One girl moves from Brighton, UK to West Monroe, Louisiana. She meets a girl at the new school, Sadie Robertson, who shows her all about the south. They become best friends. So what happens when her best friend ever from Ireland show ups for a concert down in the sweet south? Kloe Maxwell might find out something she never realized!


2. We're So High!

Kloe's  P.O.V

I whipped my head around after about 30 minutes of looking at everything we were passing. We're here... I pop out of the cabbie and grabbed the carry-ons and my phone. I walked oh-so- slow towards the London Airport. We walked towards the metal detectors and the what I call "Purse Perv Station" and I set down my phone and any metal thing I had on me.


The guy that checks your person with the sticky thingy was giving me tude (attitude).  I tripped him with an old wrestling move I used a lot, he started trying to pick a fight with me so I messed with my tank top a little and he looked at it and then me, it, me, it, my face.


"OMG YOUR KLOE K.O.!", he screeched.


"Yeah, so you shouldn't mess with me! Look, I need to get on the plane now, bye twerp." I snap. I walk out of the detectors and grab all of our stuff, grabbing my phone I turn it on and see the long and meaningful text Niall sent me. Its quite sweet too, safe trip blah blah blah then an old memory occurs, the one where we are on my roof looking down, "We're so HIGH!" Niall shrieked!


I waltz onto the plane, take my seat and call Niall before I have to turn off my phone, he picked up first ring.


Niall: KLOE?


Kloe: Hey Niall gotta make this quick plane's starting soon


Niall: Okay Kloe, be safe call me all the time in USA!


Kloe: I will and remember... I will always love you no matter what happens


Niall: Oh really then maybe I should tell you...


Kloe: Niall planes starting I have to go!


Niall: But Kloe


Kloe: Bye Niall, see you in two summers, text you in USA!


Niall: But Klo... *Line goes Dead*


Niall's P.O.V

"But Klo....I never got say I love you." I put down the phone and the tears start rolling. I pick up my guitar and start my old lyrics, I was gonna sing to Kloe if we ever got to be a THING. But I guess not....  


"I'm just the Under Dog who NEVER got the girl I'm feeling so ashamed to tell it to the world oh and all those days and nights I tied to steal a kiss, all those sleepless nights and day dreams where I pictured this..." I run and punch the wall leaving a broken hand and a shredded heart oh and a hole in my wall.


I cry and I cry, " Kloe why did you have to leave?"


"But Niall its only two summers away I will always love you", I mimick her words, I know she doesn't mean what I mean by love, she means friends I mean more that friends. I guess I have to wait until she lands her flight.

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