Lexi Gold



4. Fire alarm

  Lexi was distraught she couldn’t stay there a second longer. They were going to combine her evolved human abilities with the alien abilities and create a drug; the A 5.1 injection. Take a guess at what that stands for. And they were going to give it to every human on earth, not that there were any aliens on earth (not any more anyway). But they hadn’t tested it properly, or at all. None of the workers at Area 51 had let them test it out on them. Ironic isn’t it? If it was up to Lexi, she’d have made them test it out on the President himself, give him a taste of his own medicine, literally.       

  Lexi knew that none of the humans would survive. The only reason she had managed to survive was because she already had half the DNA to start with. Plus Tom made sure she hadn’t died, not all the humans had people on the inside looking out for them like she did.  

  Lexi was stronger than the humans from this time and she knew the aliens were stronger than them too. If the aliens died she knew the humans had no chance. She wasn’t about to let that happen. If the humans all died now she wouldn’t have a future to go back to. Everything would be gone. Including her. As much as she wanted to save everyone here, she really only wanted to save the people she knew back home.

  It hadn’t been that long since Tom had left, but she’d decided something while they’d been talking: she was getting out of here … today.

  She could do things people here could only dream about, and she’d been smart enough to keep some of those things a secret. They had no idea what she could do and not on the scale on which she could do things either. They also thought they were clever by keeping her weak but she’d only been playing along with that. She was as strong as ever. And was about to give them a run for their money. Ever since they gave her the abilities, she’d been both revolted and intrigued by them. She’d been practicing and developing them day and night. All of it leading up to today.

  Lexi knew she just had to wait for the right moment to make a break for it. Lexi didn’t know what but she could feel something was coming. It was one of her alien abilities, she could sense things. It was kind of like being able to see the future, but she couldn’t see exactly what was coming. She didn’t know when it was going to happen. She just knew she had to wait for it. And that it was going to be big.

  Lexi had to wait nearly half an hour until it happened. Suddenly sirens exploded to life all around the building and sprinklers started firing jets of water everywhere, soaking her instantly.

Fire. It had to be. This is it!

  Barely a second past before Lexi launched herself against the door of the cell and found herself slamming in the wall of the corridor on the other side of it. It had worked. She had fazed, she didn’t think she could. It would have been far too easy for her to escape otherwise. Lexi knew that it was the rush of adrenaline that went through her body when she did. And maybe even a little help from God too. Thanks! But she didn’t stop to think, reminiscing could wait.

  Lexi threw herself forward and bolted down the corridor. There was smoke filling the halls already. She had to get out before the fire spread. The building was going to burn to the ground, and she didn’t want to go down with it. People were shouting in frustration in some of the rooms that she passed, luckily no-one noticed her. She was moving so fast and using her powers to look through walls, at the same time, she was getting disorientated quickly. Lexi hadn’t used this much energy or brain power in as long as she could remember. Maybe she wasn’t as strong as she thought.

  Lexi was dripping wet from the sprinklers and her shoes were slipping from the pools of water on the floor. But she didn’t care, she was free. They were never going to lock her up again. She would kill them if she had to. She refused to let these people scare her anymore. 

  Lexi was coughing and choking on the smoke in no time, it was getting thicker in the air around her. Lexi’s heart was racing, the air was becoming hotter and hotter, and she had to waft the smoke out of her face to see. She feared if she didn’t keep moving the thick smoke would suffocate her. Lexi was filled with excitement, adrenaline and fear, she’d never felt so free. Or quite so scared.

  She sprinted as fast as she possible could, knocking people out of her way when she saw them. Luckily the smoke was thick enough that they probably didn’t even realize who she was. But her throat and lungs were beginning to burn and each breath was painful. She’d never experienced this before. She was terrified her body might not be able to cope.

  Lexi ran straight at one man who was pointing a gun at her face. Lexi was too close to stop when she saw the gun and instead hit straight into him and flipped him over her back. He was in too much shock to do anything about it, and she left him lying on the floor screaming in pain. Putting her new powers to the test was unbelievable but she quickly decided not to think about it until she was safe.

  Another guard, built like a rock, caught her from behind, grabbed her by her neck and wrestled her into a headlock. Lexi struggled, gasping for breath as he lifted her effortlessly off the floor. She instantly knew he was the same man who’d done this to her before. Lexi threw her head back and it crashed into his and he yelled out in surprise. She managed to kick back and she felt his knee caps shatter. She already knew his weaknesses and exploited them quickly. He screamed out in pain dropped Lexi on the ground. She pulled herself up as fast as lightening. He tried to grab her again but she rammed her elbow into his ribs. Before he could get hold of her again she grabbed hold of his shirt from behind and threw him at the closest window with all of her strength. The glass shattered and his broken body fell down to the ground.

  Things were getting harder. Lexi was tired and it was getting harder and harder to see or breathe and she was starting to get distressed. The smoke was causing her to cough and choke and she was hit by the thought that she might get trapped and die from the smoke anyway. Then all of this would be for nothing. But she refused to think like that. She hadn’t been captured yet and she still had a lot of fight left in her for when things got really bad.

  Lexi ran around a corner too fast and found herself skidding hard into a wall. Holding her head she pushed off it and carried on just as fast. Fear was beginning to make her panic as she becoming increasingly aware that she didn’t know which way to go. The only option she had was to just keep running. It was getting more difficult though. Every corridor looked the same to her, plain white walls, closed doors and very few windows.

  Lexi knew she had to find stairs because she was on one of the top floors. She found them quickly once she decided that was her next move. She threw open the emergency exit door and she ran straight into a guard on the other side. Who was three times her size and looked like he was ready to kill her. He grabbed her arm with one of his meaty hands.

  “Not so fast kid.” He spat, viciously. Lexi struggled to get free of his grip but he was too strong. Thinking fast she fazed free instantly to her surprise. Then spun around with amazing speed and kicked him hard in the stomach. He collapsed on the floor in a crumpled heap. Ha! She knew she could fight, but not that well. She could never take out a grown man like that. Her powers continued to amaze her.

  “How did I just do that?” She marvelled. She looked around almost expecting someone to answer her. Lexi gathered her thoughts and decided to marvel later.

  Lexi moved to go around him when a huge cracking sound stopped her in her tracks. She froze with dread and her stomach flipped turning to ice inside her. She wanted to run but her legs wouldn’t respond. Suddenly the ceiling above her gave way, and collapsed on top of the man, crushing him. Lexi yelled and threw her arms out, fearing she may be crushed as well but the ceiling directly above her held in place. But the rubble had blocked the stairs and fire was now spreading towards her, fast. She backed away from it, turned around, and ran back through the door.

  To her horror she found herself looking at three more fierce and bloodthirsty guards. They were all armed with machines that looked like they had more than just bullets in them. In the spare of the moment she tried to focus her body and turn invisible. She did it momentarily but lost concentration when one of the guards shot at her. The wall behind her was completely blown apart, sending rubble and dust flying everywhere.

  Lexi couldn’t take her chances with the guards and whatever it was they were firing at her. So she spun around and headed for newly formed hole in the wall. Lexi gasped and ground to a halt when she realised it led outside and there was at two hundred foot drop on the other side.

  “Wait, stop!” One guard shouted.

  “Get her!” screamed another. Lexi decided reluctantly if she jumped she would die so she would have to fight. She knew she would probably die anyway but at least she’d go down fighting. Lexi turned around just in time to see a guard running straight at her. He didn’t stop in time and ran into her, knocking her out the hole.

  Then everything went black.

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