Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


13. "Today was just not a good day"


*4 months later*


(Andrea's POV)


It's been 4 months since Justin and I have been together, Natalie is pregnant and she's getting an ultrasound tomorrow to see what's the gender. But right now they are at a hotel to let justin and I have alone time for once, since Melanne and Chaz have been gone for a few days because they are at Mel's parents house introducing Chaz to her family. So it's just Justin, and I for the next week or so.


*later that night*


Justin and I had just taken a shower (in different bathrooms). I decided to wear one of Justin's shirts and wore that with some of my pajama shorts. Justin was shirtless and wearing his sweats and we went downstairs to eat something. After that we went to the living room.


Justin: "what do you want to do babe?"

Me: "ummm. I'm not sure. What do you want to do?"

Justin: "well I was kinda hoping we could cuddle upstairs..."

Me: "ok.... We can do that..."


I gave him a smirk.


Justin: "alright babe"


He said smirking back walking towards me.

He picked me up bridal style and I giggled.

He brought me up to our bed and laid me down, he got right next to me and put his arms around me. He started leaving soft kisses on my neck.


Me: "babe..."

Justin: "huh"


He said mumbling into my neck.


Me: "I love you."

Justin: "I love you more."


He smiled and leaned into kiss me. I put both my hands on his cheeks and he leaned in more over me. He started mumbling but I couldn't hear what he was saying.

He then got closer (even though I don't think that would be possible) and put his hands on my waist.

We were both panting and things were getting pretty intense.

He were touching each other all over and then when we were about to take each others clothes off, I got a call.


Me: "ummm. Ill just go get that...."


I stood up and walked over to where my phone was.

It's was Natalie. What would she be calling about at 11pm?


Me: "hello?"

Natalie: "Andrea!"

Me: "yeah, that's who you called."

Natalie: "Ryans not here and I need your help, I'm bleeding!"

Me: "wait. What!?"


(Justin's POV)


Andrea: "wait. What!?


I got a little scared when Andrea was pacing back and fourth. She had a worried look on her face.


Andrea: "Uhh-huh." "Yeahhhh." "Where are you at?" "Ok. Ill be there in 15" "alright, bye."

Me: "who was that?"

Andrea: "Natalie."

Me: "what's the matter, is she ok?"

Andrea: "no, she's bleeding, and Ryan's not there, so I'm going over there."

Me: "wait, she's bleeding? What does that mean?"

Andrea: "that means she might of lost the baby, justin."


She gave me a sad look.


Andrea: "where are the keys?"

Me: "I'll take you."

Andrea: "no it's fine."

Me: "no, I don't want you getting hurt."

Andrea: "fine."


We headed towards the car and Andrea told me the directions.


(Andrea's POV)


We got to her hotel room and I just walked right in because when we were on the phone she told me to.


Me: "Natalie?"

Natalie: "I'm in here!"

I turned my head to where her voice was coming from.

I walked over to her and she looked dead scared.

Justin was standing by the door because I told him to stay there unless I said I needed him.


Me: "alright, why don't you get dressed and then Justin and I will take you to the hospital."

Natalie: "alright."


She got changed and we all got in the car. I told justin to drive us to the hospital while I call Ryan.




Natalie was in a hospital gown and Ryan was holding her hand. Justin and I were sitting across the room  from them.


*knock knock*


The comes in with a sad look on her face.


Doctor: "Ms. The baby didn't make it. "


Ryan and Natalie looked at each other in shock. I could tell Natalie was going to cry.

Justin had his arms around me and we looked at each other.


Doctor: "ill let you guys be."


Since Natalie and Ryan were in shock I spoke for them.


Me: "thank you."


She nodded.


Right when she left, Natalie burst into tears. And Ryan had tears falling from his face.

Ryan wrapped his arms around her fully as Natalie buried her head if his chest.


I started crying myself.

I leaned into Justin's chest and he wrapped his arms around me rubbing my back.


Justin: "it's ok."


Justin buried his face in the crook of my neck. I could tell he was crying because I could feel wet marks on my neck.


Today was just not a good day.



///////ok so that was chapter 12. Again, Im sorry it was short, they have been short lately because of how busy I am, and when I'm not busy I'm really tired. And right now I'm in the car going to Chicago, so I kinda got bored and decided to finish updating this chapter. So now I'm going to update on my other book, called 'Forever and Always' Please go check it out!✌
Love you!💕

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