The Influence Escape. (1D On Temperary Hold)

An ordinary innocent teenager, with a dream. A dream that'll never come true. College, family and her father's perception of her future are the only things on her mind. But one person could change all this. Aggression. Hatred. Adventures. Change. Love...and an influenced escape.


7. Cheap Beer And A Drunken Mess.

I pick myself up off of the gravelled street gently brushing the dirt from my clothes.


"I can do this." I say to myself as I begin to walk along the cobbled path to the house. But then before I even reach the door Mr Tomlinson rushes straight past me.


"Madison, sorry, I have to go to a meeting. It was a last minute thing but I have left some work for you to do." He says as he throws a brief case into his car and then quickly drives off. I suddenly feel my heart sink. I'm going to be in the house on my own with HIM... great. I take what seems like my final breath before walking through the already open door and heading into the living room.


The room is dimly lit like yesterday with only a couple of orange tinted lights glowing dully. I begin to make my way over to the table where I expect to find the work. But the table is bare. So I just sit there, at the table staring at the plain wall in front of me. Not having a clue what to do.


"He told me to give these to you." A guys voice suddenly appears in my ear breaking the silence as pile of work sheets are passed over my shoulder. Just his presence makes my shiver. I can hear him breathing behind me. Hovering there, like a ghost.


"Thanks." I simply mumble not wanting to turn around. Then to my relief I feel his presence disappear. Once I am sure he has gone I take a quick glance at the work in front of me. Well, this is going to be fun...


About half an hour passes by and all I have managed to do is draw a picture of a tree on my work. Now that's what I call progress. As I continue drawing I hear a noise come from the door and immediately look over. A familiar tall figure enters the room with a set of keys in his hand.


"Come on." Is all he says as he disappears through the front door. I stay seated for a moment wondering whether or not to follow. But I do. I step outside into the cool evening air and I'm surprised at how dark it is outside. Shutting the door behind me I follow him to his car.


"Where are we going?" I bravely say as I climb into the passenger seat of the large vehicle.


"To a party. He told me not to leave you here on your own and there's no way on earth I’m missing this." He grumbled as he gripped the steering wheel and began to drive.


I’m not sure how I felt at this point. A part of me was scared. I wasn’t sure about what this guy sitting next to me was capable of. I wasn't even sure where we were going. But another part of me was relieved, relieved that he had dragged me away from all the science work my teacher had left me.


The drive was quite long and awkward. We didn’t speak at all and there was no radio on to drown out the silence either. We just sat there. In the quiet. In the dark.


When we arrived we pulled up in a small car park that was packed full of other vehicles. We both quickly climbed out of the car and already you could hear the beat of the music and sound of people enjoying themselves.


I followed him along a small path that lead to a wide area next to a lake. There was a small bonfire with people gathered around smoking and laughing. There were several couples pushed up against trees while they made out and a whole load of people drinking and dancing to the blaring music. As I looked around I also noticed something else...I was the youngest person there. These people are all at least 19+ and then there's little 17 year old me... I can’t even begin to explain how awkward this is. My gaze was soon cut short as 'Tommo' grabbed my wrist pulling me towards him.


"Go socialize and grab a drink or something." That’s all he said before he let me go and disappeared into the crowd.


So, trying to blend in as much as possible I went to grab a drink. As I walked over to where they were I heard a few people begin to shout.


"Yo Tommo!"


"Hey babe."


"What’s up Tommo?"


"How you been bro?"



I quickly glanced over to see several brotherly hugs, pats on the back and a lot of attention from the girls. Well he certainly is popular. I could also see a lot of people, the average people, avoiding him and moving out of the way for him. I knew he was intimidating towards me but I never realized that others had a slight fear of him too. Just as I was about to turn away our eye line met. We momentarily caught in a gaze as he threw me a surprisingly apologetic smile, but I just turned away. I can’t believe he brought me here; I could have just gone home. I made my way over to a log that was laid on the ground where I sat myself down away from the crowd and sipped at the cheap beer I had picked up.  I watched the rowdy people as their sweaty bodies danced with the music, the drunken people as they stumbled around the campfire and I tried my absolute best to avoid eye contact with everyone.


About twenty minutes past which felt like a lifetime and I was still sat on the log. Several drunken guys had joined me at times but all had ran off to throw their guts up in the bushes. What a disgusting and horrible place this was turning out to be.


But then I was brought out of my people watching habit as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and looked up to see a familiar towering guy looking down at me.


"Come on." was all he said as he disappeared back down the path and to his car. I followed without hesitation walking in silence and just happy that we were leaving. Until he broke that eerie nothingness.


"You looked like a right sap just sat there on your own." he said with an annoyed tone in his voice.


"I told you to socialize!" His voice raised and body began to tense.


"Sorry." I simply and quietly replied.


"Just get in the car." He angrily demanded so I quickly clambered into the passenger side not saying a thing. It was silent as we drove, again...and I didn’t recognise where we were going. It definitely wasn’t home.

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