One girl moves from Brighton, UK to West Monroe, Louisiana. She meets a girl at the new school, Sadie Robertson, who shows her all about the south. They become best friends. So what happens when her best friend ever from Ireland show ups for a concert down in the sweet south? Kloe Maxwell might find out something she never realized!


1. Why do I have to go?

Kloe's P.O.V 


I have been sitting under the shower water for 35 minutes.  Normally my showers would be around 10 minutes, but in this case I've been stalling.  3 months ago my parents go a divorce and recently my mom moved to Louisiana and got custody to me.  Truthfully I didn't want to go at all.  So here I was now sitting in the shower trying to miss my 8:00 AM flight to from Brighton UK to West Monroe Louisiana.  My mother slammed on the door for the 5th time.  I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me.  


"Kloe what are you doing,"  asked my mother.  She was carrying her bags downstairs to the cabbie that would take us to the airport.  


"Trying not to leave the best home I have ever had," I said walking into my room.  I slammed the door angrily.  I could hear her sighing behind me.  In some ways I felt bad for her, in others she made me angry.  


I put on my clothes I had laid out last night.  It was a pink tank top from on of the competitions I was in.  It read 2007-2008 EUC champion Kloe KO champion on the back.  I slipped into light wash jeans and pulled on my raspberry kicks.  I looked around my vacant room.  All of my things had been shipped off to West Monroe.  The only bag that remained was full of clothes and a few things like my phone and toothbrush.  I left quickly avoiding any unnecessary tears.  


I stomped down the stairs and got a little bit happier.  There was my best-friend talking to my mom.  Niall Horan.  I ran across the room and gave him a hug. 


"You okay Kloe," he asked in his thick Irish Accent.  I took a step back and looked at him with a face.  "That's a no," he said smiling.   I tried my best to stop from grinning, his smile was contagious.  


"It's time to go Kloe," my mom said rushing out the front door.  


"Mom," I said.  She walked back in and looked at me.  


"I dont want to go," I said.  For the first time in a long time tears sprang to my eyes.  Niall brought me into to a hug.  I wiped my tears away and looked back at my mom.  


"Im sorry love, we don't have a choice.  I already enrolled you into school," she said beckoning me towards her.  I stalked past her and out the front door.


"Bye Niall," I said.   I threw my bag into the backseat of the cabbie and got in the door.  My mom got in the front and we started driving away.  My throat had a huge lump in it and i was shaking.  


I turned around in the seat and looked back at my old house.  Niall was standing outside looking at the back of the cabbie.  His face dropped and when it looked back up he had a tear rolling down his face.  I felt incredibly guilty all of a sudden.  I promised myself I would text him when I got to Louisiana.  


Niall's P.O.V.


This morning I woke up extra early and came to Kloe's house extra early.  I waited for her downstairs and all I got was 2 hugs and a goodbye.  I'm standing outside her house now watching her leave.  I wish she wouldn't leave.  I've known her for around 12 years.  I fell in love with her over all this time.  I've been to shy to tell her though.  She was beautiful and she might say she's out of my league.  Her long dirty blondish brown, and her blue eyes with green edges made her very attractive.  She was also very supportive and talented.  She encouraged me to do anything I wanted and loved to hear me sing.  She was a Champion Boxer and I came to all of her matches.  We had always been there for each other.  Her moving was like I had been struck by lightning.  She was like a piece of me being torn away.  I would see her in 2 summers, but she would probably have a hot american boyfriend.  I turned around and walked back towards my house, sadly walking.  




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