Killing In Dreams

Ashlynn Semard wakes up every morning with blood on her hands. Literally. Every time she sleeps, she kills in her dreams. She tries to stay awake but her emerald eyes begin to droop. The pounding of a heart begins to start. And the Monster takes control. *24 hours City Of Bones Competition*


2. Covered in Sweat and Blood


The silver dagger fell from Ashlynn’s bloodied hand onto the beige coloured floor, leaving yet another blood stain that could never be erased. She tried to swallow the lump forming in her throat but nonetheless tears still ran down her cheeks, her eyes becoming rather bloodshot standing out alarming above a pair of purple bags. Her once luscious chocolate brown hair had now become stringy, cold slick sweat plastering it to her temples. Only one thing stayed the same; green emerald eyes remained luminous, glinting like stars in the midnight sky.

Ashlynn had slept again. Ashlynn had dreamt again. Ashlynn had killed again.

Ashlynn is special; special in a bad way. She is a dark witch though not by choice. She kills in her dreams though she does not intend to. She has killed approximately over 365 innocent people and counting. It is a curse that still hopes to be lifted. The Semard Curse passed down through the family. It starts on your sixteenth birthday and only ends when you die. It happens every night when you fall asleep. At first Ashlynn tried to stop killing but it was hopeless. She has no control whatsoever of the monster that takes over. She’d wake up in the morning with scarlet red sheets that were once white.  She didn’t know the people she had killed in her sleep. The only thing she knew of her victims were that they lived and now they’re dead.

Her parents said it that it would get easier as time went on however for Ashlynn it got even worse after every kill. No one else knew of her curse except for her mum and dad. The curse infected any living person with Semard blood in them. Ashlynn was no exception.

“Hey mum. I need to go out for a bit.” Ashlynn called out. “I just need to empty my head again.”

“Ashlynn dear, is it bothering you again?” her mum asked her, her voice laced with worry. Since Ashlynn had inherited the curse from her father’s side it was a wonder why she hadn’t left them as soon as she had found out about it. Magdalena Semard (previously Davies) had no Semard blood in her so she was not infected with the curse though she did worry for her only child and her husband, Ryan Semard.

“No mum. We’ve been through this before. I’ve got my phone if you want to check up on me.”

Magdalena sighed. “Fine. Just be careful okay? Demons can still try to harm you even with your dark powers.”

“Mum!” Ashlynn exclaimed, gritting her teeth. “It’s not my fault that’s I’m a dark witch okay?” And with that she slung her bag over her shoulder and stormed out the house, slamming the door behind her.

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