One girl moves from Brighton, UK to West Monroe, Louisiana. She meets a girl at the new school, Sadie Robertson, who shows her all about the south. They become best friends. So what happens when her best friend ever from Ireland show ups for a concert down in the sweet south? Kloe Maxwell might find out something she never realized!


3. Sadie's House

Kloe's P.O.V.


I sat in my plane seat I had hung up with Niall the day before.  Once again I felt guilty.  He had always been there for her and now she had to keep leaving him.  It was 3:00AM and they were about to land.  My mum had surprisingly tried to give an apology speech but Kloe had cut her off.  Now her mum was staring at the TV screen at the front of the plane.  


"We will be landing in New Orleans Louisiana in approximately  5 minutes.  Please lift all trays up and put away all electronic devices.  We hope you had an enjoyable flight and thank you for choosing British Airlines,"  said their flight attendant into the over head speakers.  


I lifted up her my tray and started to all of the things up.  The rest of my stuff had been shipped as I said before, so my one bag was a carry-on.  I felt the plane land with a little bump, now they were pulling into the airport.  My mum and I got off the plane and walked out of the gate.  I looked around nobody here was familiar.  I wanted to go back so bad.


My mum led me through the airport and out the front door.  She had bought a car ahead of time and it was waiting in a designated area of the parking lot.  They both jumped in the car and started on the 4 hour and 30 minute drive to their new home.  I slept or pretended to sleep through most of it.


"We here Kloe," my mum said shaking me.  I faked a yawn and looked at our new house.  It was nothing compared to her old house, but it looked comfy.  The movers truck was supposed to arrive in 1 hour, so for now I didn't have anything to sleep on. I leaned against the wall and waited.  By the time the movers got here I was wide a wake and ready to explore.  


"Mum, I'm going out," I said to her.  I down the road and looked around there were a few little shops across the street.  One of them was frozen yogurt.  I've only had it once or twice back in the UK, so it was lucky I brought money.  A little bell rang when I opened the shops door.  The shop was very colorful and bright.  A bunch of small machines were in the wall on the opposite.  A unlimited topping bar was to my right and a few tables were in front of me.  A camera crew was surrounding a group of people.  You couldn't see them through all the people.  I walked around everyone to the machines and grabbed a medium cup.  I set my phone down on the side of the machine and started merrily filling my cup with strawberry yogurt.  I walked over to the topping bar and put on chocolate chips and almonds.  The yogurt cost 5.83 according to the cashier.  She smiled and handed me a purple spoon.  I walked over to an empty table and sat down.  I shoved the extra notes in my pocket and started eating.  A girl from the crowded table got up and walked over to the yogurt machines.  She was followed by a few of the camera people which left a gap in the tables view.  Three men with irregularly long beards were sitting down.  Two of them looked middle-aged the other one looked older.  The older one looked at me and his face lit up like a Christmas Tree.  


"Your Kloe KO, from Vietnam," he said in his husky voice.  He got up and started moving towards me.  I flinched that was the one thing I thought I could count on was nobody knowing me as Kloe KO.  The girl who if you made angry would send you to the ER.  The number one teenage boxer in the UK.  The only girl to KO out someone in under 30 seconds.  She was good at boxing.  It wasn't that American crappy fake boxing, it was real.  The fact that she was moving meant giving up boxing...for the most part.  


"Im from the UK," I said said putting my spoon on the table.  He sat down next to me in the neon purple chair.  


"Close enough," he said.  Instead of yogurt he had a cup of tea.  He was dressed in all camouflage and had a hat on.  "Don't ya know who I am?"


"No, should I know,?"I asked him.  There was an awkward moment where the camera crew moved toward us.  


"Hi, I'm Sadie Robertson, this is my Uncle Si," said the girl who had walked away from the table.  She was pretty  and had long brown hair.  She had a southern accent and it was quite distracting. 


"I'm Kloe," I said extending my hand.  She shook it and took a seat on the other side of me.  


"I see he's made quite the impression," said Said setting down her cup of yogurt.  The camera crew was focused on us, and the other two men were in deep conversation.  


"No no no," said Si he shook his head.  


"We need a shot of you and Si talking,"  said one of the people with a camera.  He moved forward and took a few snaps of Si and Sadie smiling.  I sat there wondering if I could make it to the door without being spotted.  


"Your'e new right,?" asked Sadie.  I nodded.  She smiled and looked around the shop.  Good, I wasn't the only one who felt awkward.  


"So, are you like famous," I asked.  I was lazily stirring my yogurt around.  


"Well, I guess you could say that.  My dad owns a big duck company and we have our own TV show called Duck Dynasty," she explained.  


"That's cool," I said smiling.  I tried to be nice and social. 


"Yeah, do you wanna come over," she asked.  


"Sure," I said, we stood up and threw our yogurt cups away.  I felt my pocket for my phone and realized it wasn't there.  I looked around and ran over to the topping bar.  Not there.  Yogurt machines?  There it was, behind the strawberry handle.  I grabbed it and walked over to the others. By the time I got back the camera crew and the other two men were standing.  I walked outside with Sadie and looked around for where there car could be.  


"It's the red jeep," pointed Sadie.  We headed over to it and jumped in the back.  The three bearded guys sat in the front and the camera crew got in a black car.  They revved the engine and backed out.  


"How's your house," I half-shouted over the wind. 


"Its...cozy," Sadie said to me.  We drove down many roads and pulled up to a large pair of black gates.  I was so distracted by the group of ducks waddling around I barely noticed the huge house.  By huge, I mean HUGE.  We went around the circular driveway and pulled up to the front door.  It was plain white with black window sills.  The property was beautiful the grass was green, and there were tons of flowers.  Everyone got out of the jeep and I followed speechless.  There were a few other cars parked in an open garage and a group of boys were playing football on the ginormous front lawn.  


"Cozy, huh," I asked looking around at Sadies house.  Who knows, Sadie and I may become best friends and share amazing memories here.  I sure do hope so.  

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