Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


1. New Kid...

(Andrea's POV)

*6:30 am*

As I hear my alarm go I swoop out of bed and grab my clothes and head to the shower. Today is a Friday, thank god! But today we are suppose to have some new kid today. You know how I remember that? Because my BFF Melanne wouldn't stop blabbering about "THE NEW KID THE NEW KID" all week.  She wouldn't stop saying "What if he's cute?" "What if he's ugly?" "Older or younger than us?" To be honest I really do hope he's cute, because there isn't a lot of cute boys at my school. I mean you would think through the years of highschool someone hot would come along! But no. And yes, I'm 17 and still single. I've been asked out a couple of times by guys but.... I guess not interested. But I hope this guy is... I don't know, more my type I guess you could say.

By time I was done 'talking' to myself, I got out of the shower and dried my hair. I got dressed and did my makeup. Some foundation and a few swipes of mascara. By time I was done my hair was finally dry. I straightened my brown hair and then put on some Chapstick and headed down the stairs. My mom, dad, and my brother Anthony was up and watching tv. Anthony doesn't go to school. Well I mean he already graduated. Im surprised though.

Me: “Good morning guys.”

Mom: “Good morning sweetheart.”

Anthony: “hey whore.”

I stuck my tongue out at him.

Dad: “Hey Anthony, don't be saying mean things to your sister.”

Anthony: “why not?”

He said as a dumb ass he is.

Dad: “Don't you remember when you hated it when Anna would call you those mean names?”

He got silent.

Cuz my dad had a point. Anna was our big sister who lives in Chicago. She's like, what? 22 now. I don't know but whatever.


Me: “ok well I'm heading to school.”

Mom: “ok Andrea, love you.”

Me:  “love you too mom, and you too dad.”

He smiled and stared back at the tv.

I skipped out the door and headed to my car to pick up my bff Melanne.


Melanne: “Hey Girlllll.”

Me: “Hey, Aren't you excited?”

Melanne: “about what?”

Me: “a duhhh. You have been bugging me about this the whole week…”

Melanne: “oh yea. The new kid! Well I guess.”

Me: “oh. So now that the day has come you are not excited?”

Melanne: “fine I'm excited.”

I shrugged and rolled my eyes.

We were finally at school and headed to our lockers. Melanne's locker was to the left of mine And to the right was a empty one. We headed to our first class.

As I noticed something unusual..... There was an empty desk right next to mine. Great. I know I was a little excited in the car but. What if he's mean, or ugly. What if he does drugs. Like eww. I don't want to have to sit by him for first class the whole rest of the year!


Teacher: “class, please sit.”


Melanne and I took our seats right next to each other (she sat the the right of me and the empty desk was to the left)


We stopped talking when my teacher spoke up.

Teacher: “Class, meat Justin.”

He said that as the new kid walked in.

Melanne and I both looked at each other.


Melanne (whispering): “do you know what I'm thinking?”

Me (whispering): “uh huh. Damn he's hot!”


We both grinned real big.


Teacher: “Justin, why don't you have seat right next to Andrea.”

He said pointing to me.

Melanne: “Ohhh. You're damn lucky girl…”



//// so hey guys!!! That was my first chapter. I hope you like it!!! I'm really excited about it! TELL me what you guys think. Should I right more? Idk. But tell me. Anyway. Bye bye.

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