Lexi Gold


2. Orders from the President

  It was bitterly, freezing cold in the corridor and the tension was thick in the air radiating from the two men. The atmosphere was thick with anger and rage, and dread hung over them ominously. It was almost as if their hatred for each other was reflecting off the walls. The stained white walls and dirty grey floor did little to lift the mood.

  “I want it done by morning.” Henry ordered icily, crossing his arms across his chest. He radiated his exaggerated authority. As if crossing his arms and tapping his feet were grounds to order anyone about.

  “You can’t be serious? There is no way we can do that, it’s impossible, you know that.” Tom protested. His voice was fierce. “You have to give us more time.” He insisted, grasping his hands behind his back. It was all he could do to not punch him in the face.

  “The President wants it done by morning. If you have a problem, take it up with him.” Henry snapped, flaring his nostrils. Then he turned on his heels and marched off down the dark corridor, his footsteps echoing loudly with every step he took.

  Tom leant against the wall stunned, contemplating the horrific possibilities of his orders. As the footsteps faded away a deathly silence took its place - as silent as the grave. He ran his hands through his hair in despair, then turned and pounded his firsts into the wall, entirely exasperated. The sound echoed loudly across the white washed walls and the lights dangling by just a wired flicked in and out of life. He was momentarily plunged into darkness.

  Then he decided he couldn’t put if off any longer. He lifted himself off the wall slowly, reluctantly and turned to walk down the suddenly eerie and ominous corridor. To give the orders to go ahead with the procedure, that Tom knew no good could ever come from.


  By morning it was done. With the worst possible outcome anyone could have imagined. They were all dead.

  Tom had been distraught the previous night and whacked with horrendous guilt. But now after the night had past he just felt numb. He felt hollow, emotionless. What had happened was an atrocity, and he knew exactly who to blame for it.

  “Henry will be here soon.” One of the sergeants noted anxiously, peering at his watch. Most likely picturing the short, dark haired man who struck fear into his heart, each and every time he met him. The old and evil mind, which had no conscience, no mercy, felt no guilt, sorrow. Just anger and bitterness that stretched to all life he encountered.

  “I know.” Tom replied plainly, nonchalantly taking a sip of his bitter coffee. His lack of emotion was wholly alarming. “He was the one who gave the orders, why shouldn’t he see the result of his stupidity?” Tom answered sharply, his voice ice cold. “He knew we needed more time, they might have lived if we had been given longer.” He sighed deeply, shaking his head in frustration. Henry was cruel; he had no feelings, no emotions, no sense of life and loss. He’d let them die and threw all the responsibility to Tom. Tom was just annoyed he’d been stupid enough to catch it.

  “You can’t be sure of that. No one can. They might have still died even if we did have longer.” The sergeant objected, being annoyingly optimistic.

  “Now we’ll never know,” Tom exhaled, his voice sounded distant. “Anyway I’m going to see Lexi.” He announced, throwing the coffee in the bin.

  “Are you going to tell her?” The sergeant asked astounded and there was a good reason.

  “She needs to find out sooner or later, doesn’t she?” Tom snapped throwing his arms up as he walked off down the corridor to where Lexi was being held.


  Lexi was fifteen years old. She’d had the same experiment done on her two months earlier and was being held there. The only difference between her and the others; she had lived.

  Lexi hated it there. She hated everyone and everything they were doing. Except Tom that is. She thought that he was a kind, intelligent man. She knew that he was using his talents in the wrong place, for the wrong people, and for the wrong reasons. Not to mention in the wrong time. She knew he could be doing so much good for the world. He’d just had some bad luck and ended up there. Now he didn’t have the courage to leave, to walk away, and never again get mixed up in the evil that is; Area 51.

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