Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


17. "We are done!"


(Justin's POV)


Ryan: "I- uhhhh..."

Me: "Uhhh what?"

Ryan: "I... Wasn't exactly drunk..."


My mouth fell into a 'O' shape.


Me: "So. You cheated on Natalie on purpose?"


He slightly nodded.


Me: "How could you do that to my girlfriends' best friend?"

Ryan: "At the time, Natalie and I were always getting into fights, we have been ever since the baby died. And so one night, I felt really stressed..... And so I called my brother and he was going to a club that night so he said I should come with to get my mind off of things..."

Me: "But explain the part where you cheated?"

Ryan: "My brother had gave me a couple drinks.... And a couple drinks turned into more and more. After that I was a little drunk.... I knew what was going on..."

Me: "And?"

Ryan: "And... My brother found this girl, who was kinda cute and so he hooked us up.... Before I knew it she was on to me, AND SHE WAS KISSING ME! I WASNT KISSING HER! And I knew it was wrong, so I pulled away and left her, or so I thought. She came back and led me to a room and she seduced me, and that's when I slept with her. At the time I didn't care who it was with, an I enjoyed it, but I only did it because I was so stressed. But now I swear, if I could I would go back and I would have never went to that club."

Me: "Dude. You are fucked up."

Ryan: "I know..."


He put his head down.


Me: "What are you going to tell Natalie when she finds out?"

Ryan: "Shit."

Me: "What?"

Ryan: "I can't keep this from her... But I don't know how to tell her."

Me: "Your-"

Andrea: "You won't have to, she already knows."


Natalie walked in with tear stained cheeks.


Natalie: "We're done Ryan!"


She ran out of the room.


Andrea: "And now she's upstairs probably crying some more... Thanks for breaking her heart."


She said walking back out of the kitchen up the stairs. So this whole time Ryan was talking, Andrea and Natalie were behind the kitchen door listening...


Ryan put his hands in his hair and sighed.


Ryan: "Fuck this. Fuck everything! I made the love of my life cry, I broke her heart...."


He sobbed sliding down the counter.

At this point I'm pretty sure Chaz and Austin would of came in by now with all the loud noise. And I was right.


Chaz: "Hey. What's with the- Yo, what's going on?"

Me: "Long story man."

Chaz: "I've got time."


I explained everything about how Ryan cheated to where Natalie heard everything.


Chaz: "Man, that's fucked up!"


Ryan just nodded.


(Andrea's POV)


Melanne and I were on mine and Justin's bed trying to comfort Natalie. She was laying on her stomach and her head was buried In the pillows. Tiny sobs left her mouth. Melanne tried cheering her up but it was no use.

After a while Natalie finally lifted her head. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked so tired.


Natalie: "I-I-I think I'm gonna go to my moms house."

Me: "Ok."

Natalie: "Do you think you could take me there?"

Me: "Yeah. Sure, of course."


Melanne, Natalie and I headed downstairs towards the kitchen. I told Natalie and Melanne to get in the car while I go tell the guys I'm taking her to her moms.


Me: "Justin, I'll be right back. I'm taking Natalie to her moms."


Justin nodded.


Ryan: "Wait! Can I talk to her?"

Me: "Ryan, she needs some time to think. She will talk when she's ready."


I left out the door. Before I could get in the car Ryan came rushing out. At this point the car door was open.


Ryan: "Wait! Tell Natalie I will always and still love her.... No matter what."


He said the last part with tears threatening to fall. Natalie could hear with the door being open, and I turned to her and more tears were coming out.

I sighed and got in the car buckling myself and starting the car.

Just when I was about to pull out Ryan came running up to Natalie's window.

He knocked on it and motioned to roll it down. I just opened the sunroof so we could hear him but he couldn't get close to Natalie.


Ryan: "Natalie, this isn't over... Right?"

Natalie: "We are done!"


She said with more tears falling.


Ryan: "Wait!"


This time I didn't wait. I started pulling out of the driveway more. And this time I got to the street. He came running after the car yelling Natalie's name.


The more we drove off down the street, the more he tried to catch up. He finally stopped at the end of are street. I could tell she couldn't hold back the tears anymore. When I thought she was crying so much earlier, I was wrong. She's crying the worst now.


Right when we pulled up to her moms house the last words she said before she got out was.

Natalie: "Ill still always love him."

/////So what do you think about Ryan and Natalie's relationship now? Do you think they'll get back together? Are they going to make it work? There is going to be some things happening in this book that your not expecting. Love you💕 Follow me on twitter @biebrauhla and instagram @biebrauhla. help me get to 2K on both of them😊 -Carissa🌸

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