Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


7. I love you.

 (A/N) just to let you know. It's already summer break If I didn't say, and Chaz and Ryan decided to move to LA. But back to the book


(Justin's POV)

*next day*

Well today Andrea, Ryan, and Melanne and I are going to plan more of Chaz's surprise birthday party since he's out of town for the day.


*1 hour later*


Andrea, Ryan, and Melanne are on their way over to hang out and plan.


*knock knock*

I got up to see who it was.

It's was Ryan and Andrea.


I opened the door.


Me: “hey!”

Ryan: “hey!”


Ryan and I did  our bro hug and I hugged Andrea.


Andrea: “hey.”


She said softly.


We walk into the living room and Andrea sits on the recliner while Ryan sits on the Couch. I decide to sit at the end of the couch with Ryan.


Andrea: “oh. Mel will be here in a few.”

Me: “okay.”


*knock knock*


Ryan: “I'll get it!”


Ryan got up to get the door.


Me: “So does melanne know our plan?”

Andrea: “yea. I told her.”

Me: “ok good.”


Melanne walked into the living room.


Melanne: “hey Andrea.”

Andrea: “hey.”


Melanne sat on the other chair next to Andrea.


Me: “So what's our plan?”

Andrea: “So in 5 days on Monday, Chaz is going to his dads. He will come back Wednesday, also known as his birthday and we will surprise him at the airport. We will make him think he is just having a little get together with just us.... But he doesn't know that we are bringing his cousins and family from Canada here and take everyone to Disneyland and do the first half of his birthday. Then we will all stay in a hotel. And the next day his family will go back home. Then it will be just us and Chaz at Disneyland to finish the other half. And that's all we have so far.”

Ryan: “Sounds good to me.”

Justin: “Don't we have to make reservations to book rooms?”

Andrea: “your mom is on to that today.”

Justin: “Alright then.”

Melanne: “so. Are we done?”

Me: “I guess so.”

Andrea: “so. do you guys want to come to my house and swim”

Me: “pfft. Heck yea!”

Ryan: “I could go for a swim.”

Melanne: “sure. Whatever.”

Andrea: “ok. So then I'll meet you guys at my house then?”

Me: “ok. Sounds great.”


Andrea and Melanne left to her house and Ryan and I are on our way over.


*Andrea's house*


We were at Andrea's house and walked to the back yard because we heard the girls laughing and talking.

Andrea and Melanne where just laying on the grass tanning. I could tell they were in the pool before cause their hair was wet. She looked so hot in her bikini. I want her now. What am I saying? We aren't together. She probably has eyes on someone else.


Me: “are you getting back in the pool again?”

Andrea: “oh yea. We were waiting for you guys.”

She took off her sunglasses and looked at me with a smile. She ran to the pool and jumped in. Melanne followed after.


(Andrea's POV)


I was awakened from my day dream about justin and I from... Well Justin himself…


Justin: “are you getting back in the pool again?”

Me: “oh yea. We were waiting for you guys”


I took off my sunglasses and If it wasn't for melanne patting my shoulder, I think I would've kept staring at Justin all day.

So I just smiled and jumped into the pool.

Melanne came after, and so did the boys.

We swam for a little while and talked all about Chaz's surprise party.


Ryan: “Justin, didn't you have to ask Andrea something?”


Ask me something? What would he want to ask me?


(Justin's POV)


Shit. Ryan? Why the hell would you say that?

Earlier when we were at my house I told him if I remember, I would confess my feelings for her. But I kinda was hoping he'd forget about it... But I guess not.


Me: “Uhhh. Yea. Right... Umm, Andrea?”

Andrea: “yea?”


At this point Ryan was nodding his head 'go for it' and Melanne was giving Ryan a questioning face.


I spit this out fast.


Me: “Andrea, EverSinceWeMetIHaveAlwaysHadFeelingsForYouAndI.... I-I- I love you.... I knew I shouldn't have said this…”


I had a disappointing face. I looked down cause I was too embarrassed to look up and see Andreas face. After all, she was right In front of me.

I was pulled out of my thoughts from Andrea lifting up my chin.

Right then and there Andrea put both her hands on my cheeks and leaned in for a kiss. I obviously kissed back. I wish I could stay like this forever.

Does she feel the same?



////// sorry it sucked. But I hope you guys liked it:)










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