Lexi Gold



3. Stupid decisions

  Lexi had woken up early as usual. She could never get much sleep locked up in this cell knowing what was going on. It was like trying to sleep with the devil himself standing outside your door. Only worse. She never wanted to go to sleep in this place because she never knew if she’d wake back up again. But every night she fell asleep and every morning she woke up. It was almost too bad. Truthfully she’d have given anything to just pass away in her sleep. That way she’d never have to see this disgusting hell hole again. But it never happened. They made sure of that. They gave her just enough food and water to stay alive, but not strong. Or so they thought. She was going crazy locked up in here but she kept calm, she didn’t want to cause a scene. Otherwise they’d know she’d cracked and they’d have her in the palm of their hands. Then she might not live much longer.

  Lexi was lying flat on her back on her rock solid and uneven bed, with her arms crossed over her stomach, staring up at the ceiling when there was a booming knock on her door. She hated the way metal doors sounded, they’re too hard. She’d battered the door hard enough to know and there was hardly even a dint. She didn’t know why they bothered to knock because they just walk right in regardless. They just think it’s courteous to give you a seconds warning before they burst into the room whether you want them to or not (and in Lexi’s case that would be a not). It was just the way they were, and that is if you could even call it a room.

  It was tiny with a single bed bolted to the wall and a table bolted to the floor, next to it. That had made her laugh. Did they actually expect her to throw the bed or something? The walls and ceiling were covered in mold and the paint was peeling off them. The paint was yellow but had once been white. Lexi couldn’t even guess how long ago that had been. There were no windows and the few rooms that Lexi had been in that had windows, were all bolted. There was a single strip light that spewed yellow light across the minimal things it touched. The carpet was completely worn away down to the floorboards. There was hardly even any evidence that there had once been carpet in the room, except under the bed. And the stench was awful, but she had eventually got used to it. The correct term would be cell.

  Lexi was secretly relieved to see the tall, dark figure of Tom stroll in with his messy brown haired, rolled up sleeves and absence of a tie. He was different than the others. He didn’t look as serious, or as cruel. He didn’t look like he could kill anyone. She would never admit it but she was terrified of all the other people who worked there. Not that anyone could blame her.  

  They would come in with lab coats and surgical masks and gloves, like they were afraid of becoming contaminated. Like she was a disease they were afraid of. Whenever she was around them, she’d force her anger and hatred to takeover. It worked like adrenaline, only deeper and more powerful. She didn’t want to look like she was scared, she wanted them to fear her, and some did.

  “Hey Lexi,” Tom greeted. “You okay?” he asked trying to make it seem that he wasn’t hiding something. Trying and failing. Lexi continued to stare at the exact same spot on the ceiling, not even taking any notice that he was in the room.

  “Okay listen kid, I got some bad news.” He groaned, deciding to come straight out with it hoping to get some sort of a reaction.

  “Don’t call me kid.” She said, with no hint of emotion. She had a way of doing that.

  “It’s about the aliens,” he breathed quietly, his voice was suddenly hoarse. “We did another experiment last night.”

  Lexi shot up with incredible speed, nearly falling over but she didn’t take any notice. Her blond hair had fallen over her face, but she just screamed. “What happened?  What did they do?” Lexi demanded, furiously.

  “Just calm . . .” Tom began.

  “Just tell me!” she shrieked terrified, her eyes were full of dread.

  “They’re all dead.” He muttered. He suddenly saw why no else wanted to deliver the news to her.

  “NO!” Lexi screeched at the top of her lungs. “How could you let them die?” She accused hysterically, her eyes burning with tears.

  “Me?” He shot back offended. “How can you put this on me?” Tom practically threw the tray he’d been holding down on the table. She hadn’t even noticed he was holding anything. “I knew we needed more time, but Henry Burke wouldn’t give us any.”

  “You should have given yourselves more then! You know, take what you can give nothing back. This place seems brilliant at that. Take me for instance. You took me and you are never going to give me back!”

  “Yeah it’s all good saying that now.” Tom retorted.

  “I would have said that last night if you’d have had the decency to tell me what you were doing! Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.”

  “I thought you just get burned.” He said pathetically.

  “Maybe that’s what this place needs!”

  “Stop okay. I get it. Nothing good could have ever come out of last night. But nothing we do is going to change that now.” He threw his arms out in despair.

