The City Heights

Izzy didn't want to go to the club with Becca but ended up there anyway, she tried to fight the sudden desire within her to follow a shadow... Whose shadow? Nobody knows but they'll have to wake up to find out.

"Where there is much light, the shadow is deep."

[For the 24 hour competition]


1. Party Poison

“Come on Izzy you have to come!”

I looked at my best friend in distaste, she was holding up a short black pleated dress and I think she was expecting me to wear it tonight. I shook my head once. No. Then went back to reading the book in my hands no sooner had I finished reading the first sentence had it been snatched out my hands and replaced with fabric.

“What the hell?” I glared at Becca who was now holding my book hostage, “try on the dress Izzy.” she demanded.

I folded my arms in protest ignoring the dress as I pushed it off my lap and onto the floor “I see no need to try something on for a club i’m not going to”

“What do you mean you're not going?! You have too!” she whined

I sighed in exasperation rubbing my temples, you see; Becca liked to go clubbing I for one did not, I see it as a huge waste of time and frankly I don’t even like people that much so why would I put myself through the torture of awkward social interactions when I can stay home and read... Which reminds me, I still need to save my book from Becca’s evil clutches.

“Hand over the book Becca”

I’ll make you deal” she said, I looked at her suspiciously raising an eyebrow “what kind of a deal?” I asked.

“You come with me to the club in exchange for the book” she smirked swaying the book back and forth in her hand. I growled, “that isn’t a deal! That is my book, you can’t bargain with something that belongs to me!”

She rolled her eyes “fine, but I still think you should come with me! Safety in numbers, you don’t want me riding the tube alone or hiring a taxi by myself, do you? You’d never forgive yourself if something happened to little old me”

I glared at her harder, damn her for guilt tripping me. Groaning out in frustration again I grabbed the dress off the floor pushing pass Becca I stomped to my bedroom slamming the door close behind me. Stupid Becca.  

“Love you Izzy!” I heard her yell after me, shaking my head I stared at the dress in my hands and grimaced this is going to be a long night.

“Izzy I swear if you don’t come out right now i’m dragging you out dressed or not!” Becca threaten on the other side of my door, I’d been standing in front of my mirror for a good thirty minutes now considering my escape when Becca interrupted my thought process. I stared at myself one last time; I wore the silly black dress Becca chose for me with black tights and boots my light purple hair adding life to what could be mistaken as a funeral attire. I ran my hand through my short locks adding some volume to it, I dyed it on a whim and i’m only now adjusting to the vibrant purple that is now my hair taking a deep breath I opened my door.

“Finally!” Becca yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me out the house “the taxi is already waiting for us”

Time to face the music I guess.


Don’t ask me what happened, but somehow I managed to lose Becca amongst the throng of people, the club was indeed jumping tonight. Making my way towards the bar I took a seat on a barstool and searched the crowd for Becca, seriously where has this girl disappeared too?

“Would you like a drink Miss?”

I turned my attention back to the bar where a waiter was now standing next to me with a tray of beverages on his tray he held out the tray towards me, “oh, thank you” I took one and had a sip nearly choking myself I coughed violently. What the hell was in this drink?! I turned back to face the waiter ready to give him an ear full but he was gone.


Where’d he go?

I spun around in my seat, there was people everywhere no way would he have be able to push through that crowd with a tray full of beverages so easily. My head suddenly began to pound I swayed a little feeling a little light headed, where the hell was Becca I wanted to go home now. I saw movement in the corner of my eye, Becca? I couldn’t make out the shadowy figure but for some reason I felt compelled to follow it, maybe it was Becca... Standing up I headed in the direction the shadowed figure went pushing through the crowd of people, which wasn’t easy.


I stumble out the club the world swaying around me as I felt my way along the wall through what i'm sure to believe is an alley way. My head was pounding, grabbing it I cried out in pain as I leant against the wall knocking over a bin in the process. A dark figure appeared out of nowhere beside me.


"Welcome to the Heights Izzy..." they whispered in my ear.

Not being able to formulate words after many attempts at trying, a darkness fell over me engulfing me in darkness as I blacked out.


I awoke with a start, my body laying on something hard and wet, I groaned in pain.

Everything hurt.

I felt like I had just been run over with a lawn mower. Whatever was under me, it was hard and sleek like marble. I forced my eyes open my trembling hands reaching up and wiping  at the sweat on my face. What the hell happened last night?

I spread my hands out underneath me and managed to push myself up on trembling arms and knees. I sat back on my knees tilting my head back, eyes wide open I blinked a few times and found myself staring off the top of some kind of platform. I quickly looked around , blinking rapidly looking at the town ahead. It looked like a regular old country town in the middle of...

