The Influence Escape. (1D On Temperary Hold)

An ordinary innocent teenager, with a dream. A dream that'll never come true. College, family and her father's perception of her future are the only things on her mind. But one person could change all this. Aggression. Hatred. Adventures. Change. Love...and an influenced escape.


2. Extra Tuition.

An hour past. Only an hour and yet it feels like I've been stuck in this hell hole forever. End, of first period.


I get up from my seat as the bell rings picking up my books and quickly heading for the door.


"Oh crap, I'm so sorry!" and my smooth escape is ruined. Why can't I just pay attention to what's around me. I am now knelt down on the floor picking some of my books up which are scattered everywhere. 


"Sorry let me help you?" a guy’s voice asks as I kneel down to collect my things.


"No it was my fault, and thanks." I reply taking a few books from his hands.


"Hey I recognize you, you’re in my science class right?" the guy asks and I look up to his face to see that he's the one who normally sits at the back of class. Joe I think his name is. So, I nod in reply as we both begin to walk in the direction of Mr Tomlinson's room. Science, great.


We walk into the class and everyone else is already sat down, books open and all staring at us.


"You two, are late." Mr Tomlinson with his blindingly bold head says as he hands us a collection of work that has already been given out. I struggle to glance at my watch trying not to drop everything. 


"Are you serious?!" I ask when I notice the time and the look on his face becomes shocked at my sudden outburst.


"It's literally one minute past! And you're saying we're late!" I let out an angry grunt as I begin to head to my usual seat. 


"Yes I'm serious. Madison..." I pause in my pace to turn and face him. 


"Sit in one of the two seats at the back; you and Joe will be partners until the end of term." I roll my eyes in reply walking to the back of the classroom and taking a seat. Joe follows behind me smirking at the small show I had put on as I place the things on the table.


"Oh and Miss Mathews stay behind after class we need a little chat." I roll my eyes and quietly grunt again as the rest of the class begin 'ooing'. 


"Hey, what have you got against him? You're a goodie two shoes towards all the other teachers." Joe whispers as the teacher begins to talk to the class and I surprise him with a sharp elbow in his side. 


"I am not, a goodie two shoes. Now be quiet I'm trying to listen." I sharply say as Joe lets out a quiet chuckle. I quickly turn to face him with a stern frown. Although I don't want to admit it, I know he's right. I see myself as quite a clever person and so does the rest of the world. I always get amazing grades. Until Science...with Mr Tomlinson. My grades in his class have been falling since the start of the year. Outside of school when I see him about he'll always come over and talk to me attempting to act friendly and asking about, homework. Arrh.  Then at school he's a complete but-hole towards me and is tougher on me than anyone else. Pisses me off, big time.


"He's my neighbour." I bluntly say to Joe then turn back to face the front of the class. 


"Ohh. Bad luck." Joe replies then begins to listen as well. I have less than 2 weeks to prepare for my Science exam and no matter how much I try to listen all I hear is,


"BLAH...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH." Well, that's me failing.


An hour passes and it's the end of class. I haven't managed to learn anything new...oh, except that when you put a balloon full of oxygen on a flame, you create a fire ball! Good going Joe. 


The school bell rings marking the end of the lesson and I quickly grab my stuff and head for the door trying to blend in with the other students.


"Madison." I hear Mr Tomlinson's voice and I mentally curse myself as I step out of the crowd and head towards his messy desk.


"Its Maddie." I bluntly say getting ready to be lectured about my 'appalling' attitude.


"1. You do not go around calling me Mr Tommo do you? So I shall not call you Maddie. 2. Your mother called." It took a few moments for my brain to process what he was saying a part of it humoured by 'number 1' and the other in total shock.


"WHAT?" Is all I managed to say.


"She called to ask about extra tuition." My mouth dropped and my heart literally felt like it stopped beating.


"Me and your mother are not the only ones who know you need some help. I know you realize it to." The shock began to fall from my face as I thought carefully about what he was saying. And so, I nodded in agreement. What am I getting myself into?


"She wants you to come around my house everyday for a few hours until your exams." Every day! A few hours! Please Lord help me!


"Also she suggested that instead of paying tuition fees you can come over and do some chores for me." I stood there frozen. I'm seventeen and my life is over. 


"I'll see you tonight then Madison." Mr Tomlinson said picking up his brief case, exiting the room and leaving me standing there. What… the hell… just happened?


"I'm sure it won't be that bad." An arm wrapped around my shoulders and I looked up to see Joe standing beside me. 


"This is going to be the worst summer ever." I sigh and we leave the room together.


A/N- Hey guys, I would be extremely greatful if you could let me know what you think of the story so far. I know it hasn't really started properly yet but if its boring I need to know! haha Love you all xxx

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