Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


9. "Great, so we're all happy!"




*Later that night*

(Chaz's POV)


My family had to get home tomorrow so they sadly all had to leave earlier to catch their plane.

So it was just Me and Melanne in a room, oh btw me and her our now dating (since earlier). Then Andrea and Justin had a room together... And I wonder why? Because it was originally gonna be Andrea and Natalie, and justin and Ryan... But they switched it.... I am so confused. Well, I mean I guess Justin and Andrea have been kinda clingy. And so have Natalie and Ryan....


(Ryan's POV)


Earlier when I was with Natalie, we got to know each other.... and I know we just met... But we are kinda boyfriend and girlfriend now;)


(Justin's POV)


In case you didn't figure out... Andrea and I are boyfriend and girlfriend;) but no one else knows… and they don’t need to know.


(Andrea's POV)


We were all in a room (Chaz and Melanne's room) in a circle on the floor with blankets and pillows in our pj's. We just got done watching some movies and then we were just talking.


Chaz: “so, justin... Andrea... Do you guys have anything to add to our exciting day?”

Me and justin spoke in unison, quickly.


Justin: “no!”

Andrea: “no!”

Chaz: “ummm. Are you sure?”

Me: “yea.. Totally.”

Chaz: “aren't you guys a bit... Clingy?”


He emphasized the word 'clingy'.


Justin and I both looked at each other.

He nodded.


Justin: “so guys..”

Me: “the reason we have been.... I guess you could say "close" Is because.”

Justin: “....We are now boyfriend and girlfriend.”


Everybody's mouths dropped and made a 'O' shape, except Melanne. She was smiling:)


(Melanne's POV)


Justin: ”...We are now dating.”


Everyone's mouth dropped into a 'O' shape except mine. I mean, how could you not see this coming. I mean, last week justin confessed his feelings for her, and Andrea kissed him. And who knows what else happened but, I do know for a fact that Andrea has feelings for him as well:)


Me: “awwwww! I knew it!”


(Justin's POV)


Melanne: “awwwww! I knew it!”

Andrea: “wait, how did you know?”

Melanne: “well I mean it's obvious you guys like each other, and just all of a sudden you guys are really close.”


Andrea smiled and laid her head back on my shoulder. Her arm was wrapped around mine. I kissed her forehead and smiled.


Chaz: “well since that's out.... Me and Melanne are together!”


I gave Chaz a big grin and Andrea did the same to Melanne😊


Ryan: “well I have you know, That Natalie and I are together as well!”

Me: “great, so we’re all happy!”




It was around 2:00 am and Andrea and I  were still in Chaz and Melanne's room. Except Melanne and Andrea were asleep.


Me(whispering): “yo, dude. Im gonna take Andrea back to our room, then ill be back.”

Chaz(whispering): “alright.”


I picked up Andrea bridal style and looked at her angelic face, I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

We were in our room and I laid Andrea on our bed.


Andrea: “justin?”

Me: “yea. Babe?”

Andrea: “can you stay here with me?”

Me: “yea, of course.”


I texted Chaz telling him I wasn't coming back. And he replied with a 'alright man, see ya in the morning.'


I got under the covers with Andrea and wrapped my arms around her.


Me: “do you know how long I've waited for this, right now?”

Andrea: “how long”

Me: “since I laid eyes on you.”


She smiled and I kissed her lips. She closed her eyes and she shortly fell asleep. And I did the same.


//////// sorry it's short!:( 
I will try to update at least every week! But thank you for 100+ readers!!!

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