Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


24. Who is this?

                                                          *Justin's POV*

                                                          *1 week later*

The doctors said Ryan was able to come home today. So Andrea and I were about to go to the hospital to take him home.


                                                           *Andrea's POV*

I hopped out of the shower and dried my hair then did makeup. I walked out and put on a bra and underwear. I walked to my closet and picked out some black skinny jeans with an oversized sweater, along  with some converse for shoes.


I went downstairs to meet Justin but was stopped by a brick being thrown into our window and making a loud noise which made me scream.


Justin came running in the door and ran to me.


Justin: "Babe! Are you alright, are you hurt!?"


Me: "No- no. the-the brick."

I said still in shock pointing at the brick that was thrown through our window.


Justin went over to it and picked it up. There was a note attached to it. He pulled off the note and read it.


                                                            *Justin's POV*


I picked up the brick that Andrea was pointing to. It had a note on it which was addressed to me. I opened it and read:

Justin, I'm watching your girlfriends every move... you never know if one day she'll come up missing. And don't think about calling the cops... or when I get Andrea you'll regret it. So keep your eyes on her 24/7 or she'll be gone before you know it.



A... Who's A? Whoever he is, he better stay the hell away from Andrea.

I showed Andrea the note. Once she was done reading it she looked surprised and scared at the same time. My poor baby. I love her to death and I would die if anything happened to her.


I gave her a hug and she had her face in my chest while I heard little sobs escape her mouth.

 Me: "I will never- and I mean NEVER leave leave your side. You will always be in my sight. I won’t ever leave you alone. Unless I have to leave then I'll have someone stay with you.”

She relaxed after a while and took her head out of my chest and gave me a kiss.



(Andrea’s POV)

After Justin and I took Ryan home, Melanne and I went out while Justin was spending time with Chaz.
We had gone to Starbucks and just talked about what had happened today. Then we went to the mall and got some things. After that I dropped Melanne off at her house and went to the grocery store to get a few things.

I was looking for some chips when I heard my name be called from 3 voices.


“Andrea... Is that you?”


I turned around and-




(Justin’s POV)


*1 hour later- 4:30*


I walked in silently because I was gonna surprise her, but then I heard her laughing. I thought she called and told me she dropped off Melanne? Maybe Melanne decided to stay, oh well.


But then I came closer to where she was. I peaked around the corner and I saw, well not Melanne and Andrea… but Andrea and 3 other guys..?


I heard one of the guys say: “Remember when you were 12 and you had a big crush on me?”


Wait… who the hell is this guy.


Andrea: “Oh my, yes… those were the days!” She laughed after that.


Okay, that’s it.


Me: “Hey babe.”


She stood up and walked over to me.


Andrea: “hey babe, I missed you!”


Me: “I missed you too.”

I put my hands on her waist and kissed her, she pulled out to breath.


Andrea: “Justin, I'd like you to meet Cameron Dallas… My cousin.”


She pointed to this Cameron guy, well thank god he’s her cousin.


Andrea: “And my 2 old bestfriends Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff.”


(A/N- in this Cameron, Taylor, and Nash are not famous, sorry)


She pointed to who was who.

So the guy who she used to have a crush on was this Taylor guy.


Hmmmm, I don’t know why but I feel this kind of jealousy in me.


To be polite I shook all of their hands and said “Nice to meet you.”


Andrea: “And boys, this is my fiance Justin.”


Cameron, Taylor, & Nash: “Hey Justin.”


I just smiled.

I honestly do not know how I feel about these guys being friends with my fiance…


Andrea: “Oh and I have some news for you three!”

Cameron: “What is it?”

Nash & Taylor: “Yeah, what is it?”

Andrea: “Well since you guys told me what I missed in your guys’ life, I didn’t tell you one thing.”

Taylor: “What didn't you tell us?”

Andrea: “Well, I’m pregnant!”


(Andrea’s POV)


Me: “Well, I’m pregnant!”


Cameron, Nash and Taylor all smiled and they brought me into a group hug.


Cameron: “Congrats Andrea!”

Me: “Thanks Cam.”


I smiled at them all.


Nash: “So how far are you?”

Me: “Just 2 months.”

Taylor: “Oh wow, so you have a while to go.”

Me: “Yep.”


I said popping the ‘p’.


Taylor: “Well congrats Andwea.”


Taylor and I have always had a bond ever since we were younger, and that was his nickname for me, and I called him Taywor.


I just smiled and hugged him.


Taylor and I grew up together, Cameron introduced him to me when I was 10. And that very day we became bestfriends. He was my first crush, and my first boyfriend.


(Justin’s POV)


Taylor: “Well congrats Andwea.”


Wait. What did he just call her? That’s my nickname for her.


She just smiled at him and were caught in a gaze.


I can’t stand him already, I just want to punch him.

No, Justin. Stop letting your jealousy take over.


Me: “Uhm, excuse me.”


Taylor and Andrea both looked at me. Cameron and Nash were too busy sitting on the couch talking to hear me.


Me: “What did you just call her?”

Taylor: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I mean is you said ‘congrats...’ and then some kind of name.”

