She said, name tag read Maris. "That's on the menu." She snapped, noticing my gaze slowly downward. 

"Whoa there cowboy, can i get a double cheeseburger and a water?" She nodded, and walked away with a swing in her hips, that was not there before. I leafed through the menu at my table out of boredom, but looked up when she sat down. 

"Sorry about that, just working at a roadside diner in a small town, you don't meet a lot of nice guys." She said, letting an easy smile crinkle her dark brown eyes. She was a little plain, with curly hair that was somewhat tamed into a ponytail, and a dimple on the right of her face. "I'm Maris." 

"August." She looked around Denny's, it was empty save me and her. 

"So what brings you to our little town?" The dreaded question. Most of the time i just say passing through, or visiting some relatives. 

"I'm just....driving." 

"Driving or running?" She said, leaning in as if i actually had something fascinating to tell her. 

"Pardon?" I asked, taken aback. She took her hair out of it's ponytail, shook it out, and then put it back up. 

"Nothing, it's just when people usually say they're running from something, they're actually running away from something. Usually they had a bad break up and need to clear their mind, but sometimes it's something more. So, what happened to you?" 

"You know, tough upbringing, my parents wanted me to go into the family business, that didn't really work for me. We just had this huge fight, and so here i am." Sitting at Denny's with a girl i don't know, basically telling her a modified version of what's happening. I had a fight with my parents about the family business, and my mom took off to cool down. By family business, i mean, hunting. While mom was out, she got a tip about the coven, she called pops for backup, and next thing i know, bloodsuckers take out both mom and dad. And poor little august is left on his own, with nothing but a car, a shit load of money, and a new found bloodlust for demons. "What about you? You're a pretty girl, shouldn't you be out with your boyfriend, or doing homework, or out with friends?" She sighed and readjusted in her seat. 

"I don't have a boyfriend, if thats what you're asking, homework can wait, and my friends understand. I need the money for college, so here i am. Working one of the lowest paying jobs, but the only one i could get for probably illegal hours and a crappy boss. But something is better than nothing. Shouldn't you be in college?" 

"I'm on medical leave." Lie. 

"For what?" She asked, worry crossing her face.

"Cancer." Lie. If i were actually on medical leave from college, it would probably be from anxiety or a heart attack. 

"Where?" Jesus. So many questions.

"My eye." Lie. 

"I get off in about an hour, do you want to get out of here? There's a pier down by the lake, it's beautiful at night, you might as well see it while you can. I didn't mean-" I forced a fake care-free laugh i had perfected earlier out to try at least to assure her that i wasn't offended "If you don't want to, it's completely OK" I shook my head. 

"That would be great, uh my car is kinda dead." She raised an eyebrow. 

"Want me to jump it?" I smiled. 

"I wish, my battery is kaput. I tossed it earlier." Lie. 

"We can drop by Mel's later, he's open 24/7, the poor man really needs to lay of the caffeine." She said, not-so-subtly placing her elbows on the table, and giving her breasts just a little more cleavage. I nodded. "That's your burger." Maris said, standing up and getting my food. She put it down on the table, and sat down across from me, playing with her long tanned fingers. 

"You know what, I’m not really all that hungry, and they look like they can handle it here without you..." I said, standing up and tossing a 10 on the table. They might have crap coffee, but they have gorgeous waitress's. 


"I really had a great night August. You live near here?" I pulled her falling apart Subaru into the closed down Denny's parking lot. 

"No, i've been driving for a couple days, i live up in maine." I said, pulling the car battery out of her backseat. "But yeah, me too. Thanks for showing me the pier and all, it really is nice to see something really beautiful before it goes." I said, motioning to my eye as much as i could with my shoulder. 

"It's no problem, it's one of NY's great attractions." 

"I wasn't talking about the pier Maris. Thanks for making me feel....normal. I haven't thought about my job, or what I’m doing, or anything these past few hours. You truly are something special." I kissed her cheek, and walked away, the car battery heavy, along with my heart. I installed it and took one long look at Maris before climbing into my camaro, and driving away. "I can't fight this feeling any longer. And yet I'm still afraid to let it flow. what started out as friendship, has grown stronger. I only wish I had the strength to let it show. " I sang, top of my lungs out my window as i left New York, and i was still belting it when i crossed over into California. 

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