Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


5. Melanne.....

(Chaz's POV)


Ryan: “And Justin likes her…”


I went silent.

Wait. No he doesn't. He even told me himself, he didn't care. This is just some lame excuse for Ryan to get her. And I'm gonna prove them wrong.


Me: “is some kind of trick so you can get Andrea?”

Ryan: “no. Dude. I don't care if you have her. But, Justin does.”

Me: “no he-”


I got cut off by Justin walking in the room.


Justin: “umm. You guys wanna head down to Starbucks with Andrea and I?

Ryan: “yea sure.”

Me: “yea we'll be down in a sec.”

Justin: “ok.”


He went downstairs.


Ryan: “Chaz, don't do this to Justin. Remember his last girlfriend? Yea. Exactly. So lay off her. Ok?”


Well, In Justin's last relationship they dated for a while. And his girlfriend at the time had a super big crush on me. And I was dating someone else at the time. So when my old girlfriend and I broke up... She broke up with Justin for me. And so she used Justin just to be around me. They broke up.  I wasn't thinking... so I started dating her when she asked me out. I thought Justin broke up with her and I felt bad. And I thought Justin didn't care. So after a while, Justin thought I could get any girl I wanted.


We headed downstairs to see Andrea and Justin talking. It looked like Justin was flirting.

Just looking at them made me know, that they both like each other. And I'm gonna lay off Andrea. For Justin.


We headed out to Justin's car.

Justin drove. Ryan sat next to him.... So me and Andrea sat in the back together.

I'm was awkward silent. So I decided to make a conversation with Andrea.


Me: “so... Andrea. Do you have any siblings?”

Andrea: “two, but my older sister lives in Chicago. so I just live with my brother... And parents.”

Me: “oh. Do you have a big house?”

Justin: “very.”

Me: “I wasn't asking you! Andrea, do you have a big house.”


She laughed a little.


Andrea: “I guess so.”

Me: “hmm. We should hang out sometime.”


I turned my head to Justin as I said that.


Justin: “or maybe we should get out of the car and go order.”


He said that as we parked.


Me(faintly): “yeah. Maybe.”


We got our orders and sat at a table.


(Andrea's POV)


I was drinking my Latté and I got text from my friend Melanne.


To: Andrea

From: Melanne

Hey girl:) do you think we could hang out tonight?


To: Melanne

From: Andrea

I'm Kinda with Justin and his two friends... So I don't know if you wanted to hang out tonight, my place? The boys will be there too. Justin is spending the night. But Chaz and Ryan are just staying for a movie. And Chaz is cute;) if ya know what I mean....


To: Andrea

From: Melanne

Ok. Sounds great, and don't try to set me up with someone I haven't even met!:)


I smiled.


Justin: “watcha smiling about pretty girl?”

Me: “oh nothing.... Umm. Ya think my friend melanne can hang out with us tonight?”

Justin: “yea sure.”

Chaz: “I wouldn't mind another girl... If she's single that is.”

Me: “yes Chaz. She's single.”

Chaz: “great.”

Ryan: “I feel left out…”


Ryan said as a joke.


Me: “don't feel left out RyRy.”


That's my name for him, RyRy.


We left and stopped at Justin's house to get his things. Then we headed to my place.




*At Andrea's house*


Me: “Mom, Dad. I'm home”

Mom: “oh hey sweetie. Your dads at the hospital because of your grandpa So he's staying over night.”

Me: “oh. Well melanne is coming over as well.”

Mom: “ok. That's fine.”

Me: “where's Anthony at?”

Mom: “hospital with your dad. But he will be here tonight. So. It's just you guys for right now, until he gets home.”

Me: “what about you”

Mom: “I'm going to the hospital to comfort your dad.”

Me: “Ohh.”


*20 minutes later*


Mom: “alright Andrea, I'm leaving. I'll be back around noon tomorrow.  Remember, no funny business.”

Me: “Mom.You can trust me, remember?”

Mom:  “I know I know. Just be safe. Love you.

Me: “you too mom.”


She left and drove off.

Well it's just me, Justin, Chaz, and Ryan. Until Mel gets here... Which should be soon.


Chaz: “damn. When you said your house is big... You weren't lying!”


I giggled.


Ryan: “what do you wanna do?”

Chaz: “let's go swimming!”

Me: “I could go for a swim.”

Ryan: “me too.”

Justin: I'm gonna drive over and get my swim shorts. Chaz, Ryan  and I will be back.”

Me: ok. I'll be here.




While they were gone Melanne got here.

