The Allegiant

Have you ever had a dream that haunts you in your sleep? That doesn’t make any sense, but is terrifying anyway? That you can never forget and that you’ve never told anyone about?
And what if you found out this dream was real . . .

Macey Jackson is an average American girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. Macey was adopted at birth, she just doesn’t know it yet, she has a secret past that’s been hidden from her full of danger, myth and magic.
And she’s not alone.
Macey along with five others are the Allegiant.
And they’re about to find out what that means.


3. Jesse

  Jesse woke up and yelled out as he crashed to the ground. He hit it hard, panting and shaken, his head aching instantly.

  That stupid dream! Why did he keep having it? His parents were dead sure, but why was he haunted by a stupid dream with a creepy woman, who said she knew about who his parents were?     

  He stood up and kicked the bed he’d just fell out of then marched down the stairs, angry that a dream could scare him so much. He stole one of Gary’s beers out of the fridge and was about to go and get changed when his little sister walked in.

  “I heard you scream, did you have a nightmare, Jett?” she mocked. Jett was his surname. She always called him that, just to make him feel even less part of the family.

  “I fell out of bed. And the only nightmares I have are of you.” He answered sharply. She looked hurt but he just marched around her.

  “You’re the worse big brother ever!” she shouted.

  “I’m not you’re brother!” he shouted back. “I could never be related to such a little brat like you!” Donor was his foster sister. He’d been adopted when he was still a baby and had ended up with the worse foster family ever.   

  His dad was an idiot drunk who had zero brain cells and no job. His mum worked at a pub and spent all her time off work there anyway. His sister was a brat who needed a punch in the face, she had greasy hair and the three of them were as ugly as hell. He hated them and would be glad to leave them any day. They didn’t care what he did. They didn’t care about him at all. They got money from some fund for looking after him that’s all they cared about.

  “I’m telling Dad you stole his beer!” she shouted after him.

  “I’m sixteen I can drink beer if I want too!” He ran upstairs and dug through a pile of clothes in the corner of his room and grabbed his worn out leather jacket off the floor. He’d never wanted to go to school more than he did now, just to get away from them.

  He went into the bathroom and washed his face with cold water before heading back downstairs.

  He grabbed his bag and was about to open the front door when Donor shouted. “Good riddance, I hate you, no wonder your parents abandoned you!”

  Jesse stopped, anger building up inside him and threw his bag at her and yelled, “What did you say!”

  She jumped as it hit her and she stared at him in shock. “I didn’t say anything you psycho!”

  “Oh really!” he stormed over to her. “You’re pathetic you know that? My parents didn’t abandon me! They’re dead!”

  “What? How did you know that . . .?” she looked freaked out.

  “What are you talking about? You screamed it across the damn room!” he screamed furiously.

  “No I didn’t. I thought it but I never said it!” she looked at him terrified, her eyes were wide and backed away from him.

  “You’re crazy,” he shouted. What did she expect him to believe he could read minds or something?

  “What’s going on?” Gary, his foster dad asked lumbering down the stairs with a beer can in his hand.

  “Jesse’s freaking me out!” she screamed running to stand behind him.

  “You little liar, she was talking crap about my parents!”

  “You ain’t got no parents, kid,” he slurred, drunk out of his mind.

  “Yeah,” Jesse shouted. “No kidding!”

  “That’s why you here, not to be shouting you‘re mouth off to me.”

  Jesse turned couldn’t take listening to that arsehole so ran out the door, slamming it hard behind him. And he had no intention of ever going back.  


  Jesse ran down the street and he wasn’t going back. He was never going back to that crazy family again. He was done with them. Forever. It was almost a shock to him that had hadn’t done this years ago. He’d run away a few times but the cops always caught him and brought him back.

  Jesse ran to a field not far from the house where he and his friend had lit a bomb fire once. He collapsed on the grass and tried to think, ramming the heels of his palms into his eyes. But all’s that came was the memory of the last time he was here. He’d been arrested, and instead of being scared, he was happy. He thought he was finally going to be sent away from this family. Jesse thought he was getting out, but he was wrong. He’d got stuck with them again. He thought he’d never be able to get away from them.

  Jesse’d made his mind up; he was on his own now, a run away, independent, alone. Maybe that’s where he belonged. He didn’t know where to go. Not school. That would be the first place they’d look for him. He didn’t have any other family. No friends he trusted enough. He was on his own. Like always. His head was spinning! It was like people were all screaming in his head.

  He stood up and did the last thing he thought he’d do. Jesse started making his way back through the crowded streets, it was a noisy morning. Everyone seemed to be talking loudly. Jesse felt like the whole world was suddenly screaming at him. Everyone who past him now had something to say. Every nervous glance, intimidating stare, was now accompanied with their thoughts of him.

  Jesse stared at the floor trying to block out unnerving voices. He didn’t want to see the faces that were anxious when he past. He realised he must look crazy, rough. Hands stuffed in his pockets, head down, shoulders hunched, hair untidy and huge bags under his eyes. He had to find somewhere to be alone away from the disapproving glances all around him, who he knew could see the morning’s events all over his face.  

  He went back to the house.

  Jesse snuck in the front door as quietly as he could. If he was right Donor would have gone to school and Gary would have gone to back to bed, cuddling a beer can.

  Jesse went into the kitchen dumped the contents of his backpack, that was still where he’d thrown it, on the floor and filled it with most of the food out of the fridge, including Gary’s beer. Then he raided the cupboards and the pantry too, making sure to keep the noise down. He jogged up the stairs and into his room and he grabbed all the clothes out of his wardrobe and draws and all the rest of his stuff out of the bathroom and dumped them on his bed. Then creeping down the corridor he pulled his suitcase out of the cupboard and wheeled it past Gary’s room, where he could hear the drunk snoring heavily.

  Back in his room Jesse pulled down all his posters and threw them in the bottom of the suitcase. Then he pushed off all the stuff from his bed into the case that was on the floor before zipping it up.

  After crashing and cursing down the staircase carrying the case and trying impossibly to keep the noise down, there was one more thing he had to do. Dropping everything he ran back upstairs for the final time. The door of Gary’s room was closed and Jesse pushed it open slowly. Gary was lying in bed surrounded by beer cans and a half eaten pizza that was on the floor next to it.    

  Disgusted by the sleeping heap Jesse went to his draws and tore through the contents, until he found a stash of money in the corner. Pleased he took the lot and slipped back out the room again. He went back downstairs and stole Gary’s car keys off the kitchen table. Then found a piece of paper and scribbled a note:


Promise not to wreck your car too bad. Jett.

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