Killing In Dreams

Ashlynn Semard wakes up every morning with blood on her hands. Literally. Every time she sleeps, she kills in her dreams. She tries to stay awake but her emerald eyes begin to droop. The pounding of a heart begins to start. And the Monster takes control. *24 hours City Of Bones Competition*


4. Utterly Alone

“Mum, I’m home!” Ashlynn yelled as she hung her coat up. “Mum? Dad?”

The house was encased with quietness as it usually was but this was different.  This was a deafening silence. It was never this hushed. Ashlynn felt her heart hammer against her rib cage as she heard a scream coming from above her. Sucking her breath in she ran up the stairs but not before she grabbed the silver dagger she always woke up with.

The door to her parent’s room was ajar and stepping inside she held the hilt of the dagger tighter so that her knuckles turned white. The sight she witnessed after that was one she thought she would never see in her life. She had never been so wrong. Right now, her parents were laid down on the floor, eyes wide open, mouths agapes and their throats were slit. Ashlynn felt hot tears spilling from her eyes as she let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Who would do such a thing?

Not able to watch anymore she turned around and was faced with a much more troublesome problem. A shadowy figure stood behind her. His hood was worn so that his face could not be seen.

“The time has come to eliminate any person living with Semard blood with them.” The voice sounded gentle yet firm though it sent shivers down Ashlynn's spine.

Ashlynn let out another scream as the figure advanced forwards. “Get away from me!” she hurried back down the stairs, with no plan in her mind of where she was going to go next. All she knew was that she was utterly alone and that she might not be saved.

The next thing that happened was completely unexpected. Something grabbed her by the ankle and Ashlynn crashed down her head colliding with the hard marble floor below her.

Death gazed at the unconscious girl in front of him. Maybe she was to die a different death from her parents. It was not planned for her to die like this but it would be entertaining to watch. So be it. Ashlynn Semard this is how you die. 

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