Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


22. Oh my god


*1 month later*


It's been a month since I found out I was pregnant and Justin and I told our family. They all were actually very happy and comforting. It was good to see my brother and sister for the first time in a year. My brother is still single.... I don't think that'll ever change. But as for my sister, she has a boyfriend. And he's really nice so I'm happy for her. I got to meet Justin's siblings Jazzy and Jaxon again. It was so long since the last time I met them.




Justin and I were currently in our pool with Chaz, Melanne, Ryan and Natalie.

I was wearing my fav bikini, since I'm not showing a baby bump yet, I've got to show my good body while I can:)


Me: "So I heard it's yours and Austin's 1 month anniversary tomorrow... am I right?"


I said referring to Natalie.


Natalie: "Actually yes it is."

Me: "Do you know what you guys are gonna do?"

Natalie: "He said he's taking me somewhere special. And then something afterwards. If you know what I mean."


Natalie smirked.


Melanne: "If he gets in your pants, make sure he wears a condom. You don't wanna end up like Andrea and Justin now do you..."

Natalie: "Yeah yeah, Shutup. "


Justin and I went back to talking to each other.


Justin: "I want you. Now."


He said smirking.


Me: "Well then let's go inside."

Justin: "Okay... future Mrs. Bieber."


He smirked and rubbed my thigh underneath the water.

I squealed at first which made Chaz, Melanne, and Natalie turn our way.

Chaz cleared his throat.


Chaz: "Uhmmm. You guys ok?"

Justin: "Yeah, I'm just gonna take Andrea inside. You guys have fun."

Melanne: "Yeah. You too.  But don't have TOO much fun...."


Mine and Justin's cheeks turned red.


Melanne: "Oh lord...."

Chaz: "Well if we hear Andrea screaming your name, we won't be too worried."

Justin: "Haha. Well if you come in. Just make sure not to come in our room."

Melanne: "We wouldn't dream of it...!"

Me: "Good."


Justin picked me up out of the water and ran us inside.


Me: "Justin, I'm cold!! Get me a towel!"


I said laughing and yelling at the same time.

Justin grabbed a huge towel and wrapped it around both of us.

He leaned in and started to kiss me. I deepened the kiss and put my hands around his neck and pulled at the ends of his hair.


Justin picked me up bridal style still kissing me carrying me up the stairs to our room.

When we got in our room he plopped me on the bed and just hovered over me while kissing my neck and leaving a hickey.


He started forcefully kissing me with passion.

His hands trailed down to the ends of my bikini top.

He took it off and put his hands on my boobs and messaged them.

He started to suck on my nipples making them hard.

I took off his swim trunks and pulled out his dick.

Justin took off my bikini bottoms and started to finger me. First slow that fast.

Then he put his dick in me and started thrusting harder and harder each time.


             (Justin's POV)


I was thrusting into her harder and harder each time. She was moaning and screaming my name; which I loved;)

I didn't want to be too rough on her so I slowed down after a while.

I kissed her on the forehead and collapsed right next to her while she snuggled up to my body.


Me: "I love you."

Andrea: "I love you too."


After that we had drifted off to sleep.





Andrea and I had just woken up from our nap, because we got worn out from.... you know what;) so we headed down stairs.

We saw Ryan and Chaz playing the Xbox while Melanne and Natalie were watching.

They turned their attention toward us when they heard us coming.

Chaz paused and spoke.


Chaz: "Finally! You guys are awake."


We reached the end of the stairs and sat down by them.


Me: "Yeah. But we were only sleeping for 2 hours."

Chaz: "Maybe you were sleeping the last hour, but before then what was the 'JUSTINNN. HARDER. FUCK!!' About?"


I grinned real big and looked over at Andrea who's cheeks were really red and burning up.


Chaz: " 'OH JUSTIN. YES. YES. FUCK!' "


As Chaz tried to mimic Andrea from earlier.


Andrea: "Oh shut up!"


She said as her cheeks turned into a lighter pink.


Andrea: "And I thought you guys were in the pool anyways."

Ryan: "We were, but then Chaz got hungry; like always, and so then Melanne followed behind. So it was just Natalie and I, but things got awkward. So we came in and started to play the xbox."

Andrea: "Ohhh."

Melanne: "Uhmmm, don't you have a ultrasound today?"

Andrea: "Omg, yeah. I totally forgot!"

Chaz: "Of course you would with all the 'JUSTIN. FUCK YES' going on."


Andrea stood up heading to the kitchen but when he said that sheplayfullyl slapped his arm.


Chaz: "Jeez sorry."

Andrea: "Pfft. Well I'm gonna be upstairs getting ready. Since it's in a hour."

Ryan: "Why at 5:30, isn't that a little late?"

Andrea: "I have a special doctor that doesn't come until then."

Ryan: "Oh."

Chaz: "When do we get to come to one of your ultra sounds?"

Justin: "When we find out the gender, then you all can be there."

Ryan: "And when will that be?"

Andrea: "In about 3 months."

Chaz: "We have to wait until then?"

Andrea: "Yes. Now just be happy we will be letting you come to it. Most people don't like other people in the room."

Chaz: "Okay. Fine."




             *Andrea's POV*



Justin and I found out that the baby is fine and healthy and we can find out the gender in exactly 3 months which will be March 12.

Ryan left about 5 minutes ago to drive home, but Melanne, Natalie, and Chaz were still here; which isn't a problem.




Justin, Chaz, Natalie, Melanne and I were all in the theater room watching a movie.

Justin had gotten a call so we paused the movie.


           (Justins POV)


I had gotten a call from an unknown number.

Me: "Hello?"

Unknown: "Yes, are you Justin?"

Me: “Umm yes. May I ask who's speaking?"

Unknown: “This is Jerry from St. Marry's hospital; I was calling because of an emergency, we have a young man named Ryan Butler who had gotten in a car crash here, we couldn't get a hold of any other family so you were the next person on the list, we would need you here for some paperwork for his surgery."


I was speechless.


Justin: "S-s-surgery?"

Unknown: "Yes, he hit his head really hard so he will need to go into surgery."

Me: "Yes, I'll be down there as soon as I can."


And after that I hung up.


Me: "Guys we gotta go to the hospital."

Andrea: "Why what's the matter?"

Justin: "Ryan got in a car crash and has to go into surgery cuz he hit his head hard."

Natalie: "Oh my god."

Justin: "So let's go guys."


OMG guys! What's gonna happen! Will Ryan be ok?!!!

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I hope you guys are having an amazing 2014 so far ♡









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