Melanne: “hey! What are you doing in your bikini?”

Me: oh. Ryan, Chaz, Justin and I are going for a swim.”

Melanne: “and you don't even tell meeee!?”

Me: “Melanne! You know where my other bikini's are!”

Melanne: “yea yea. I'm going.”


She went up stairs and came down in one of my black bikini's.

I was wearing my purple strapless top. With a neon pink bottoms.


*knock knock*


Justin: “we're back!”

Me: “great!”

Melanne was in the pool already.

And, well. I think she's gonna like Chaz...


Chaz started to drool and stare at me.


Ryan: “dude. Contain yourself.”

Chaz: “oh. Yea sorry. It's just....

Me: “it's me isn't it?”

Chaz: “uh-huh.”

Me: “Well melanne is in the pool already. So I'm heading out.”


(Justin's POV)


Damn Andrea. You just have to look so hot.

I thought to myself.


Chaz: “so. Imma head out..... Ya know. Check on, uhhh. Andrea! Yea. Andrea. Gotta go.

He doesn't want to check on Andrea. He just wants to see Melanne.”


(Chaz's POV)


I went out to the pool and Andrea and the girl who is supposedly Melanne, where laughing. I couldn't see Melanne's face because she was faced the other way. Right when I got closer, Andrea kind of coughed and pointed a little to me.


Melanne turned around and.... She was so beautiful.


Justin. You can have Andrea


I said to myself.


After I probably stared at her for about 2 minutes and probably freaked her out.... She spoke.


Melanne: “umm. Hi. I'm melanne.”


She waved a little.


Me: “uhhh. I'm. I'm. I'm…”


Just then Ryan and justin walked out and spoke up.


Justin: “his name is Chaz. Chaz this is melanne. Melanne is Andrea's cousin... Yet best friend.”

Me: “uhh. Yea. I'm Chaz. Sorry about that.”

Melanne: “it's, fine.”


She smiled.


*2 minutes later*


Justin: “Are you going to join us or are you going to keep starring at Melanne?”


I was too busy staring at Melanne that I didn't notice Justin was already in the pool.


Me: “uhhh. Yea. Sorry.”


I jumped into the pool and swam over to them. Andrea and Justin were talking about who knows what.


Me: “So Sorry about a little bit ago…”

Melanne: “It's fine.”


She smiled.

I smiled back.


Me: “hey. Do you want to go over to that side of the pool?”


I pointed to the end of the pool.


Melanne: “sure.”


We went to the end of the pool so Andrea and Justin couldn't hear us. Her pool was really big and long so.... You get the picture.


Me: “So, are you the only child?”

Melanne: “no. I have 3 other brothers.”

Me: “So you're the only girl?”

Melanne: “well. I guess you could say that. But Andrea and I are so close, that we call each other sisters. And we've known each other ever since we were born.”

Me: “so you guys are cousins?”

Melanne: “yep.”

Me: “Cool. So where do you live?”

Melanne: “just down the block.”

Me: “oh. Nice.”

Melanne: “yea... So how long are you staying?”

Me: “um. As long as justin wants, I guess.”

Melanne: “oh. So then you and Ryan go back to Canada?”

Me: “I guess....”

Ryan: “so. Whatcha talkin bout?”

Melanne: “I was asking when you guys go back to Canada.”

Ryan: “ohhhh.”



Ryan: “I'll just go talk to Justin and Andrea.”

Me: “yea. You go do that.”


(Ryan's POV)


I left them because I figured Chaz wanted to talk to Melanne. I went over to Justin and Andrea and kinda overheard their conversation.


Andrea: “I would love that....”


I heard her say.


Me: “love what?”

Justin: “nothing.”



Me: “ok. Ok. You want me to leave too. Huh? Chaz shooed me away and you're doing the same..... Yea sure. It's fine.”

Andrea: “No Ryan, stay.”


She put her hand on my shoulder.

I felt some kind of sparks.

Oh know. I can't be Falling for Andrea, too.......


Ryan: “oh. That's ok. I was just getting out anyway.”


I got out of the pool.

Do I.... Like Andrea?




(Justin's POV)


Anthony had came home and we were all on their big couch watching 'The Conjuring'💀👻




Ryan, Chaz, and melanne had left and Anthony had went to bed already. Andrea and I were still watching tv at 12:00 in the morning.




The movie had finished and Andrea was asleep on my lap.

She looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake her up.

So I carried her up to her bed.




I laid her on her bed and laid next her.

I kissed her forehead and drifted to sleep.















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