The Allegiant

Have you ever had a dream that haunts you in your sleep? That doesn’t make any sense, but is terrifying anyway? That you can never forget and that you’ve never told anyone about?
And what if you found out this dream was real . . .

Macey Jackson is an average American girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. Macey was adopted at birth, she just doesn’t know it yet, she has a secret past that’s been hidden from her full of danger, myth and magic.
And she’s not alone.
Macey along with five others are the Allegiant.
And they’re about to find out what that means.


1. Macey

  It was the dead of night and bitter cold. The strong wind was cutting at her skin as Macey wondered lonely streets she didn’t recognize. She looked around at her strange surroundings, dark and empty houses loomed over her looking abnormally tall and sinister, dwarfing her in comparison. Behind the cracked windows she could swear she could see shadows moving behind the jagged shards of glass. Macey gasped and froze as a door close by slammed shut in the wind, deafeningly loud, she could almost hear the wood splintering.

  Macey couldn’t remember how she’d got there, she had no idea what she was doing or why. She couldn’t remember waking up, but her legs were numb with cold and aching from use, she felt like she’d been walking for hours.

  Macey carried on walking through the bizarre landscape and suddenly realized she’d left civilization behind completely. All that was around was a dense, dark forest, stretching as far as she could see. The emptiness was suffocating like the eye of a storm and she began to panic, feeling lost and confused, becoming more aware of her creepy surroundings and seeing no way out. She spun around in the middle of the road, but there was no one around. The road was deserted, not even the slightest sight or sound of humanity, and not a car in sight. She couldn’t remember how she’d got there, she had no idea where she was, the wind was whistling though the tress like whispers calling to her. She could hear her name over and over. Her heart pounded and she wanted to scream but was afraid of what might hear her. Fear began eating at her and she was suddenly terrified and alone but she could sense something near closing in on her. Feeling fear crushing down on her she ran.

  As soon as she moved sheets of rain came crashing down on her, making it impossible to see more than a few metres in front of her, the sound of the rain hitting the ground beneath her was like ricocheting gunshots. Macey was soaked instantly and was shaking from the cold and from fear. Blind and scared she kept on running, with her hair plastered to her face and her clothes sticking to her. She splashed through puddles desperately trying to escape the unknown. Macey looked around frantically, feeling the presence getting closer, stalking her.  

  Suddenly Macey found herself close to a field and ran towards it hoping to find something, although she couldn’t remember what. The familiar-ness was daunting but she felt like she had no other choice. She clambered over the fence surrounding it and landed on her hands and knees on the burnt out field. She stood and saw that the fog was up to her knees and trees rustling in the icy breeze.

  Macey felt worse, exposed and alone, a sickening sense of da-ja-vu came over her, and she felt she might collapse. Macey saw a house in the distance, through the thick layer of fog that was wrapping itself around her. She could almost feel it pulling at her clothes and a shiver ran up her spine. Macey could feel water seeping into her shoes and trying to fight the dark feeling that came over her, she stayed frozen in place. But she found it was impossible to stay still as the wind whipped all around her, whipping her dripping hair in her face. Macey pulled her hood over her head and was forced forward by the intensely strong wind. There was no light but she could still see, the sky was black and the moon was completely covered by a dark cloud.

  Macey could tell there was nothing but danger and terror inside the mansion and she tried to walk away, desperately wanting to get home. But her legs wouldn’t obey, it seemed as much as she tried to stay away from it and find a way home, she couldn’t. It was drawing her in slowly. Thoughts came rushing back to her and suddenly she knew what was going to happen next.

  Screaming she desperately tried to break free, feeling herself crashing through the winds grip she sprinted away. She’d only made it a few steps before the muddy field seemed to rise up around her and her legs were engulfed as if she was in quicksand. Trapped she screamed and made a desperate effort to break free of the grip, she found herself falling to the ground in the mud.

  Macey could feel someone standing above her, forcing her up. A blinding light burst above them and Macey shrieked as the light came down on them, she could see the fork of lightening in the black starless sky. She tried to shield her eyes from the light but she couldn’t move. She was lying on the floor motionless, trapped inside her own mind.

  The light cleared and she found herself inside the mansion. She was lying on cold, hard concrete floor still soaking wet and covered in mud. Macey could hear voices talking to her, cruelly and harshly. She looked up and found a menacing old woman with long unruly, silver hair, wrinkled skin and a raspy voice, hissing at her. Screaming vicious lies, that burned into Macey. Her nails on a chalk board voice screeched and shrieked that Macey could never leave, she was a prisoner. Macey heard the lies of the deaths of her parents and friends, so even if she ran away she didn‘t have a life to go back to. There was no choice, Macey was trapped.

  Macey was covering in the corner close to the wall but she felt herself get hauled up from the dirty concrete slabs underneath her lifeless body by long bony fingers that were biting into her skin so hard she could feel the trickle of blood. Macey could feel herself being dragged further and further away from humanity.

  Time seemed to escape her then and Macey was thrown painfully onto the hard and rough stone floor of a cell and locked up. Macey was abandoned while her world dissolved around her. The lies consume her as she banged desperately on the door of the cell, screaming to be let go. Voices echoed in her mind telling her she’s different from others, that she’s a danger and stripped of her identity.

