Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


3. Hanging out with the boys

 (Andrea's POV)

*2 weeks later*

I had just woke up and Justin was coming  over today to spend the day with me and Anthony. We were suppose to do it 2 weeks ago but we changed it to today. Since we know each other better.

Justin was gonna stop by in 2 hours. So I need to get in the shower.


It is now 9:30 and Justin will be here in a hour and a half. I was wrapped in a towel and letting my hair hang loose for right now. So... What to wear... Hmmm.

*knock knock*

Mom: “can I come in?”

Me: “yea.”

Mom: “So Justin is coming over?”

Me: “Yes mom.”

Mom: “ok. Well your father and I normally wouldn't be letting this guy come over but... He seems really nice. And I talked to his mom and she is really sweet.”

Me: “Thank you for letting him come over. And anyway Anthony really wanted to meet him. So I told him he might as well meet you and dad too.”

Mom: “well ok. I'll let you get dressed.”

Me: “ok mom.”

She gave me a hug and left while shutting the door.


As I was looking through my closet I thought to myself;  I have nothing to wear! Yet I have so much clothes in my closet.

Finally; I found some cute white high-waisted shorts and a crop top that had a really pretty beach background on it that said 'California'. (Our home state)

I walked to my bathroom and closed my door and finished drying my hair. I turned I my strainer on and decided to do my makeup while it was getting warm.

Foundation, eyeliner, and mascara is all I put on. Then I straighten my hair.

It was now 10:30 and I got a text from Justin.


 To: Andwea 

From: Justy

Heyyyy beautiful;) is it ok if I come a lil early?


Early? That would be perfect!

I thought to myself.


To: Justy

From: Andwea

Yea. Sure. Head on over:)


To: Andwea

From: Justy

Ok be over beautiful:)


I loved it when he called me that:)


I was watching tv in my room sitting on my bed.

*knock knock*

Me: “who is it?”

Justin: “it's meeeee.”


I could tell it was Justin, so I let him in.


Me: “come in.”


He came in and sat right next to me on my bed.

Me: “who let you in?”

Justin: “your mom.”

Me: “ohh.”

We were both caught in a gaze... Then Anthony ruined it and barged right in. Doesn't he know how to knock?

Anthony: “hey sis ca- oh hey. You must be Justin. Nice to meet you.

I'm Anthony, Andrea's older brother.”


Justin got up and smiled and then shook hands.


Anthony: “so I hear you like video games?”

Justin: “like? I love video games!”

Anthony: “awesome! You wanna go play some video games?”

Justin: “sure!”


And of course.... He takes Justin away from me. I act like we're a couple.... Uhh. Never gonna happen.

I decided to go downstairs.


Justin: “oh hey Andrea!”

Anthony: “he said he was good. But I didn't know this good!”

Me: “watch, I bet I could beat both you boys.”

Justin: “sorry cutie but that ain't happening.”

Anthony: “yea. You'll totally lose....”


I wanted to prove them wrong.


Me: “hand me a controller.”


Anthony handed me a controller.


Me: “let's see what you guys are missin…”



After about a half an hour of playing video games... Guess who won? I DID!!! Of course they were both mad... Obviously.


Justin: “don't think you won. Anthony and I where going easy on you.”

Me: “yea sure. Whatever. Then how come you freaked out at the end when I won?”

Justin: “babe, that's just how I act. I don't care that you won. I obviously took it easy on you.”

Me: “sure…”


Wait. Did he just call me babe? Nahh.  



(Justin's POV)


Earlier when Andrea beat me and Anthony at video games I acted like we took it easy on her. But, She was right... She was good.

Anthony and I got our swimsuits and waited for Andrea to come out. We were going swimming in their pool in the backyard.

Andrea then came out of her room in her bikini. Damn. She was sexy hot! Anthony saw me check her out so he looked at me and smiled.

Anthony: “you like her.”

Me: “yea I like her.”

Anthony: “No. You like her like her.”


I didn't say anything cuz Andrea walked up to us.


Andrea: “ready?”

Anthony: “ready.”

Me: “ready.”


We smiled and headed out the back door. We all went out shoeless... Cuzzz that's just how we role. Anthony ran as fast as he could and threw himself into the pool and made a big splash. Big enough to splash me and Andrea. And we were by the house... Which is pretty far from the pool.

Andrea:  “Jeez Anthony! Get me wet!”

Anthony: “you were gonna get wet anyway!”

Andrea: “yea but I wanted to wait!”


Anthony had told me earlier that she never gets in the pool. She just usually soaks her feet. But I did something different. I made sure it was ok with Anthony first... Cuz ya know. p


Me (whispering): “ok so the plan is when she stands up I go behind her and pick her up and jump into the pool together. Not drop her?”

Anthony (whisper): “right.”

Me(whisper): “ok. Deal.”


We were whispering but we knew Andrea couldn't hear us anyway. We did it just to be.. Safe.

I waited. Waited. And waited. Finally Andrea stood up. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her by the waist and picked her up bridal style.


Me: “no can do babe.”

Andrea: “JUSTINNNN!!”

Me: “yea?”

Andrea: “PUT. ME. DOWN. NOW!!!”


Anthony was laughing so hard, I thought he was gonna die.

Just then I ran towards the pool.


Andrea: “justINNNNN!!!!!”

Me: “hold on babe.”


And I jumped into the water with her with me. We flouted to the top and she looked at me.


Andrea: “I hate you.”


She said kinda joking.


Me: “aww. So cute of you.”

Anthony: *claps* “well done Bieber!”

Andrea: “I hate you too, Anthony.”

Anthony: “aww I love you.”


He went over and hugged her. She then pushed him under water... And swam away and got out of the pool. Anthony bobbed up.


Anthony: “where is my favorite sister in the world?!?!”

Andrea: “in CHICAGO!”

Anthony: “not her. You!”


I knew he was gonna try and get her back... And she knew too.


Andrea: “Anthony. You're not that scary and besides. Justin will help me ... Jay help me.”


He started going toward Andrea before I could. So I ran towards Andrea too I guess... 'Protect her from her own brother' kind of thing. I hugged her to keep him away from her. I knew she liked it.

Anthony picked her up out of my hands and threw her in the pool.


Andrea: “I HATE YOU!!!”

She said laughing.

We all got dried off and walked inside.

(Andrea's POV)


I just got changed and walked into the living room.

Justin: “hey. Want to watch Paranormal 4 with us?”

Me: “uhh sure. But I'm going to be scared.”

Anthony: “you can be in the middle of us.”

Me: “ok.”

I sat in between Justin and Anthony. Anthony to my right and Justin to me left. They both had their arms around me. Ok then.


We finished the movie. We said goodbye to Justin and I said goodnight to my mom and dad.... And went to bed.







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