Parent Trap

So this is my first story so sorry if I screw up on it and I am copying the movie but ive tweaked it. So I hope you enjoy it!
What happens when your daughters find out they're sisters and decide to switch places? Where you have to meet your past, and all the memories that you've missed. Well this is my story. Hi my name is Morgan Matreci and I am the parent of Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci, also former girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction.


1. Packing For Camp! Part 1

Lenice's pov.

"Alright squirt, got everthing" my mom asked as I was preparing for my FIRST SUMMER CAMP! AHH! Talk about excitement! "Yeup, I'm ready mom!" I grabbed my bags and threw them into the trunk of my mom's four door jeep. I hopped into the passenger side as my mom buckled up. So about my mom...well she's just a normal casual mo who when the time is needed acts like a kid with me. Single too. We live near the beach and also my Auntie Lex lives with us too. And me, I'm just your normal 7 year old tomboy girl.

My mom and I drove a couple of hours before we hit the bus stop! "Okay this is it kiddo, I'm gonna miss you so much!' She then leaned down and pulled me into a big bear hug. I hugged her back "You better write me EVERY WEEK!" "Okay mom, I will but you know I usually don't keep my promises...but I will try to write wen I remember too." I teased my mom. She scoweled at me as I was smirking a her. "LEN! You are such a smarty pants! You write to me or I will come and get you myself. Anyways you got to get going. I love ya so much!" Again my mom pulled me into a deep hug, I could smell her soothing scent, she doesn't even wear perfume, it's just natural! "I love you to the moon and back! I'm gonna miss you mommy." "I will too, now get going before I start tearing up." We laughed then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She let me go and I got onto the bus. I felt abandoned for awhile but one last look at her then I was brave and confident girl, but something about this camp just gave me a different feeling. I found a seat near the window and looked out to see my beautiful mom. The bus started driving away and I watched my mom. Just like that she disappeared. "Here we go. Eight whoe weeks without my family. This should be good." I quietly said to myself. As I was sitting there a question that I've always wanted to be answered was...who's my dad? What does he look like? Does he still think about me? And more importantly...why did he leave me?

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