They call it love but we call it in love

Kelly is 16 years old who lives by her self In London, one day she was to lazy to drive to work so she went in a bus, she sat next a boy who has green eyes and curly brown hair they couldn't remove their eyes from each other until.....
The curly hair asked her on a date, but did he showed up? and maybe when he attend the xfavtor he forget about her?


4. chapter 4

Alex P.O.V:


Oh no I have to face Harry today! I mean it was only our first date, and he

wouldn't forget it if he asked it from his heart! I hate him more than anything.

I picked a pink short with a white t-shirt that says "Take Me Home"

I brushed my teeth and curled my hair. I ate cereal and washed my hands, I

wore my white converse and took my phone, purse, and my car keys.


***At the bakery***

Good Harry wasn't here yet, I wore my t-shirt of the bakery, and went outside

I bumped into someone and fell on the floor, I took a look at the person and

oh no it was Harry, I stood up as quick I was about to go to work until he

spoke "Wait, Kelly look I'm sorry I didn't came yesterday... I just forgot

okay?" I turned around and faced him "You wouldn't forget if you asked me

out from you heart." No no I will not cry, I ran got to work. Harry didn't open

his mouth, he didn't say anything. My time here finished and i went to the

dressing room to change.



Harry's P.O.V:


She told me I wouldn't forgot if I asked her out from my heart, but I did

I love her. I didn't say anything after work I will follow her to her house by

my car and talk to her.

My day here finished Kelly went to the dressing room so did I. I got out and

saw Kelly wearing a pink short and a white shirt writing on it "Take Me

Home" man she look sexy on them. I follow her and yes she didn't notice.


Kelly's P.O.V:


I and Harry got to our cars at the same time, I can't stop thinking about him,

but no, I hate him yes I do. I arrived home I was unlocking my door until

someone I didn't expected to see stopped me by standing in front of me.

"Look Kelly listen baby." "Don't call me that." "Look I just forgot to come

yesterday because I will attend the XFactor after a month and from my 

happiness that my mom accepted I forgot everything, and please just give  me another chance!" "Wait! your going to audition for XFactor next month?"

"Yea what's the problem?" "No no I will not give you another chance,

specially because your going to audition for XFactor!!" I sad by sitting at my

big swing, Harry sat next to me and sad "Why what's the problem?" 

"Because if our relationship got bigger, maybe if they sad yes when you

audition, you forget me and I don't want this to happen trust me my heart

will be broken in pieces." "Kelly your crazy, I promise you I won't forget

you, and if they sad yes and I hope I'll be a super star I'll take you with

me everywhere I go." Before I can say anything Harry kissed me and I 

kissed back maybe I can give him another chance !  


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