Parent Trap

So this is my first story so sorry if I screw up on it and I am copying the movie but ive tweaked it. So I hope you enjoy it!
What happens when your daughters find out they're sisters and decide to switch places? Where you have to meet your past, and all the memories that you've missed. Well this is my story. Hi my name is Morgan Matreci and I am the parent of Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci, also former girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction.


7. Isolation Cabin

Everybody gasped, I think aain we stared at eachother for what seemed like an hour! "Are you guys...sisters?" One of her friends asked "WHAT! NO!" "WHAT!? YES WE ARE!" She shouted back at me as I was walking away "What are you talkin' about? There is absolutely NOTHING in common between us!" I'm in no mood to argue, I mean seriosly a seven year old doesn't need to be going through this...AT CAMP! "LENICE! COME BACK HERE!" "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I began walking faster when she yanked my shoulder "We need to talk about this." "No we don't! Now leave me alone!" I was so mad that I just grabbed her and paushed her into a mud pile. We started laughing...but she wasn't. "OH MY GOSH! YOU!" She shouted at me "Oh I'm sorry your majesty, I didn't mean to get your royal bum dirty!" I mockedin her British accent. We kept laughing the started walking off. "YOU LOW GIRL!" SMACK! Oh.No.She.DIDN'T! Darcy threw a mud ball at me. I slowly turned aroun and saw the princess smirking like an idiot at me. Okay it's on ONCE AGAIN! I dropped my stuff and ran as fast as I could then knocked her down in the mud again. We rolled around in the mud hitting each other. She pulled my hair and I spitted in her face! "GET OFF OF ME!" Darcy shouted, I stopped then looked her dead in the eye "MAKE ME!" Then we were back at war. "GIRLS1 GIRLS! STOP IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Oh no...we're busted. We were then both sepereated "She started it!" I yelled "ME! Your the one who pushed me in!" "Well you we're the one who threw mud at me!" I shouted "Oh you mean like THIS!" She grabbed a handful of mud then it came flying at me! I ducked then it hit the Mrs. Barns...oooh She gonna get it now! I started lughing a little "Okay THAT'S IT! YOU TWO GET YOUR STUFF! You are BOTH being sent to the Isolation Cabin!" THE WHAT! Okay is this lady on crack or something? Nope...she's dead serious. Great! I'm stuck with this dumbo! This ought to be good...

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