  “I can’t believe they’re all dead.” She whispered miserably.

  “Yeah well neither can I.” He moaned his shoulders slumping.

  “Oh yeah, it’s so terrible that you have to postpone killing every person on this planet for a few months because you went and murdered all your extraterrestrial lab rats.” Lexi spat venomously.

  “Don’t,” he said sharply, pointing a finger warningly at her. “You know I don’t want anyone to get hurt. You didn’t, did you? I made sure of it.” He was right. He’d made sure she’d lived, he was the only reason she was still alive right now.

  “How come it went wrong?” She asked defeated. She dropped back down on her bed letting her hair fall over her face again, to hide the pain in her teary green eyes.

  “I told you, we didn’t have enough time. We had as long as we needed for you. We had from last night for them.”

  “Oh.” It didn’t seem like a good enough reason to be true.

  “Listen kid - sorry,” he said remembering what she’d told him. “I know you don’t want to be here, neither do I, but we’re a part of something much bigger than you can imagine.”

  “And by bigger I assume you mean that it goes all the way up the President? Not that it’s amazing, wonderful or magical, because it’s just evil.”

  “By bigger I mean that this could change a lot of people’s lives.” He corrected.

  “Ending their lives doesn’t count.” Lexi objected coldly.

  “Yeah, so it’s a good job we’re not going to end their lives, isn’t it? We’re going to change their lives.” Tom repeated.

  “What? No, you can’t . . . they can’t still be planning to go ahead.

35 aliens died last night isn’t that enough for them to see that this isn’t going to work!” she shouted, disgusted.

  “It will work Lexi. I know where your heart is but you have to believe me.” Tom tried to reason.

  “No! You haven’t even tested it on a human from this time.” She argued.

  “You’re a human and you’re still alive.”

  “That’s different and you know it!” Lexi insisted bitterly.

  “I know.” He admitted, dropping his head. He never could argue with Lexi. Her sense of justice was too strong. She knew this was wrong and she wasn’t going to stop fighting until she set it right.

  “Tell me something. What are you trying to achieve here, what is this big vision of the future that you have?” He didn’t answer. “If it works, what do you want to achieve?” Lexi persisted impatiently.

 “We want to create a superhuman species, bring the future to now, and the power of the universe down to earth.” He explained in the most matter of fact way he could. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so scary.

  “That’s ridiculous. Why would you want to do that? Can’t you just leave nature to run its course and leave the aliens alone? Despite what they look like they’re not that different from humans. In fact they are better than we are. They would never be this evil or stupid!” Lexi protested and Tom once again couldn’t believe she was only fifteen. She seemed so much older, so much wiser. Like he so longed to be.

  Despite the fact he knew she was right and wished he could see the world the way she did, he said, “The humans will be able to fight diseases, we’ll be safer.” He sounded convincing enough but his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

  “Right now all they need is to be safe from people like you. You and this project,” Lexi insisted. He couldn’t answer. “Okay, so what are the alien abilities for?” She questioned.

  “People will be able to fly, run with super-sonic speed.” Tom said getting back into the argument.

  “Yeah, and they will be able to turn invisible and walk through walls, perfect for robbing houses and banks, don’t you think?” She added sarcastically.

  “No more cars, buses or trains. No more global warming.”

  “I’m from five hundred years in the future, global warming works itself out, no one dies from it!” Lexi was shouting again, she had to. “In fact climate change and atmosphere change is what causes humans to evolve in the first place. I can breathe in gases you can’t! I’m stronger and faster than any human here is. I have stronger skin, stronger senses. And thanks to the aliens I can see through solid objects, breathe underwater and God only knows what else!” Lexi was telling the truth, other than a few exaggerations that is. “Most of those changes happen naturally . . . Tom, please don’t make the mistake of thinking you beat nature.” Lexi begged desperately. “You don’t know how much good you could be doing for the world.”

  “And you do?”

  “Yes actually I do. Tom you have got to get out of here.” Lexi pleaded. He eyed her skeptically. There was something in her voice he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Could that be true?

  “I’m sorry it’s too late now. It’s going to happen.” He turned and walked out of the room before Lexi had a chance to stop him.

  “No Tom. STOP!” she screeched, pounding her fists against the door, as hard as she possibly could. “I won’t let you get away with this!” She threatened. And she meant it.

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