Where was this anyway?

Last thing I remember was being at the club with Becca...


I looked around to take in the mountainous surroundings when I heard voices. My eyes widened in alarm and I scrambled away from the black platform.  I went over the side of the platform, gasping out loud in shock as I fell down my dress ripping at the sides. Never liked this dress anyway. Looking down I was surrounded by weeds that stretched unnaturally out of the ground, in fact i’d never seen plants like these before in my life; they were slender and curly almost like curly fries but much longer and a deep dark purple merged with green.

I didn’t have time to admire them, though, as I ducked low behind the weeds holding my breath as my whole body trembled.

A man approached the platform, his back was to me so all I saw was black hair to his shoulders, wavy like some man straight out of a romance novel. He was tall with strong broad shoulders and posture that told me he was important. I suddenly got a bad feeling the longer I stared at him.

“Have you found her?” another voice asked from the shadows, they sounded familiar but I couldn’t make them out through the blindspot.

“No.” his voice sounded aggravated

“Oh I hope she made it through alright” why did they sound so concerned?

“I felt her, she came through the portal... She should have landed here” the man responded, sounding irritated “you better be right about her B”

“I am. She’s one of us”

One of whom? Who are they? What the hell are they talking about?

Despite my curiosity I needed to get out of here, I need to find Becca then kill her for ditching me...

I lifted my eyes, letting them widen. My lips parted but no sound came out as I found myself staring at a dark sky above, it was just... pitch darkness. No stars, no moon, no clouds. Nothing.

Where am I?



I was pulled out of my stupor, they’re calling my name? Should I come out of hiding...

“Izzy we know you're there”

They did?! How? I didn’t make a noise, did I?


I screamed, stumbling back smacking into the platform behind me. I stared up at the figure in front of me, “I found you!” cheered the voice stepping out of the shadows so I could see them. It was a girl...


“B-B-ecc-ca?” I stuttered, she smiled down at me and nodded “BECCA?!” I launched myself at her hugging her tightly. “She looks like an norm” a male voice interjected. Instinct kicked in then and I scrambled away from Becca a flash of hurt sparked in Becca’s eyes at my reaction “Patch don’t scare her!” she growled stepping towards me slowly.

“S-stay away...”  I managed to gasp, Becca stopped her advance and turned to face the man, whose name was Patch I think, who cocked his head like a curious dog before raising an eyebrow.

He held his hand out toward me, like someone might do to a dog they just met. “I’m Patch” he said slowly, I withdrew from him keeping close to the wall. He shrugged withdrawing his hand to his side. I nibbled my lower, staring at him the power rippled off this man in waves. I felt it pressing against me, making my head hurt and I hated to admit that he was attractive in a deadly sense of the world. Hair as black as night, wavy and most of it brushed back save for a few locks of bangs that hung near his perfectly sculpted face.

I remained still, staring up at him as he stared down at me, something about his face was calm and collected. He seemed to have his guard down but I didn’t let mine down though, as I finally found my voice again.

“Who are you?” I managed, my voice shaking. I knew his name, of course and Becca, but that wasn't’ what I was searching for. I should’ve asked the obvious question of what are you.  

“W-What are you? Where is this?” I stammered. Patch averted his eyes for a second, which made me stiffen before he looked at me. He smiled lightly and held out his hand.

Were Shadows.”

Shadows?” I breathed, still not quite understanding.

“I will tell you everything momentarily. Please follow us and trust me you’ll get your answers” He requested. I stared at his hand distrustfully and pressed my hand against the ground as I slowly brought myself to my feet, Patch withdrew his hand in understanding.

I heard Becca gasp and point at my dress “you ripped it!” she whined, forgetting where we were I rolled my eyes “I didn’t even like it Becca” I said snapping my mouth shut when the words left my mouth. This wasn’t the time to be talking about clothes, glaring at Becca “I want answers” I said in a serious tone.

“And you’ll get them, so keep up I don’t walk slow” Patch muttered heading off into the darkness ahead, rude much I thought as he swiftly turned back to face me, my stomach clenched with fear as he stood in front of me.“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep”  a blinding spark of light emitted from the ground, gasping back in surprise I blinked and I suddenly realized we were no longer at the platform.

I turned towards Becca who was smiling “isn’t this exciting!” she exclaimed, “Becca what is going on?!” I whisper yelled at her, but she only grinned wider dragging my arm “stop worrying Izzy! You're in Heights now” she winked.

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