Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


16. I was just wondering

(A/N) The guy named Austin that Andrea used to date is actually Austin Mahone (but he isn't famous)




(Andrea's POV)
*next day*

I woke up to an empty spot next to me..... Justin was probably downstairs.

I turned on my phone to see the time which read 10:11pm.

Jeez, I should get up.

Just then my phone rang.

I looked at my phone reading the contact 'Melanne' and answered it.

*Phone Convo*

Me: "Hello?"

Melanne: "Hey, umm what time should we be over tonight.... Cuz we are already in town. Got here this morning. But anyway what time?"

Me: "Ummm. You can come around 8. Maybe 7 to get here early and help out."

Melanne: "Ok great. I'll talk to you later."

Me: "Yup. Bye."

*End of Convo*


I had already taken a shower, did my makeup, and got dressed.
I picked out some black high-wasted shorts and a white crop top.

I let my hair hang loose and have its natural wave.

I checked my phone to see the time which was 10:54.

I walked out of mine and Justin's room and walked down the stairs.

Justin was on the couch eating grapes watching tv. I sat right next to him.

Justin: "Hey babe. Finally decided to get up?"

Me: "I've been up. Just took a shower."

Justin: "Awww. So that means I could of showered with you?"

He gave me his puppy dog eyes.
Oh justin.

Me: "Sorry justin. But that's a no."

Justin: "Next time?"

Me: "Haha, No."

I took a handful of grapes and stuck some in my mouth.

Justin: "Hey missy. Get your own grapes."

I grabbed some more.

Justin: "Ugh."

He pretended to cry.

Me: "Don't be such a baby."

Justin: "But I'm your baby."

He smirked at me.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at the screen.


It was 6:30 and Mel and Chaz were on there way over so we could go swimming before everyone got here.
Your probably thinking 'swimming at this time?' Yeah, but the sun doesn't set until later and it's still warm out.


Mel and I were changing into out bikinis while the boys were getting in their swim trunks.

Melanne: "So..."

Me: "Yeah?"

I said as I was looking for some towels in my bathroom.

Melanne: "Justin... Kinda... Told... Chaz... Something... And... Then told me... About how...."

I cut her off.

Me: "About how what?"

Melanne: "Abouthowyouguyshadsex."

She said so fast I couldn't understand.

Me: "huh?"

Melanne: "About, how you guys had... Sex."

I froze.

I turned my head slowly toward her.

Me: "He what?"

By now my cheeks were burning.

Melanne: "Just the other day, Chaz called Justin. And they were talking, so.... Justin told Chaz, and Chaz told me.... And now I'm telling you."

I murmured something Melanne couldn't understand.

Melanne: "So your not a virgin!?"

She said in a teasing voice.

Me: "Well that's kinda what happens when you have sex, Mel!"

Melanne: "WOW!" (Note the sarcasm)


Melanne: "....... Yeah. And I'm gonna stay that way for a while!"

She said pointing her finger at me.

I rolled my eyes.

Me: "Yeah yeah. I betcha you wont be a virgin be the end of this year."

Melanne: "Shutup."

I laughed.


We grabbed the towels for all of us and headed out side.

The boys were already in the pool talking loudly.... Like boys normally do.

They were talking until they both saw us coming toward them.

Justin turned his head toward me.

Justin: "H-h-hey hottie."

He said looking at me.

Me: "Hey handsome."

I winked at him and he winked back.

I got in the pool and Justin wrapped his arms around my waist.

He smashed his lips to mine and put his hands on my cheeks.

Justin and I forgot Chaz and Mel were right there until They both cleared their throats.

I pulled out and turned to look at Mel now in the pool and Chaz's arm around her.

I blushed and hid my face in his chest.

I looked back at them.

Me: "Sorry...."

I blushed some more.

Justin: "You look so cute when you blush."

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Chaz: "Now now love birds... Let's not get to out of handle like the other night."

Me: "What about the other night?"

I pretended I didn't know what he was talking about.

Chaz: "You know."

Me: "Know what?"

Me(cont.):"Justin, what is he talking about?"

Justin: "Uhhhh. I-I-I don't know, Andrea."

Chaz(whispering):"She doesn't know you told me?"

Me: "Justin, what did you tell him!?"

Mel was behind Chaz and I saw her smirk. She knew what I was doing.

Justin: "N-n-nothing."

Me: "Well, I'm getting out."

Justin: "No, Andrea."

Me: "Then what did you tell him?"

I wasn't going anywhere until he admitted he told Chaz what we did, until then... I like to play around:)

Justin: "That we uhm. Had...."

Me: "Had what?"

Justin: "Sex."

Oh Justin, you really think I would of cared if you told Chaz? I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.

Me: "YOU WHAT!?"

By now Melanne was trying so hard not to laugh.

Justin: "I'm sorr-"

Melanne starts cracking up and about falling over.

I start laughing at how pathetic she looks.

And now Justin and Chaz are probably thinking we're freaks...

Melanne: "Sorry I couldn't hold it in!"

She said laughing in between each word.

Justin: "Wait. What's so funny?"

Chaz: "Yeah. Really."