  Fatal attempts to escape are all she can do despite the warnings. But something always stopped her.   


  Macey woke up with a start. She was in bed with the covers torn off and laying in a cold sweat, her heart pounded and she gasped for breath. She’d had that dream again. The one she’d been having for as long as she could remember. She’d been having it more and more lately. And it seemed to get worse every time. She could almost feel the cold air and the fear was so real.

  Macey woke up at that point every time, whatever stopped her scared her so much it usual left her screaming. She wiped the sweat off her face and ran her finger through her hair before climbing out of bed. Her legs were shaking slightly as she made her way to the bathroom. Luckily she hadn’t screamed this time so her parents were still asleep.

  Macey hated that dream. It felt so real. She was always terrified and shaken up for days whenever she had it. Macey ran her hands over her arms and noticed she had goose bumps all over her body.

  It was still early, only about three in the morning. But Macey knew that there was no way she would be able to get back to sleep now. So after washing her face and running a comb through the knots in her hair she snuck downstairs and turned the TV on low. Almost having a heart attack as the floor boards creaked under her weight.

  She tried to watch to forget about the dream but it was all she could think about. Didn’t all dreams mean something? What the hell did that one mean? She remembered her psychology teacher saying that all dreams were your fears, desires or memories. But she just couldn’t figure it out, but she was adamant that it meant something.

  Macey tried to stay awake but kept dosing off to sleep again and every time she woke up again she was thinking about a puppy.

  “Macey what are doing up?” A voice asked loudly behind her. Macey screamed. “What, what?!” her mum asked startled.

  “Nothing. You scared me,” Macey panted, embarrassed. “Don‘t sneak up on me.”

  “Okay, I’m sorry. What are you doing up?”

  “Bad dream.” Her mum didn’t know about her dream, no one did. She’d never told anyone, they’d think she was crazy, or tell her to see a shrink. So how does that make you feel? No way was she going to go through that.

  “Okay, but Macey you’re sixteen, aren’t you a bit old for bad dreams?” Her mum had her hands on her hips like she done something wrong. Her tone was her same condescending tone that Macey had grown to hate. She clenched her jaw and didn’t bother answering. “Are you alright now?”

  “Yeah I’m fine now.” She grumbled, ignoring the first part.

  “Get dressed or you’ll be late for school.” She groaned, crossing her arms over her chest.

  Macey back trudged upstairs, feeling invisible. This was definitely a bad start to the day. God that women got on her nerves, Macey fumed.  

  Macey drifted into her room barely registering what she was doing, she was that exhausted. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled on a worn pair of jeans and one of her boyfriend’s t-shirts that were piled at the bottom of her tousled bed. There she was ready for school. She grabbed her backpack and sneakers and headed back into the bathroom.

  She could have died seeing her reflection. I see we’re rocking the disheveled look today. She attacked her hair with her brush and straighteners before attempting to mask her tired eyes and pale compaction with her makeup kit, which she dumped into her bag as well. She had a feeling she’d need that today.

  She headed back downstairs and found her mum in the kitchen making breakfast. “There I’m ready.”

  “Good. And enough with the attitude, if you‘re going to be like that then you can forget going out with Luke on Friday.”

  “Sorry I’m just tired. I’ll be perfectly fine for Friday,” Macey protested sourly.

  “Watch it,” her mum warned pointing a spoon at her. Macey shut up after that. Luke was too great to throw away on arguing with her.

  Macey dropped her bag on the kitchen floor and sat down at the table. She couldn’t shake the dream, she kept thinking it over and over in her head, it felt like months had past but she was still stuck in this week, she knew it would drag now. And what was with the puppy she kept seeing? She felt like she recognised it some how. But that was impossible, right?

  “Macey, breakfast!” her mum shouted. Wait shouted?

  “Mum? I’m sitting right here, what are you shouting for?” Her mum shot around and looked at her startled.

  “How did you get there so fast?” her mum asked.

  “I was here the whole time.”

  “Not unless you we’re invisible you weren‘t. Now eat your breakfast.” She turned around again, shaking her head and muttering something about teenagers.

  Macey took the plate from her mum and ate fast. She was eager to get going, how bad could this morning get? First she had that stupid nightmare again, and then her mum is being her usual good for nothing self. Macey snatched for her bag and her hand seemed to go right through it, she gasped and stared at the hand.

  “What is wrong with you this morning?” her mum snapped.

  “I wish I knew,” Macey muttered, continuing to stare at her hand like she’d never seen it before. “I gotta go,” she reached for her bag slowly and made sure she had hold of it, then ran out of the door slamming it shut behind her.

  Macey jogged to school when she realized she was late and when she got there out of breath and just on time. The bell rung as soon as she got into the yard and he janitor was closing the gates as she got there but she managed to slip past him without him seeing her.

  Macey had to race to class and was glad to see the teacher hadn’t arrived yet, she could not deal with getting in trouble for being late today. She slipped in to the classroom unnoticed by her rambling peers and sat at the back of the classroom away from everyone else. She dropped down in the seat and rested her head on the desk. People hardly noticed her all lesson and today that was fine by her.

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