They call it love but we call it in love

Kelly is 16 years old who lives by her self In London, one day she was to lazy to drive to work so she went in a bus, she sat next a boy who has green eyes and curly brown hair they couldn't remove their eyes from each other until.....
The curly hair asked her on a date, but did he showed up? and maybe when he attend the xfavtor he forget about her?


1. chapter 1

Kelly's P.O.V:

I was sleeping relaxed until my alarm went on, I closed it and sat down I felt lazy today I don't want to get up but I have to I need to go to work so I can earn money and pay for my apartment. I stood up, walked to my closet and opened it, I was looking throw my close and decided to wear a gray skinny jeans and a white shirt, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face with cold water, I combed my hair and tied them into a bond.


I went to the kitchen and ate some breakfast, i don't want to drive so i decided to go with a bus, I got up and wore my white converse, I grab my keys and opened the door and i got out i locked the door and i stoped a bus.


I tolled the driver where to stop and sat down i sat next to a boy who had curly hair and green eyes i couldn't remove my eyes from him .... My heart raised when i saw him he was looking at me to, it was so nice.....


Harry's P.O.V:

I was in the bus, ready to go to my work i worked in a restaurant and it was my first day so yeah i don't want to get late in my first day. The bus stopped probably to pick someone.


A girl sat down next to me, when i first saw her my heart start to beat quicker my eyes didn't stop looking at her she was so pretty she looked at me to her beautiful blue eyes... We were doing eye contact, we lost it until i spoke "Hi" i sad with a heavy low voice "Hey, nice to meet you." I smiled, "So were are you going?" I asked i have to say something, if i want to go out with her. "A-mm I'm going to a restaurant, because i need to work" "Wait you work in a restaurant I work too, today it will be my first day, tell me the name of the restaurant." "*******" (sorry guys i don't now witch restaurant to pick :P so i just wrote***** :) "Wait i will work there too." "Really that's awesome." we both smiled until the driver called our place and tolled us we arrived.



So what do you guys think do you like it ?? please comment.. xoxoxox

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