Killing In Dreams

Ashlynn Semard wakes up every morning with blood on her hands. Literally. Every time she sleeps, she kills in her dreams. She tries to stay awake but her emerald eyes begin to droop. The pounding of a heart begins to start. And the Monster takes control. *24 hours City Of Bones Competition*


3. Pay for Your Crimes, Ashlynn Semard

It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t her fault she had a curse. It wasn’t her fault the killing had transformed her into a dangerous dark sorceress. London was busy as it always was – with business men hurrying to work, the beeping of car horns as traffic began to emerge, but Ashlynn knew a place where silence could be experienced.  Chucking her bag aside under a nearby tree, a sudden snap of a twig made Ashlynn aware of her surroundings and she whipped her head back to face a demon, baring its sharp knife like fangs. It had long talons, leathery wings, coal black eyes and-


Ashlynn was thrown out of balanced as the demon swung its scaly tail behind her knees bringing her down. Fortunately she rolled away just in time before it could tear her apart with its razor nails. She cursed under her breath as she dodged another strike of the demon’s tail.

Darn it Ashlynn. Use your stupid magic!

But to use it was risky. She would be drained of energy and then she would be prone to sleep again. Another killing would commence. On the other hand if she didn’t use her powers she would surely die. Right here, right now.  

No flipping way.

Jumping to her feet she flicked her hand at the bloodthirsty demon casting a bright green beam at it but it moved out the way and a tree was disintegrated in its place. Its coal black eyes flashed furiously, a bone rattling growl emitting from its throat.

“Pay for your crimes, Ashlynn Semard.” Ashlynn was taken aback; never in her whole life had a demon spoken to her. Still she remained calm and retorted back.

“The only sin I’ll be locked up for is for killing filth like you!” she aimed another beam at the demon which only caught its arm but it was enough to injure and draw blood.

“Have you no remorse for the slaughter of the innocent?”

“As if you’re the epitome of pure!”

“You know what I mean.” The demon smirked and Ashlynn felt an abrupt tug on her confidence rendering her to be distracted for a moment. She was brought down again by the demon but this time she had every intention of damning it back to the Darkness whence it came from.

“Go back to the underworld you filth and kick Death’s butt for me when you do!” Ashlynn then casted a bright sphere of emerald towards the demon and turned it to nothing but ashes.

Seizing her bag she scurried home wishing that she would not face another demon for she was terribly weakened by the use of magic. She didn’t care if people stared at her soiled clothes and dishevelled hair; all she wanted was to go home. 

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