Me: "Justin, do you really think I would of gotten that mad that you told Chaz that?"

Justin: "Uhhh. I don't know. I guess not."

Melanne: "She already knew. I told her."

Justin: "How'd you know?"

Melanne: "Duh, Chaz."

Justin: "I'm surprised. I would of thought Andrea would of told you."

Melanne: "Naw. She wouldn't. She knew I'd give her a hard time about waiting. And I already did."

Me: "Oh shut up!"

Melanne gives me a big grin.

Melanne: "Hehe."


We had gotten out of the pool a half an hour ago and were in our normal clothes.

Justin, Ryan and Chaz were outside grilling the food when Austin came. I told them to get to know each other, because they know nothing about Austin and Austin knows nothing about Chaz, Ryan and Justin.


Natalie, Mel, and I were in the living room on the couch talking about what we all did while we went our own ways for a few weeks.

Melanne: "Ok, so you know how my mom has never liked any of the guys I've dated?"

Natalie and I nodded.

Melanne: "Well she didn't just like Chaz, she was literally in love with him (not that way), she said he was so sweet and kind, and that he's the nicest boyfriend I've ever had."

Me: "That's surprising!"

No really, Mel's mom has NEVER liked any of her boyfriends.

Natalie: "Well, I got a job at Wal-Mart."

Me: "Really?"

Natalie: "Yeah, really."

Melanne: "Are you going to say the same thing to the customers like you said when you were younger?"

Natalie: "The 'Welcome to Wal-Mart, get your shit and get out.' Greet?"

Melanne: "Yeah. *laughs*"

Natalie: "I'm not sure anymore. I'd literally get fired! And I don't want that, I just got this job."

Me: "Yeah, well...."

Natalie: "So...... who's that cute guy out there? *points to Austin*"

Me: "Ohh, that's Austin. One of my old friends from high school."

Melanne: "Don't you mean 'Ex boyfriend'?"

Me: "Ugh. I know. But it's not important, I don't like him like that!"

Natalie: "Is he single?"

Me: "Yeah but- wait... Nat, your with Ryan!"

Natalie: "Oh yeah...."

Me: "Nat. I have to ask you something..."

Natalie: "Yeah?"

Me: "I've been thinking... Whenever you talk about Ryan, you seem bored about him. And you seem your feelings for him are gone. And right now you saying Austin is cute and asking if he's single, really shows how much you love Ryan-"

Before I could finish Natalie cut me off.

Natalie: "Ryan Cheated on me."

Mel and I gasped in shock.

Melanne: "How? When? With who?!"

Natalie: "It's not important anymore..."

Me: "Uhh. Nat, yes it is!"

Natalie: "Well last week, Ryan's brother took him to a club. Apparently he got drunk, found some girl, and slept with her. He said he was so sorry and he loved me too much for me to leave him... So I forgave him. But since then, our love for each other Is getting weak and weaker each day."

Me: "Ahhh. Nat, you know we're here for you. Right?"

Melanne: "Yeah, no matter what!"

Natalie: "Yeah; I know."

(Justin's POV)

I was grilling the burgers and talking to this Austin guy. He seemed pretty chill. Until he started talking about his past with Andrea.

Austin: "I remember when I had to leave. It was a sad day for both of us....."

Chaz and Ryan could tell I was getting mad at him.

Chaz: "Yeah. So tell us, are you going to college?"

Chaz said that to change the subject.

Austin: "Ohhh. I don't think I'm going to college."

Ryan: "Why not?"

Austin: "Because I already have a job, and I'm looking for a relationship."

Right when he said that I knew he was talking about wanting Andrea. Especially with talking about Andrea and his past, calling her unexpectedly the other day..... It all makes sense.


I was about to say something when Andrea came out.

Andrea: "Hey Justin, can I talk to you real quick."

Me: "Yeah babe."

I said walking over to her.

I kissed her on the lips In front of Austin on purpose to make him jealous.

She pulled out and smiled.

I put my hand on her butt and smacked it in front on the guys.

Me: "Hey!"

I smirked.

We were now in the kitchen.

Me: "So what did you want to talk about?"

Andrea: "Did Ryan ever talk to you about anything with him and Natalie?"

Me: "Umm. No. Not that I know of."

Andrea: "Ok. Well..... Did you know Ryan cheated on Nat last week?"

Me: "What!?"

Andrea: "No; I'm not kidding. Go ask him yourself. And see if he will tell you anything about it. If he was drunk or not."

Me: "Drunk?"

Andrea: "Yeah, he was at a club. Now go!"

She said pushing me out the back door back to the boys.

Ryan: "Hey, your back."

Me: "Yep."

I said looking down.

Chaz: "The burgers are done."

Me: "Alright, put them on a plate and go get the girls, I have to talk to Ryan real quick."

Chaz: "Alright man."

Ryan and I walked away from them.

Me: "I don't know how to ask this.... Umm... I was just asking, well. Wondering, but.... Did you cheat on Natalie on purpose... Or were you really drunk?"

Ryan: "I- uhhhh..."



///////I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoyed:)

Love you. 💕
Safe and Sound✨






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