The Allegiant

Have you ever had a dream that haunts you in your sleep? That doesn’t make any sense, but is terrifying anyway? That you can never forget and that you’ve never told anyone about?
And what if you found out this dream was real . . .

Macey Jackson is an average American girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. Macey was adopted at birth, she just doesn’t know it yet, she has a secret past that’s been hidden from her full of danger, myth and magic.
And she’s not alone.
Macey along with five others are the Allegiant.
And they’re about to find out what that means.


2. Robin

  Robin jolted awake with a yelp. His eyes shot wide open and his heartbeat slowed gradually as he took in the familiar and not so terrifying surroundings of his room.

  He shot out of bed and went straight into the bathroom to splash his face with cold water. He had to shake that dream. It felt real. It scared the hell out of him. He was so ashamed of being scared, but it got to him every time. And this time it had been worse. He’d heard a girl screaming.

  That’s what woke him up, a heart shattering cry. A girl desperately screaming for help – his help. It sent shivers down his spine just remembering it. Remembering the need to help her and not being able to. Whoever she was . . .

  He clutched the sink until his knuckles went white and need to vomit subsided. Then he sat down on the edge of the bath with his bare back against the tiled wall and tried to calm down. When he decided it was a complete waste of time he went back to his room and got dressed.

  He felt dazed and he headed downstairs and dropped down on the couch.

  “What’s up Robin?” his foster mum asked. Robin had been adopted at birth, he had no idea who his real parents were, but they were dead he knew that much. He’d never known them, so these parents were the only family he had.

  “I don’t feel too good,” he admitted.

  “Ah sweetie,” she cooed, putting her hand on his forehead. “You don’t feel hot, but do you want me to take you to the doctors?”

  “I’ll be fine,” he assured her taking her hand off his head. He hated the doctors, almost as bad as his dog hated the vets. No way was he going there, he felt bad enough already.

  “You sure? You look pale.” She persisted.

  “I’ll be fine, promise.” He stood up and hurried to the kitchen, wanting to get off that subject.

  Tommie was lying on the kitchen floor and he almost tripped over him. “Hey boy,” he said, holding his hand out, “hey Tommie.” Tommie was his dog, Robin had had him for years. He was a golden retriever and a big softy, Robin was a huge animal lover and he always had been, but he’d only ever been allowed Tommie as a pet.

  Robin went to stroke him behind the ears but jumped back as Tommie barked at him.

  “What’s up boy?” Robin asked but he just started barking louder and jumping around, baring his teeth and scratching the tiles with his claws.

  “Whoa!” Robin shouted backing away.

  He’d never seen him act like that before. In his confusion Robin didn’t have time to get out of the way before Tommie lunged at him. The dog hit him hard and knocked him off his feet. Tommie landed on top of him and started scratching and biting at him viciously, his barks shattering his ear drums.

  “What are you doing? Get off me! Tommie stop!” Robin yelled desperately trying to shake him off but he was too heavy and his claws were deep in his flesh. He heard his mum scream from the next room but no help came. Tommie’s claws ripped at his neck, this dog was trying to kill him! Robin stuck out his hands trying to get hold of the dog, but it was hopeless. Tommie was tearing him apart, claws and teeth tearing his shirt and ripped his skin.

  “Help! Help me!” he shouted, crying out from the pain. “The dog’s gone crazy!” Robin felt Tommie’s claw rip open his skin and hot blood covered his chest instantly.

  Robin saw his foster dad run in the room. “Robin!” He shouted and ran over to them. He pulled Tommie off him, wrestling and struggling with the dog before he managed to throw him out into the backyard. Tommie started barking and clawing at the door trying desperately to get back in to finish off killing him.

  “What the hell was that about?” Robin shouted struggling to stand up. His mum came and pulled him to his feet.

  “Are you okay?” his dad asked, locking the backdoor.

  “I don’t know! What the hell is wrong with that dog?” Tommie was still barking loudly outside. Robin didn’t think the door could hold much longer.

  “I don’t know.” His mum looked terrified. “Oh my God your neck!” she gasped covering her mouth with her hands.

  “What, is it bad?” he asked, afraid of the answer.

  “You’re scratched to hell. How does it feel?” his dad asked, looking shaken. Robin noticed he had some scratches on him too.

  “Sore,” Robin shuddered, feeling the pain hit him. He felt like he’d been through a cheese grater. His skin was red raw all over and he could feel his blood hot and sticky running down his chest.

  “Take your shirt off.” Robin pulled his t-shirt off and saw that it was ripped to shreds, Tommie had completely destroyed it. He had scratches all over his chest and a huge gash going from his neck all the way down his stomach. His mum handed him a wet towel and he wiped off the blood.

  “Are you sure you’re okay?” She looked ready to cry and jumped every time the dog barked from outside, which was a lot.

  “I gotta get to school.” Robin decided, darting out of the room and running up the stairs, taking them three at a time.

  “No way young man, go and sit down. You’re going to the hospital.” She insisted, shouting after him.

  “I’ll go later.” He called to her. “I need to get away from that dog.” Robin was shaken and confused, feeling sick from shock and raw all over his body from the scratches and cuts. Robin ran into his room and pulled out a clean t-shirt then straight out the door before anyone could try to stop him.

  Robin had got part way to school when he started to really feel the wound. It was catching his shirt and bleeding again. He was exhausted and shaken from the fact that he’d been attacked by his own dog. His head was aching and he thought he was going to be sick. He couldn’t walk ten paces before a dog would bark at him from behind a garden fence or a cat would hiss from a garage roof, making him jump. A man walking his dog on the other side of the street nearly lost control of his rottweiler and Robin had to run before he really was mauled to death.  

  It wasn’t long before Robin realized he was fighting a losing battle, so he turned to head home. He hadn’t grabbed his backpack for school either, so he couldn’t even go there.

  On his way home Robin walked past the pet shop where he worked and the strangest thing happened; all the animals went crazy. The dogs started barked insanely, cats were hissing and clawing their cages, the rabbits and guinea pigs started running around their cages madly. Even the hamster in the window started going around and around his wheel like he was on steroids. Animals were braking out and running around the store destroying every thing in sight. The customers in the pet shop ran out in fear and none of the staff could control the animals. Robin stared in fear. Then did the natural thing; he ran.

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