Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


4. Ryan and Chaz...

*3 months later*

(Justin's POV)

Ever since the first day I came here to California, Andrea and I have been best friends. My 2 friends from back at home; Ryan and Chaz are coming to visit. So they will be here today. I want to introduce them to Andrea.


I got out of the shower and decide to call Andrea.

*Phone Conversation*

Andrea: “hello?”

Me: “hey beautiful”

Andrea: “hey justy. I told you to not call me that! I'm not beautiful.”

Me: “Andrea, you are way beyond beautiful.”


It got silent.

I always tell her she's beautiful But she always says the opposite. I meant what I said. She is beyond beautiful. She's gorgeous!


Andrea: “thanks justin. You always find a way to make me happy.”

Me: “I know I do. Oh um what time are you coming over to meet Chaz and Ryan? “

Andrea: “Well when are they coming over?”

Me: “around 2... So in 3 hours I guess”

Andrea: “then I'll be over then. Unless you want me over sooner…”

Me: “yea. That would be great.”

Andrea: “ok. I'll be over in 15”

Me: “alright see you then.”

Andrea: “bye Justy”

Me: “bye beautiful”

She giggled on the other end:)

*end of conversation*




*knock knock*


That must be Andrea.

I went down stairs  to get the door, but my mom already answered it.

They both smiled and hugged each other.


Andrea: “It's so good to see you Pattie!”

Pattie: “Oh you too, Andrea!”


I cleared my throat.


Andrea: “oh, hey Justin”.

Me: “hey Andrea.”

Pattie: “oh Justin. Ryan called. He said they will be here early. So around 1.”

Me: “ok. That's fine.”

Me: “Andrea. Want to go to my room?”

Andrea: “sure.”

Pattie: “Justin, no funny business.”

Me: “ok mom. I got it.”


Andrea started to laugh


Me: “what?”


I said while smiling


Andrea: “nothing.”

Me: “what is it Andrea?”

Andrea:” it's just cute when you get embarrassed…”

Me: “so you're calling me cute?”

Andrea: “no.”


She said that as she sat on my bed.


Me: “uhh. Yea you did.”


I said that as I sat next to her on my bed.



Me: “you called me cute.”

Andrea: “Nuh-uh.”

Me: “whatever.”


Andrea and I layed down and just stared at the wall.


Me: “wanna watch tv?”

Andrea: “yea. That seems better than staring at the wall…”


I got up and turned on the tv. SpongeBob was on.


Andrea: “YES!”


That's Andrea for ya.

While she was watching tv, I linked hands with her. She noticed, but didn't care.




*knock knock*

Without me being able to get up. They barged in the room.

Ryan: “hey Justin!”

Chaz: “Justin!!! I haven't seen you in forever!!!  ohhh. Are you Andrea, Justin was talking about?”

Andrea: “I guess.”

Chaz: “you weren't kidding when you said she was hot!”

Me: “uhh. Guys!”

Ryan: “man, Justin. You got yourself a keeper.”

Me: “Ryan, we're not dating.”

Chaz: “so that means I can have her?”

Me: “no one can have her!”

Andrea: “actually, Chaz is kinda cute.”

Did she say he was cute. I thought she liked me?


(Andrea's POV)

Me: “actually, Chaz is kinda cute.”


Justin got silent.


Chaz: “well thank you. See Justin. She does like me.”


I only said that because Justin was kind of getting loud. And he seemed a little jealous... So lets see where this goes.


I just smiled.


Justin: “ok well that's enough.”

Me: “calm down Justin. It's not like we would date.”


I got closer and kissed his cheek on purpose to see what he would do.

He blushed and smiled real big.

Chaz: “uhh! Do I get a kiss?”


I kissed Chaz's cheek.


Ryan: “what about me?”


He had a puppy dog face.

I went over and kissed his cheek.


Chaz: “what about this time on the lips?”

Andrea: “Alright, no more kisses.”

Justin: “yea. Only I get the kisses.”


(Justin's POV)

Me: “yea. Only I get the kisses.”


Did I just say that out loud.

Oh shit. I did. I can't have her know I like her. Cuz what if she doesn't like me. And if I tell her I like her and she doesn't like me back, this could ruin our friendship.


Chaz: “uhhh. Justin?”

Me: “yea.”

Chaz: “you like her don't you.”


I couldn't say yes, because Andrea was right there.


Me: “Pffft. no.”

(Andrea's POV)


Chaz: “uhhh. Justin?”

Justin: “yea.”

Chaz: “you like her don't you.”


I hope he will say yes. Please say yes!


Justin: “Pffft. no.”


I felt like my heart just broke. Then what was with him and calling me 'beautiful' of all those nice names.

Just act like you don't care... You don't care. Andrea. It's fine. Chaz and Ryan like you. Go for Chaz! No. He isn't Justin. I like Justin.


Chaz: “so you wouldn't care if I asked her out?”


Please say yes. Please say you care, Justin.


Justin: “I-I-I  d-don't  c-care.”


He was stuttering.


(Justin's POV)


Chaz: “so you wouldn't care if I asked her out?”


Hell yea I would care!

But I don't think she likes me…


Me: “I-I-I  d-don't  c-care.”


It was hard for me to say that.


Chaz: “ok then. Andrea, will you go out with me?”

Andrea: “uhhh. I mean. We just met.”


Thank god she basically turned him down.


Chaz: “what if we got to know each other. Than would you?”

Andrea: “we could try…”


No. No. No!!! She is suppose to be with me! That's it. I can't hold it back. I have to tell her!!!

Me: “Andrea?”

Andrea: “yea.”


I started having second thoughts.


No. You can't, Justin. Not today.


Me: “I-I-I hope you guys can get to know each other better.”


I put a fake smile on my face.

I really didn't want to say that. If I couldn't tell Andrea how I felt. And I couldn't tell Chaz.... I'm telling Ryan. I know he'll keep a secret.


Me: “Ryan. Can I talk to you in the hallway?”

Ryan: “yea sure.”




Ryan: “so. What did you want to say?”

Me: “Ryan. I like Andrea. Okay? And I don't want Chaz to know, but yet I don't want him dating her! Ya get what I'm saying?”

Ryan: “oh. So you want me to.... Tell Chaz... Not to date her?”

Me: “uh. Well. Something like that. But don't make it to obvious. Ok?”

Ryan: “ok.”


Just then Chaz walked out.


Chaz: “whatcha talkin bout?”

Me: “nothing....”

Chaz: “sure…”


Andrea came out.


Andrea: “I'm going to head downstairs.”

Me: “I'll come with you.”


I smile and she smiled back.


(Ryan's POV)


Andrea: “Im going to head downstairs.”

Justin: “I’ll come with you.”


Justin gave me a sign to tell Chaz.

Chaz: “I wonder what that was about…”

Me: “yea. Um Chaz?”

Chaz: “yea.”

Me: “do you mind... Laying off, Andrea?”

Chaz: “why? It's not like she wants you.”

Me: “no. But. Andrea likes justin. And....”

Chaz: “and what?”

Me(whispering): “Justin is gonna kill me if I say this….”

Chaz: “say what?”

Me: “and Justin likes her…”

Chaz went silent…


//////// OoOoOoOoOoOoo!!!! I wanna give a shoutout to my BFF melanne... She's reading this, so hey Melviny😊 Follow her on twitter @shazcomerss!!! I hope you like the book Melanne... Don't worry. You'll be in the book very soon....



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