Killing In Dreams

Ashlynn Semard wakes up every morning with blood on her hands. Literally. Every time she sleeps, she kills in her dreams. She tries to stay awake but her emerald eyes begin to droop. The pounding of a heart begins to start. And the Monster takes control. *24 hours City Of Bones Competition*


1. Prologue

Generations ago the Semard Family was a purely respectable and wealthy family. They were in fact Wizards. It was perfectly fine to be a wizard in those days, even back then. However the Semards had a dark secret.

The youngest Semard brother was born with no magic. It had shocked the whole family yet he was treated no differently from his siblings so it became most outrageous when he was driven by jealously to turn to the Darkness and there he made an agreement with Death. In exchange for the power to use magic he was to sell his soul to Death. The youngest Semard brother eagerly accepted the offer and the deal was sealed.

He began using magic but not for the right reasons. His heart became selfish. His mind became wracked with greed. As for his soul, it was no longer there. He was thrown out of the Semard family in disgrace but he didn’t care anymore. He was with power.  He began killing his enemies while they slept but this did not go unnoticed. An Angel had observed the youngest Semard brother’s wrong doings and warned him: “If this does not stop now, there will be consequences!”

The youngest Semard brother was very stubborn and ignored the warning, continuing to kill his enemies in their sleep for ten years until the curse was lashed upon him: “You will witness the death of everyone you have ever loved and known. Not only that but you will be the one to kill them all. This will happen until you perish away and your bones turn into dust. Your children will suffer the same fate and this will continue to happen for generations on end.”  

Haunted by so many deaths of his loved ones in his dreams, the youngest Semard brother turned to Death for help. Instead of killing his loved ones Death replaced them with innocent strangers. This did not help at all as the youngest Semard brother was still disturbed by the screams of his victims until he became mad and senseless. Death could not do anything about his predicament since he was no match for the Angel’s powers. All he could do was to claim the youngest Semard brother’s life. He already had his soul, what’s wrong with taking his life?

Before he died, his wife left him and took his kids with her but they had his blood running through their veins and would endure the same burden he had gone through. 

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