One girl moves from Brighton, UK to West Monroe, Louisiana. She meets a girl at the new school, Sadie Robertson, who shows her all about the south. They become best friends. So what happens when her best friend ever from Ireland show ups for a concert down in the sweet south? Kloe Maxwell might find out something she never realized!


5. FaceTime and Nando's

Niall's  P.O.V.


The next morning I wake up and get dressed at 5 A.M.  The boarding school isn't that far from home, so I run there and get some money.  My mum looks at me, I kiss her on the cheek and run out.  I stop for a few cabbies and cross the street.  The morning is just getting light and the wind is blowing.  A storm may be coming so I hurry to the store.  I buy an iPhone and quickly rush out of the store.  All of this running is really making me hungry so I run into Nando's and sit at a booth.


"I'll have a chicken breast fillet burger," I say to a nearby waitress she runs off to fulfill the order.  I turn on the phone and scroll through the pages.  I go to contacts and make sure all of mine got transferred.  Yes they did!  I click the little My Kloe KO<3 space and hit FaceTime.  It's going to be around 6 or 7 where she is so I hope she answers.  It rings and rings, I'm starting to give up hope when the screen goes black and connecting pops up.


"Niall," I hear Kloe's angelic voice.


"Kloe, is that you?," I say hopefully.


"Nialler," she says.  Her smiling face pops up on the screen.  I hope she got my text yesterday, the I'll never forget you one.


"Kloe, what's up,?" I ask. The waitress walks by and I take my food.


"What's up is that my babe got an Iphone," she smiles at me.  Her perfect teeth in a straight line.  I close my mouth, my crooked teeth making me self-conscious.


"Where are you," I ask.


"Oh, I'm at Sadie's house, I'm staying over tonight," she blushes slightly, she already made a new friend!


"Great," I say, but on the inside I'm all like ?!?!?!? John Luke lives there...not good!


"Today Sadie, John Luke, and I went to a theme park," she says.  I here something in the back ground.  I think its a voice.


"What's that,?" I ask. I almost stand up, but I remind myself I am not with her.


"Oh that's John Luke, he's trying to sneak up on me," she said looking around.  Arms close around her and she squeals.  I used to do that....


"Kloooeeeeeeeeeeeeee," John Luke screams.


"John Luke," she says fake angrily.  I cough loudly to get there attention.


"You must be Nialler," says John Luke.  He picks up the phone and holds me up.


"Niall," I say grimly.


"Nialler, don't act sad!  I have to go, we are about to go swimming," says Kloe.


"Wait Kloe," I say sadly.


"Ill call you back, I promise," she says.  Her face comes back on the screen and she kisses the camera.  I smile at her attempt to make me feel better.  It crushes my heart when she hangs up though.  I put the phone down and start eating.  I will win Kloe back.  Maybe I'll win the X-factor and shell fall madly in love with me.  Because then we could be together and this John Luke thing won't be a problem. I sit back in my chair wishing this year will run by faster.

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