They call it love but we call it in love

Kelly is 16 years old who lives by her self In London, one day she was to lazy to drive to work so she went in a bus, she sat next a boy who has green eyes and curly brown hair they couldn't remove their eyes from each other until.....
The curly hair asked her on a date, but did he showed up? and maybe when he attend the xfavtor he forget about her?


5. chapter 5

Harry's P.O.V:


I and Kelly are dating for 1 month now, and today is a huge day for me. It's the X factor day! Kelly chose the song it's "Isn't She Lovely"-By:Stevie Woders.


We are backstage waiting for my turn, I was so nervous  Kelly didn't leave my hand, I sad hi for a few people and talked to them, but there's a boy who is really funny! I heard his mom calling his name I think it's Louis.


"Babe you will good, don't be nervous." Kelly sad while smiling I have the best girlfriend ever! "I love you." I tolled her she giggled, she wants to say I love you to, until the backstage manger came and tolled me it was my turn...


Kelly squeezed my hand for the last time and the next thing I know is that now I'm on stage!

"Hello, what's your name?" "Harry." I introduce my self for like a minute and have, "What are you going to sing?" "Isn't She Lovely- By Stevie Woders." "Okay you can start"

Know I'm singing, and my nervous went, I finished the last part and everyone start clamping... I got 4 yes!


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