Taylor: “Uhh, I called her Andwea.”

Me: “Yeah, well that’s my nickname for her.”

Andrea: “Guys stop, it’s just a name you both can call me.”


Ignoring what she said, I looked right back at Taylor with a grumpy face.

Taylor: “Well I’m sorry, I won’t call her that again.”

Me: “That’s what I thought.”

Andrea: “Justin, stop! You’re being an ass!”

Me: “W-what!? Excuse me, I’m the ass? You are!”


By now I’m pretty sure Cameron and Nash were listening.


Taylor: “Hey! Don’t call her that.”

Andrea: “Taylor, It’s ok.”

Taylor: “No it’s not, I don’t think your own fiance should call you an ass for doing nothing. You deserve better.”


That’s when I lost it.

I punched him in the face which made him fall to the ground.




She ran down to Taylor’s side and stroked his cheek.


Look what you’ve done Justin. You’ve caused this. If it wasn’t for your jealousy, Andrea wouldn’t be down there by him; she’d be up here with you.

My conscious kept telling me.


I looked down at both of them.


Andrea: “Oh my Taylor..”


I turned around and walked to the front door and just left the house.


I started running, I don’t know where but anywhere except here. I need to clear my mind.


(Andrea’s POV)


Me: “Oh my Taylor..”


I think Justin hit him really hard.

I don’t what’s gotten into him, enough of Justin… I wonder if Taylor is alright…


Cameron and Nash were both by him on the floor.


Me: “I don’t know what’s gotten into Justin. He’s never like this!”

I told Cameron and Nash.


Cameron: “Probably jealousy.”


Me: “Wait, why would he be jealous?”


Nash: “I think maybe because Taylor called you the nickname Taylor had for you, and Justin got jealous because he thought that was his nickname for you.”


Me: “But why would he be stupid and punch Taylor who did nothing?”


Cameron and Nash both shrugged.


Me: “I mean it’s not like I’d leave Justin for Taylor, cuz I know Taylor would never have feelings for me.”


The boys were silent and both looked at each other.


Me: “I mean right?”


Cameron: “Well…”

Nash: “Taylor, kinda.. sorta… still has feelings for you…”


My jaw dropped.


Me: “Wait… I thought he stopped having feelings for me a long time ago when we broke up?”


I’m so confused.


Cameron: “Well, he pretended to so he didn’t show that he was hurt. He has always had feelings for you Andrea, even now. He hasn’t had another girlfriend since you.  That’s why he got so heartbroken when he found out that you have a fiance. He’s always wanted to be the one to marry you, and father your kids. That’s how we recognized you in the store. Well he did; because he talks about you every single day thinking he’ll never see you again, and he still remembered what you looked like. Now I’m not trying to make you feel bad for him or anything but I just want you to know the truth.”


I tear slid down my cheek.


And all along I thought he forgot about me and moved on.

He has always been the love of my life.

Wait Andrea! What are you saying? You have a handsome fiance and is pregnant with his child.


I still have to make this right with Taylor… once he wakes up.

*1 hour later*


The boys had put Taylor on the couch to sleep on until he woke up and had a icepack on his cheek.


Nash and Cameron left to their house, (which btw is just 3 blocks away… and I didn’t even know?!) and I was gonna call them when Taylor woke up.


I was currently sleeping on the opposite couch as Taylor when I heard him talk faintly.


Taylor: “Andrea?”


I ran to his side to see if he was okay.


Me: “Yeah Taylor?”

Taylor: “What exactly happened?”

Me: “Uhmm well Justin punched you because he got jealous…”

Taylor: “But why would he be jealous?”


I sighed.


Me: “Because you called me the nickname… that Justin called me when we first met..”

Taylor: “But-but that was my nickname for you…”


I looked down.


Me: “I know…”


I couldn't contain myself anymore. Deep down inside I still had feelings for him.


Taylor: “I’m sorry for calling you-”


I cut him off by leaning down and kissed him.

He obviously liked it cuz he kissed back and deepened the kiss by putting his hand on the back of my head which pushed my lips farther onto his.


(Taylor’s POV)


Her beautiful brown eyes were looking into mine.


I’ve always loved her, ever since the first day I laid eyes on her. And I became heartbroken when I found out that she has a fiance, and got pregnant from him.


And I always thought that I’d be the one with her, forever.


Me: “I’m sorry for calling you-”


Before I could finish I realized she was leaning in to kiss me.

Does she still have feelings for me?


So many thoughts were running through my mind, but then I felt those soft lips on mine that i've missed for years.


I kissed back and deepened the kiss by putting my hand on the back of her head; pushing her lips closer to mine.


Things kept getting pretty intense. Until we heard the door open...


//////// Hey omg it's been forever since I last updated!! I meant to do it last week but I was kinda busy babysitting and I had no inspiration tbh. and I'm going to be ending it soon because I feel as if nobody is reading it anymore so the next few chapters will be it's last :(

btw I changed my instagram and twitter to different usernames so @biebrauhla isn't mine anymore. I changed it to @cloudcaniff if you guys still wanted to follow me.






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