Lexi Gold


1. Kidnapped from the future

  The sun was bright and blazing high in the sky, beating down on the sleepy city early that morning, giving everywhere a warm golden glow. It was hot that summer and everywhere reflected the sun’s rays.

  Lexi was walking hastily, the sun reflecting off her long, white blond hair, making it dazzle more than usual. It was strangely quiet that morning, but she didn’t seem to notice. A car flew past in the sky above her head and broke the silence. Lexi looked up blinking at the clear blue sky, a few clouds floated lazily by. There was certain level of calmness in the atmosphere and Lexi breathed in the clean unpolluted air.

  The large houses were shining in the brightness of the sun and Lexi gazed at the familiar chrome colour of the metal and the angular shaped of the walls and roofs, the empty drive ways stood next to the walkway not set back like she’d seen they used to be. Everyone was already gone and the street was empty.

  Lexi had woken up late for school and was still tired. She yawned and pushed her hair back out of her eyes. She’d normally walk with Violet but she’d told her not to wait for her. Lexi was alone and carried on trudging along the metal belt that was gliding under her feet, propelling her forward much faster than she could have walked on her own. The street was empty and silent and Lexi was lost in her thoughts.

  Suddenly the aura was shattered as Lexi was thrown forward as something slammed into her hard from behind. Stunned she crashed towards the ground, a scream escaping from her lips. But before she even had time to hit the floor, something snatched on her top and dragged her sharply back up. Staggering to her feet Lexi struggled to find her balance and her head throbbed horribly, making it hard for her to think.   

  Disoriented, Lexi struggled instinctively against the rough hands that were forcing her hands behind her back. A deep, harsh voice laughed mockingly at her at the pathetic efforts to break free. Pain set into her head. It was spinning and throbbing and she realised too late what was happening. She should have seen it coming. But how could she have? Lexi felt panic build and she was suddenly terrified.  

  Desperately Lexi thrashed around with all her strength, shouting for help, screaming and screeching in vain at the top of her lungs; but she was too late, no one was around. Damn these sound proof houses.  

  Petrified, Lexi kicked back wildly and connected with her assailant’s knee caps, she heard a loud groan and their grip loosened. Taking advantage she yanked her hands free and fled for her life, her mind racing with fear.

  Lexi sprinted and ducked around the next corner hoping to escape. But she’d underestimated these strangers and she ran into a cruel looking man, in strange clothes she’d never seen before. Filling with dread she tried to run past him, but something connected hard with the back of her already painful head, knocking her to the floor. Lexi screamed in agony as her head slammed into the hard metal and could instantly taste blood in her mouth. She landed awkwardly and felt her wrist snap as her weight was forced on to her hand. She gasped in shock and clutched at her hand holding it against her chest.

  In the metal belt beneath her she caught a glimpse of her refection in the chrome and yelped as she saw the blood running down her face and spilling from her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man closing in on her with what looked like a wooden stick. Instinctively she rolled out of the way and the bat slammed into the metal, where her head had been seconds ago. Despite the pain Lexi managed drag herself to her feet and holding her wrist to her chest she ran.

  Lexi could hear the man crashing forward behind her, his steps uneven and heavy. She dared a glance back and saw the man was holding a century old baseball bat, and she also saw he was unbalanced and was finding it hard to run on the belt. Lexi got a horrible feeling inside and pushed on with the last of her energy, something about the man was terrifying strange.

  Lexi sprinted around the next corner but the man had caught up with her and grabbed her by her hair and clasped her throat. Lexi screamed and kicked out again but he lifted her off her feet, strangling her. The look in his eyes was murderous, and his features were screwed up in a scowl. She clawed frantically at his hand trying to loosen his grip but her wrist refused to let her and her blocked airway was causing her pain like never before. The lack of oxygen to her brain was causing immediately dizziness and she felt her heart pounding in her chest, the panic was maddening and tears burned her eyes.  

  Finally he dropped her and she collapsed on the floor, she gasped for air desperately, coughing and retching, tearing her throat to shreds. But the man was tireless and hauled her up by her hair and Lexi squealed. She was scared and in pain, her head was throbbing and her legs were shaking. She couldn’t fight. She barely saw when he lifted the bat and swung it at her face. It connected hard and she was sent sprawling. The pain was excruciating, she’d never experience anything like it, she felt her eye swell and blood covered her face. The fear was exasperating and the bat hit her again, then his elbow slammed into the side of her head.   

  Lexi stumbled back and whimpered. She’d have collapsed again except another hand came over her mouth from behind, covering her face with a cloth. She tried to open her mouth to scream but couldn’t. Instead her head rushed with a strong overpowering aroma and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her eyelids felt suddenly heavy and her lungs threatened to burst. She struggled but her body was loosing all its energy. Fighting to get air into her lungs, she gripped the man’s hands and tried to pull them away from her face.

  The pain was overwhelming, and then her mind dissolved into darkness.

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