Killing In Dreams

Ashlynn Semard wakes up every morning with blood on her hands. Literally. Every time she sleeps, she kills in her dreams. She tries to stay awake but her emerald eyes begin to droop. The pounding of a heart begins to start. And the Monster takes control. *24 hours City Of Bones Competition*


5. The Drumming

A drumming of what sounded like a heart began beating. White light illuminated Ashlynn’s dream which confused her. Her dreams were always dark and foreboding, summoning whatever evil shadows there were in the world. She glanced at her hand and saw that she was holding onto the silver dagger.  She let go off it like it was disease ridden and it fell with a clang on the white floor. Now this was odd. She usually had no control of her body every time she slept. Usually the Monster took over her; the Monster who lusted over killing and blood.

But this time, she was in control. She had the power. And no one else was in sight except for her. No bodies littered the streets and no person alive that she could kill was visible. A stabbing began in Ashlynn’s mind and she was forced to kneel down. Her screams echoed and rebounded off the lit dream world she was in but nobody at all could hear her scream. Painful memories began to occupy Ashlynn’s mind with every stab she suffered.

Stab. Her first ever kill.

Stab. The begging of the tortured victims pleading for their lives.

Stab. When she killed the demon with coal black eyes.

Stab. Her mum and dad with their wide eyes and slit throats.

Finally it ended and Ashlynn lay down on the floor sobbing her heart out. The silver dagger lay next to her gleaming, reflecting off the now dimming light. She mulled over what the demon said to her earlier and took a deep breath. 

“Pay for your crimes, Ashlynn Semard.”

She took the hilt of the dagger using both of her hands and placed it over her heart.

“Looks like I’ll be the one kicking Death’s butt after all.”

The drumming halts.


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