Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


8. Disney Land


(Andrea's POV)


*1 week later, Chaz's birthday*


Last week Justin confessed his feelings for me and I kissed him. Since then we have been closer than ever. But I don't know if we are a 'thing' yet. I haven't asked, I'm afraid to. I don't know why.




Chaz's family is here and Justin, Ryan, Mel, and I are going to go pick him up at the airport.




Melanne: “when is he getting off!?”


Melanne: “when is he getting off!?”


Melanne: “when is he getting off!?”

Me: “calm down Mel... Jeez…”

Ryan: “oh. There's his flight” *points*


*5 minutes later*




Chaz came running to us dropping his bags giving us a group hug.


Me: “yea yea. Calm down birthday boy, don't wanna break our ribs!”

Chaz: “sorry. Just got so excited to see you guys!”


We walked back to the car and drove home.




We were now in front of the house.


Justin: “ok Chaz, I have to warn you. There may or may not be some changes In this house.”


We walked in the house and the lights were on.

Chaz(whispers): “changes? What chan-”


Before he could finish his family surprised him.


Everyone: “SURPRISE!!!”


Justin: “I know but.... There's something else, better…”

Chaz: “what could be better?”

Me(whispers) “1...2...3…”

Everyone: “DISNEYLAND!!”


Ryan: “no. We were joking.” *sarcasm*

Melanne: “way to be a party pooper Ryan.”

Me: “what's up with you Ryan? You seem... Down.”

Ryan: “it's nothing…”

Me: “well ok then.”


After a while we all got in the car and drive to Disney land.




We were at Disneyland and everyone was getting out of the car.

We payed for it ahead of time so we just had to show our tickets.

We all went into groups. Me, justin, and Ryan were one group. Then Chaz, Melanne, and Chaz's 2 cousins.... And so on.


Melanne: “ummmm. Andrea? Can I talk to you in person?”

Me: “uh. Is this a good or bad thing.”

Melanne: “umm. Well... You'll see.”


We were now away from the others to where they can't hear us.


Melanne: “ok. So you know how Ryan has been lonely lately... With you and justin, and me and Chaz?”

Me: “uhhh. Yea. Why?”

Melanne: “well I brought someone.... Look behind you.”


I turned around and... There was Natalie!!!!


Me: “O-M-G NATALIE!!! Wait..... What about her, is she already payed for?”

Melanne: “yep.”

Natalie: “oh, Andrea?”

Me: “yea?”

Natalie: “Mel said Ryan is, well pretty hot. Is that true?”

Me: “I guess you could say that.”


We walked over to the rest of them.


Me: “ok guys. We decided to bring an extra friend.”

Justin: who?”

Me: “well, here is Natalie. Mine and Melanne's best friend.”


She came from around the corner and Mel and I looked at Ryan, he couldn't stop staring at her. I could of sworn he drooled.


Natalie: “hi, I'm Natalie.”

Ryan: “h-h-h-hiii.  I'm r-r-r-ryyyann.”

Me: “well. Natalie is going to be with us... Along with you Ryan. So why don't you guys get to know each other.”




It was late and all of us were almost done. We all ended up spreading up, to where it was me and Justin, then Chaz and melanne were somewhere else, along with Natalie and Ryan, and Chaz's family. Justin and I went on lots of rides together, it has been an amazing day.

I just remembered. Should I ask justin if we are a 'thing' now....?


I don't know.

Justin: “hey, Andrea.... I kinda needed to ask you something.”

Me: “me too.”

Justin: “you first.”

Me: “no you.”

Justin: “Okay well Andrea? Are we a thing now?”

Me: :I was kinda going to ask the same question.”

Justin: “oh. Well. Do you... Want... To be... A thing now?”


He said scratching his neck.

I smiled and nodded.

He smiled back.

He leaned in and kissed me, slow and passionate. I didn't care if we were in front of lots of people, it felt like we were the only ones there.

////// how do you like it? I'm sorry I haven't update In a week. I was REALLY busy. Especially with school now starting. I will try my best to update more. But thanks for reading! Like, favorite, and comment!



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