Parent Trap

So this is my first story so sorry if I screw up on it and I am copying the movie but ive tweaked it. So I hope you enjoy it!
What happens when your daughters find out they're sisters and decide to switch places? Where you have to meet your past, and all the memories that you've missed. Well this is my story. Hi my name is Morgan Matreci and I am the parent of Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci, also former girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction.



Lenice's pov Three hours and twenty minutes later...WE FINALLY MADE IT TO CAMP! "WE'RE HERE!!!!!" I laughed as my new friend Lizzy yelled while bouncing up and down as began parking. "YAY!! I hope we are cabin buddies! We'll be having a blast!" I said standing up and looking out the window to see the beautiful scenery. "Me too, do you really like me? Like as a friend?" I turned to look at her with a "well ya!" look. "Why would you ask someting like that? Your awesme! Your he first person to talk to me and comfort me." I then grabbed her and gave her the BIGGEST hug ever, just like my mom does. "Lenice, your awesome! Thank you for being my friend." "No problem I love hanging out with you and I think this camp is going to be AMAZING!''  we smiled then got off the bus to go to the BAGAGE PILE OF DOOM! As Lizzy says, hehe I love this girl! My mom and friends say I can make a person smile by my attitude. Okay, well mostly mom but I love her. "LENICE MATRECI?!" the camp leader called my name, "RIGHT HERE!" I stood on the bench to see her "YOUR WITH LIZZY JONES AND KELLY RENELDS!" I think I jumped 3 feet off the ground once I heard the names "YES!!!!!!!" I screamed the hugged Lizzy, then Kelly came up and joined the hug. BEEP BEEP! "Woah, who is that?" All of the sudden this limo pulls up and out comes a girl about my age. "I guess the Queen of England is here." We laughed then heaed for our cabins. This is gonna be an AWESOME SAUCE CAMP!!!

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