The Allegiant

Have you ever had a dream that haunts you in your sleep? That doesn’t make any sense, but is terrifying anyway? That you can never forget and that you’ve never told anyone about?
And what if you found out this dream was real . . .

Macey Jackson is an average American girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. Macey was adopted at birth, she just doesn’t know it yet, she has a secret past that’s been hidden from her full of danger, myth and magic.
And she’s not alone.
Macey along with five others are the Allegiant.
And they’re about to find out what that means.


6. Sydney

  Sydney woke up in a daze. He struggled to his feet, wrestling out of the blankets and stumbled into his bathroom, making a lot more noise than he tried to. His stomach heaved and he suspected the knots in it probably wouldn’t relax all day. He filled the sink with cold water and stuck his head under hoping to clear his head. That dream, that bloody dream! He pulled a towel off the radiator and dried his face and his hair.

  “Stupid dream,” he cursed under his breath, feeling his knees buckle. Sydney sighed exasperated and walked back into his room, dropped the towel on the bed. He walked over to the window and threw back the curtains, half expecting to see the old lady standing there staring up at his window. The witch, as he’d started calling her years ago. But Sydney was relieved to see an empty street. He opened the window to let air into the room and sat on the ledge for a few minutes, he was still coated with sweat and his temperature dropped quickly the cold breeze was welcome against his burning skin.

  Sydney had had that dream so much lately it was making him crazy. He sat and thought about his real parents, who they might have been. And why the woman in his dream knew about them. What would Freud say he pondered mimicking his psychology teacher, he has unresolved childhood problems? Unconscious fears of creepy witches? Abandonment issues? Freud would probably have a field day with him. Or at least a psychologists, but he’d remained tight lipped about the dream for as long as he could remember, like an unspoken pack.

  “Sydney,” his foster mum shouted from downstairs, making him jump almost out of the window but he shot back a few inches just in time.

  “What?” he replied, his heart pounding as he looked at the pavement below him.

  “Erm, I don’t know, how about school?” she said sarcastically. “Come on, you’re going to be late!” He dragged himself away from the window and closed it behind him. He pulled on a jacket, and found some jeans in his wardrobe. He wondered downstairs and tripped at the bottom.

  “Whoa,” he shouted and the next thing he was lying in an open suitcase.

  “Sydney! Are you okay?” his mum asked pulling him out of the luggage.

  “Did you ever think the bottom of the stairs wasn’t such a great place for a suitcase?”

  “I guess it was a bad place, but I didn’t figure you’d be so careless as to fall over it.”

  “More like in it.”

  “Oh well, no harm no foul.”

  “Yeah well tell no harm to my butt, I landed on your hairdryer.”

  “Sorry but I was packing.”

  “Whatever,” he grumbled. She was going to Australia for two weeks with her boyfriend. He had to stay here with her sister until she was back. 

  “I’m going to miss you, you know,” she grumbled pulling him into a hug. The two of them had always been really close, she felt more like a sister than a mum.

  “Then why can‘t I come too?” he asked miserably.

  “Because …” she said.

  “Because your idiot boyfriend doesn’t like me?”

  “It’s not that he doesn’t like you, it’s that he doesn’t like the fact you’re my son.”

  “Foster son.”

  “Exactly, and unless you want to get back in that suitcase and hide, you have to stay here.”

  “Fine,” he trudged into the kitchen and smelt burnt toast. “Cindy, you left your toast in too long.”

  “Shoot! Get it out quick.”

  “I got it.” He pulled the toast out and turned to toss it in the bin, it started burning his fingers and when he stepped forward, he was instantly at the bin. He jumped back and dropped the toast. What just happened? He was just at the other end of the room.

  “Pick that up.” Cindy said, when she followed him in. “Wait, are you okay?”

  “Fine,” he lied picking up the toast and throwing it in the bin.

  “Okay then. Help me pack?” she asked.

  “Sure,” he agreed. He helped her find the last bits to pack and as he was coming down the stairs the doorbell rang.

  “Sydney get that,” she called from the bathroom. He stepped forward on to the top step of the stairs and ended up at the bottom.

  “Whoa,” he yelled. The bell rung again and he answered it letting Cindy’s impatient boyfriend in, in no less than shock.

  “Cindy I’m going to school. Have fun in Australia!” He shouted and ran out of the door, past her idiot boyfriend’s moans.

  Sydney arrived at school way too early and made his way in to the empty building, trying to hide the fact he had just had the weirdest morning of his life. He made his way to class and tried to stay out of everyone’s way, trying not to move faster then he needed to in case he ended up skipping a few steps. Sydney sat in his usual seat and kept his head down. What the hell had gotten into him? he thought. As if any of that shit actually happened. He must be tired from the dream, or just delusional.

  When Sydney got out of maths, the most mind-numbing hour of his life, he marched down the corridor, desperate to get this day over with. Cindy would be on a plane by now so maybe he should just go home, sleep off his crazy morning, preferably with no dreams this time. The dream eating at him, and he couldn’t shake the horrible feeling in his gut, like the worse wasn’t over yet. If something was going to happen, he would much rather be at home than in class. Deciding it was best to bunk, he put his foot on the top step of the stairs and found himself at the bottom - again.

  “Whoa Sydney how did you get down there so fast?” one of his friends asked coming through the door at the top. “I was just behind you.” Sydney stared up at her shocked, he was lost for words.

  “Are you okay?” she asked, more hesitantly this time. “You look weird.” He didn’t know what to say, she stared at him wearily and a crowd gathered behind her.

  It only took him a second to decide before he ran around the corner and burst out through the emergency exit door needing to get away. He sprinted through the yard and barely a second later he was standing outside of the school. It happened again! What the fuck – this isn’t happening. He heard someone shout, and looked around. There was a group of kids coming towards him, evidently having just seen him appear out of nowhere. “Oh shit!” he cursed and ran again no knowing how he would explain what had just happened. He’d just ran out of the school gates when he ran head first into his front door.

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