The Influence Escape. (1D On Temperary Hold)

An ordinary innocent teenager, with a dream. A dream that'll never come true. College, family and her father's perception of her future are the only things on her mind. But one person could change all this. Aggression. Hatred. Adventures. Change. Love...and an influenced escape.


9. I'm Impressed.

It's 1am and I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking about what happened by the lake. A part of me wants to believe that it was real but the other thinks we both just got caught up in the moment.  


I lie on my bed in the dark, staring up at the blank ceiling and I'm so confused. All these emotions flying around in my mind and I don't know what to believe. I toss and turn in my bed losing a pillow on the floor in my fight to get comfortable. 


"ARRH!" I let out a frustrated groan as I lean off of the side of my bed supporting myself with one arm as I reach out for the pillow. Refusing to get out of my bed I edge myself closer now stretching in the most awkward and uncomfortable position possible. But then there's a bang on my widow that makes me jump and I suddenly go crashing to the ground. I lie on the cold laminate floor boards my body tense and perfectly still wondering what could have caused the noise. Soon after I relax beginning to get up off of the floor with the pillow in my hand. Then my eyes widen not blinking once as the noise at the window appears again. This time it sounds different. More of a tapping sound than a bang. I raise one of my eyebrows in curiosity as I creep up to my window. As I slowly begin to pull open the curtains I wonder to myself whether this will be like a horror movie and a terrifying zombie face will scare the crap out of me from the other side. Wow. I probably watch way too much T.V. I continue slowly pulling open the curtains when the noise appears again and I see something hit the window. I glance out onto the darkness of the street below and see a figure. My eyes squint as they try to adjust to the flickering of the streetlight. The figure then raises their hand, acknowledging that they have seen me. They then step forward and into the light a little more. Louis. He looks like he's just been dragged through a bush, his hair a mess and his eyes dark as he apologetically stares up at me. I then open up my window the cold air immediately sending shivers over my skin. 


"Urrh...Hi." Louis says as he runs his fingers through his messed up hair. 


"Louis, it's like 1am!?" I call down to him in a slightly raised but hushed voice.


"Yeah, I know. Sorry." He replied as he began to stare down at his feet.


"So..?" I then question him as I begin to shiver in the cold. 


"Well, you don't happen to have a space for one more up there do you?" Louis' question shocked me as I looked at him blankly.


"What's wrong with your house?" I asked gesturing my head to the right.


"Forgot my keys. I'm locked out." Louis replied innocently. I quickly cocked up an eyebrow wondering whether or not to believe him. 


"If you can get up can come in." I simply said smirking as I walked into my room to find a jumper. To be honest there's no way he'll be able to climb up here. But, I just want to see him try before I let him in the front door. I quickly grab a jumper from my wardrobe. Then I turn on my heels to head back to the window but find myself in shock as my body is only millimetres away from Louis. 


"Wow." I simply say looking up at the tall guy in front of me. He was so close I could feel his breath brush the top of my head as his eyes stared into mine. 


"I'm impressed." I break the silence that has occurred walking over to my bed.


A/N- Hey guys sorry I took so long to upload this chapter, I've been quite busy with college and also the One Direction Imagines. Let me know what you think! :) xxxx

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