They call it love but we call it in love

Kelly is 16 years old who lives by her self In London, one day she was to lazy to drive to work so she went in a bus, she sat next a boy who has green eyes and curly brown hair they couldn't remove their eyes from each other until.....
The curly hair asked her on a date, but did he showed up? and maybe when he attend the xfavtor he forget about her?


2. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V:


We got to the restaurant and Kelly went to wear her restaurant n costume so do I . 

After we finished working, I asked Kelly if she likes to eat some ice cream and she agreed, "Kelly 

the ice cream shop is next to us do you mind if we went walking? I have a car but its at home." 

"Of course no, so lets go walking." She sad with a big smile on her face. 


******At the street****** 

i have to open a subject with her, we've been walking for 5 minutes and we didn't open oour mouth, "So Kelly what about after the ice cream we go to the park, and over there we can know 

each other better" "That's a great idea" "a-nd Kelly what do you like about boys" when I asked

her that question my heart start beating fast, "Wel I like them to be handsome and they care

about there girls..." After she sad 'they care about there girls' all I could hear is "Bla Bla BLa.."

I was just thinking that if I was her man I'll protect her, I'll be her everything. She still doesn't 

now me well "Harry are you okay?" I heard Kelly saying oh no!! "Oh yeah, I was listening to you"


Kelly's P.O.V:


Harry asked me what I like about boys and I tolled him but he was looking awkward... We 

Reached the ice cream shop and we ordered,we stoped a taxi and talked until we arrived to the

park. We sat on the grass, we are so lucky no one was there.  I wanted to tell Harry something, 

i turned my head to Harry's direction and we were doing eye contact, I'm in love with his eyes

and his chocolate brown curly hair, till now his personality is like what I want for my man I wish 

he can be my man but no first we would go out and now each other better.... "U-hh Kelly will 

you like to go out with me tomorrow?" Before I can say a word he tolled me "I know we just met 

But to be honest when I first saw you...." I cut him by saying "we though that you could be the 

one" We had a huge smile on our face I really can't wait till I kiss his soft pink lips so I kissed him and wow!! This kiss was amazing irresistible.... 


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