Parent Trap

So this is my first story so sorry if I screw up on it and I am copying the movie but ive tweaked it. So I hope you enjoy it!
What happens when your daughters find out they're sisters and decide to switch places? Where you have to meet your past, and all the memories that you've missed. Well this is my story. Hi my name is Morgan Matreci and I am the parent of Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci, also former girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction.


2. Packing For Camp! Part 2

Darcy's pov "DAD!!! WHERE'S MY-" "Your cards are in your bag, and you don"t have to shout. I'm right here." my father who happens to swoon girls at the sight of him said while handing me my last bag. I must admit my dad was very handsome, no lie abot that. Now I see where I get my good looks from...just kitten....but I've always wondered what and who my mum looked like. "Okay darling, this is it. You'll be taken away from me for 2 weeks." "Dad for the 50 millionth time it's EIGHT weeks! I'll be fine." I said to my dad who's obviously crazed abot his own daughter being half way across the world without him. I travel with my dad and his band, so I've to America a lot of times. And did I metion my four awesome/crazy uncles? Yeah I'm the daughter of Harry Styles, crazy right? I enjoy time with my dad and I LOVE traveling around the world and discovering new things and places. "Alright I'm sorry, but are you ready for your flight without yor dad?" "Yes dad. You are going to send me pictures of Africa, right?" I asked "Of course Darc, now let's load the car up and we'll be on or way." My dad grabbed my bags and placed them into the the black range rover trunk. We drove fifteen minutes away from the house, now we're standing in line waiting for my boarding. Wow, I'm starting to feel like a grown up. I mean I don't have dad hanging on shoulder anymor, he's very over protective of joke! "Okay this is it, give me a bear hug Darcy!" My dad pulled me into a tight hug where I could see his tattoos and smell his STRONG cologne. "I love you so much Darcy Doo. Don't you forget that!'' "I won't and I love you too dad." We gave one last squeeze then let me go. I gave my ticket to the lady then turned around one last time to see my dad standing there with his phone of course taking pictures of me. I waved at him then he blew me a kiss, I giggled then boarded my plane, America, here I come!

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